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article imageOp-Ed: Is Trump the 'Chosen one' or the 'King of Israel?' — Ask Twitter

By Karen Graham     Aug 21, 2019 in Internet
Just hours after accusing Jewish people who vote for Democrats of “disloyalty," Trump quoted a controversial radio host who called him the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God,” in the latest of a series of inflammatory comments.
Today has to be the most embarrassing day the United States has ever had to go through - and it is so bad that I really don't have the words to express my disgust and repugnance over our so-called president's comments to the press on the White House lawn.
Trump's day started out as it usually does - using Twitter as his bully pulpit - this time, tweeting out praise for himself over his Mideast policies and quoting “conspiracy theorist” Wayne Allyn Root; "This is the greatest president for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world. Not just in America, Trump is the best president for Israel in the history of the world. And the Jewish people love him like he is the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God."
On CNN, Anti-Defamation League director Jonathan Greenblatt said: “It is the height of hypocrisy to use Christian theology to bully Jews and to push out some messianic complex—literally, it’s hard to think of something less kosher than telling the Jewish people you’re the king of Israel, and therefore we should have some fidelity to you for that reason.”
Trump followed his tweets by saying “I am the chosen one” during an interview with White House reporters. He was referring to his role in managing the trade war with China.
Some in the news media think Trump's "God-complex" grandiose comments are the result of his ego-battering exchange with the Prime Minister of Denmark - after he reiterated his claim that he wanted to buy Greenland. Hmm, I suppose he could declare a national emergency to find the money, right?
Mette Frederiksen, visiting Greenland this week, told reporters that “of course, Greenland is not for sale,” adding that “thankfully the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations and is over. Let’s leave it there.”
Apparently, the "Chosen One" is so thin-skinned he couldn't handle being rejected, particularly seeing as his protagonist was a very self-assured, strong woman.
Talking to reporters today, Trump called Frederiksen “nasty” — an outburst of misogyny typically reserved for Hillary Clinton, writes Rolling Stone. “I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something,” Trump explained to reporters. “All they had to do is say, no, we’d rather not do that or we’d rather not talk about it.”
Trump went on to say: “She’s not talking to me, she’s talking to the United States of America,” explaining his umbrage. “They can’t say ‘how absurd.’” Now, that is nothing more than an out-and-out lie in my book. I really don't know of a single person other than that idiot in the Oval Office who has expressed an interest in buying a country.
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