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article imageNASA cuts live video as UFO rises from Earth toward ISS [Video]

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 19, 2015 in Internet
UFO researchers are up in arms after NASA cut its live video feed streamed from the International Space Station (ISS) when a UFO appeared on the feed last week.
The YouTube video, taken from NASA’s live feed last week, shows what Ufologists claim is a UFO rising from beyond the Earth’s horizon.
But NASA cut the video abruptly after the mysterious object appeared.
While filming over the Earth last week, the HD cameras mounted on the ISS captured a mysterious object which came into view apparently from beyond Earth’s horizon. The video, posted to YouTube on Jan. 15 by the prolific YouTube hunter, Streetcap1, shows a grey, misty object that emerges from beyond the Earth's horizon as seen from the ISS.
The mysterious object rises in the direction of the space station as if going to rendezvous with it. But as UFO hunters were trying to focus on the object to determine its nature, the live video fed cut off abruptly, and instead, there appeared a message saying that the cameras being used in the agency’s High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) project were having technical issues.
The incident has caused uproar in the UFO enthusiasts community, with accusation being made against the agency that the incident was not a coincidence and that it was not the first time that NASA has attempted to conceal evidence of a UFO sighting by dumping its live feed. UFO researchers alleged that NASA has the habit of cutting its live video transmission immediately an unusual object appears on the screen.
UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Waring accused NASA of censoring UFO sightings on its video feed.
He wrote in a blog post: "NASA did it again. A UFO shows up on live public Internet cam and NASA takes it off line. Who here is surprised by this? If you are, you are new here. UFOs are caught by researchers on a weekly basis and NASA does cut the line when they catch them. However the eggheads at NASA are not always focused on the screen and miss a lot of very interesting and sometimes very highly detailed UFOs."
To support his claim that UFO sightings were always occurring on NASA's live video feed, he linked to a previous video recorded on Feb. 5, 2014 (see below), purporting to show a UFO docking to the ISS.
The anger among viewers of the new video on UFO Sightings Daily website was palpable yesterday. A viewer, Tammy, wrote: "This is everyday occurrence. NASA needs to come clean. I have been watching the ISS for months now and this happens every day."
Another viewer, Carla Flores, said, "I really wonder why NASA takes the trouble to hide UFOs. It is not like we don't know about them."
"Well most of the people don’t know it and don’t want to believe it soooo yeah," Breezy responded.
However, some skeptics have dismissed the claim that the object was a UFO. Some claimed it could be the Earth's moon. But Ufologists have vigorously denied the claim, saying that the moon, as seen from the ISS, looks very different.
Following claims by skeptics that the object rising from beyond the Earth's horizon was the moon, Streetcap1 was forced to respond, saying, "Please bear in mind that the moon appears white when it shows. There would be no point in me uploading a video of the moon."
He also posted a link to a video of the moon (see below) as captured on HD camera from the ISS for skeptical viewers who wish to compare.
A viewer on YouTube supported Streetcap1's claim that the misty object was not the moon, saying angrily, "If it is the moon you fools... why does NASA kill the live-view?? Use your brains! And F**K you NASA for holding out on the Human rase (sic)... you f**k*rs."
Many viewers of the video reportedly emailed NASA for an explanation of the latest UFO sighting and the live video feed cut, but NASA has reportedly not responded to inquiries.
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