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article imageAmerica takes to social media to #ThankCanada after Trump remarks

By Karen Graham     Jun 12, 2018 in Internet
With diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Canada escalating after President Trump's Twitter tirade against Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Americans have taken to social media to #Thankcanada for all they have given the world.
It's safe to say the G7 summit didn't go that well, even though Trump made it appear everything was hunky-dory when the meeting was over. However, after leaving the conference, the world found out just how unsatisfactory the meeting really was.
Ater getting on Air Force One, Trump pulled out of the unilateral trade agreement he had signed with other G7 leaders and then - in an extensive Twitter tirade, proceeded to tear into Trudeau for a closing press conference in which he said he would impose retaliatory measures in response to steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the U.S.
But by Sunday, something entirely unexpected took place across the United States, reports CTV News Canada. American Twitter users began thanking Canada for hockey, Celine Dion, support of the arts, and even poutine. What came through in all the tweets was the respect, love and support of Americans for their neighbor to the north.
Others apologized for President Trump's behavior while thanking Canada for being a role model of multicultural harmony. Some Twitter users focused on material goods that could be affected by changes in the trade agreement, such as maple syrup and automobiles, while others took a lighter approach to reflecting on tariffs.
“No one likes to be stereotyped, even as ‘nice.’ But can you all export your manners?” tweeted a user named Karine Jegalian, reports the Globe and Mail.
"My fellow Americans"
Los Angeles, California-based writer David Wild is responsible for the tremendous outpouring of gratitude and support for our Canadian neighbors. In a tweet on Sunday, he wrote: “My Fellow Americans, let’s all #ThankCanada for things we love they’ve brought to our lives.”
Earlier on Sunday David Wild tweeted a different hashtag: “#BlameCanada,” referencing a popular song from the 1999 South Park animated musical. “If we do not stop #JustinTrudeau NOW, #Canada will be emboldened to export their honesty, their decency and their aggressively reasonable nature to America at a fair price. And that CANNOT stand. #BlameCanada,” he wrote.
Former American diplomat Nicholas Burns tweeted about Canada’s longstanding tradition of “[having] our back in every war.” Well, except for that one war. Referring to the War of 1812, in which our history-buff president asked Trudeau, ""Didn't you guys burn down the White House?"
Personally, I love Canada and have visited your friendly and lovely country several times during my lifetime. And as the old saying goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover," we can also extend that to mean Canada must not judge the U.S. by the actions of its leader.
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