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article imageNew e-book on Intent-Based Networking

By Tim Sandle     Jun 12, 2020 in Internet
A new book called 'Intent-Based Networking for Dummies' is now available. Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is now an industry buzz word. The book aims to "wave away the fog to provide you with a clear understanding of what IBN really is."
Intent-Based Networking is a form of network administration that incorporates artificial intelligence, network orchestration and machine learning, which comes together to enable businesses to automate administrative tasks across a network. in many sectors it is the cornerstone of digital transformation.
There are a number of deliverables from implementing IBN. These include speed and agility, which includes ensuring that a network is able to rapidly respond to an organization's needs; and with creating business value., such as having outcomes centered on reduced time and effort. A core benefit is often in the form of reduced risk, provided that the network is implemented as intended and with the appropriate level of security. Here a fully-functional IBN can deliver improved network visibility, analytics, and automation result in a faster threat landscape.
While many businesses are seeking to put in place an IBM to help bridge the gap between what their business needs and what their network actually delivers, there is often confusion with the design, implementation and operation of a functioning IBN.
To help add clarity and support for the business world, a new 40-page e-book from Apstra, who specialize in Intent-based networking, has been launched. The text covers the basics of IBN, root causes in network anomalies and the value of Intent-based analysis.
The book is written by Jeff Doyle, a professional services consultant. Setting out the scene, Doyle writes in the introduction to the book, why his text is needed: "Intent-based networking (IBN) has become a hot buzzword in the networking industry, with marketing departments at all sorts of vendors waving the “intent flag.” Some have legitimate products, some have cobbled together bits and pieces out of their product portfolios and called it an IBN solution, and some supposed IBN products perform only a part of what a real IBN system (IBNS) does."
The book covers key topics, such as:
The fundamental characteristics of intent-based networking
Planning for a successful intent-based networking architecture
Extracting actionable insights with intent-based analytics
The importance of continual automation and validation in operations
How to rapidly deploy complex architectures and ensure their success beyond the implementation phase
Doyle also looks at the benefits that can be gained from a well-designed IBN, such as realizing the benefits of automation. He cites the value of automation both as a labor-saving tool and as a means of reducing human error.
The new book can be requested for free, via this link.
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