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A mysterious woman in black is walking from state to state in America. Due to technology thousands of fans eagerly await the next pictures and news.

Op-Ed: Infamous Airbnb squatter shows risks of unregulated e-markets

The infamous Airbnb squatter, Maksym Pashanin, turns out to also be a Kickstarter fraudster. Is his inglorious rise a wake-up call to the relatively unregulated e-market industry, which ranges from Kickstarter and Indiegogo to couch-sharing startups?

Successful YouTuber pays off his parents mortgage

Most parents have the weight of having a mortgage to pay, and they carry that weight for a good portion of their lives. Timothy 'DeLaGhetto' saw how hard his parents worked, and he promised them that he would pay off their home one day.

Video of Chihuahua learning to walk without front legs goes viral

The video of a disabled Chihuahua learning to walk with the help of a modified children toy is the latest feelgood video to go viral.

Photo of loyal dog standing guard over fallen friend goes viral

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which may explain why the image of a dog lovingly standing guard over his companion has touched so many heartstrings and made the picture the latest viral image on the Internet.

TopFinds: SF protest of war in Gaza; most miserable U.S. cities

As violence intensifies in Gaza, San Francisco protesters took to the streets. A report on the most miserable cities in the U.S. Researchers discover a nightmarish flying aquatic insect. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Paralyzed pooch becomes inspiration, winning race and hearts

A determined little dachshund won't let something like paralysis stand in her way, racing her way into the finals of the 16th annual Wiener Dog Races, and winning the hearts of animal lovers all over the world.

Anonymous pledges more cyber attacks on Israel

The notorious hacker group known as anonymous made their way to hundreds of Israeli websites in retaliation to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Video teasing 'Fat Guy Number 3' Kim Jong-un goes viral

A mash-up video poking fun at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is doing the rounds across the world and has been viewed millions of times in China.

Video: The most efficient episode of 'Family Feud' ever

Ever wondered what an episode of the popular game show 'Family Feud' would look like without dramatic pauses, banter and Steve Harvey's incredulity? The Internet has provided the answer.

Top tips for faster websites

In today's tech industry, optimizing a website via responsive web design is seen as essential to achieve top speed and performance. Another important factor that impacts on speed relates to hosting.

Proposed limits generate 1 million comments from web users

More than 1 million US residents are expected to weigh in on a controversial federal proposal to allow some paid Internet traffic to have priority over free messages and the public comment period still has nearly two months to go.

Crab steals a bottle of beer (Video)

For your Sunday edification, here is a video showing a crab, stealing a bottle of beer and dragging it away through the house.

TopFinds: Malaysian Airlines plane shot down; Bruno Mars in NYC

A Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down yesterday, killing everyone on board. Researchers create the darkest material ever. Bruno Mars electrifies Madison Square Gardens. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

FCC fields 1.2 million comments on Net neutrality

Firms across America, consumer groups and net citizens have submitted 1.2 million comments to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), raising protest and anger on the issue of net neutrality as the first deadline to submit a comment passed on Friday.

Op-Ed: Are the Net Neutrality protests working?

The U.S.-based FCC will continue collecting comments until Sept. 10 as it weighs how best to regulate the way Net service providers manage Web traffic crossing their networks.

Google now recognizes Bitcoin calculations in conversion searches

Google has added direct support for converting to and from the Bitcoin crypto-currency into its search engine, making it easier than ever to view the current price of Bitcoin.

Comcast customer wants to drop their service, rep dodges question

A recent phone call is making the rounds in the tech world. It consists of a journalist attempting to cancel his service with the company and having every attempt blocked with a question or praise for Comcast service.

'Hot Cop of Castro' becomes newest Internet viral photo sensation

A San Francisco police officer has become the newest Internet viral photo sensation after his photo was posted on Facebook by an admirer.

Op-Ed: Finding your way through SEO in 2014

It is about half way through 2014 and Google has been slapping all the SEO abusers with its Penguin update 3.0, which actually is the 6th update.

Tiny hedgehog birthday video goes viral

A series of videos made by Hello Denizen about tiny animals in surreal situations has proved to be a hit on YouYube. One about a hedgehog birthday party has received almost 1 million hits in five days.

Bell Labs claims Internet speed record

Bell Labs is celebrating breaking the Internet speed record. Bell Labs researchers transmitted data at 10 gigabits per second. This feat was undertaken using copper lines.

TopFinds: The Go-Go's hit NYC; return of the 'Super Moon'

The Go-Go's pack a punch at The Paramount in New York. The "Super Moon" returns. A 98-year-old woman is evicted from her home of 50 years. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Father records wife giving birth outside hospital using GoPro

One new dad got out his GoPro to record his wife's move into the hospital but instead caught her giving birth outside. For readers watching at work the video is censored but may be a bit loud and jarring for obvious reasons.

Norway's massive cyber-attack the work of one lone teenager

Recently we heard that Anonymous Norway had taken responsibility for what was thought to be the country's biggest-ever network attack. However, police now have in custody a 17-year-old hacker, who claims he was the one that did it.

Tech company worth $6 billion despite having $39 in total assets

A company that does not appear to have any useful products is worth about $6 billion today. The rise of this company to the wealth that it has accumulated has baffled many people.

Anonymous Norway claim massive cyber-attack on Norwegian banks

A massive cyber-attack was launched Tuesday, simultaneously affecting many of the top banks and financial institutions in Norway. Dubbed the country's biggest-ever network attack, responsibility has already been claimed by Anonymous Norway.

Digital Journal announces appointment of 12 Editors-at-Large

To further expand the news network's global presence, Digital Journal designated select writers with Editor-at-Large status to report on important news relating to their specialties.

Man creates Kickstarter for potato salad; Internet explodes

Late last week, a peculiar Kickstarter project emerged — a project seeking a mere $10 to help a man create potato salad. As of writing, the crowd-funding project has raised more than $40,000.

Tornado in Saskatchewan wedding photos goes viral

Photographer Colleen Niska was taking photos of a bride and groom on a rural road in Saskatoon, Saskatchwan when she noticed that there was a tornado in the distance.

YouTube more popular than live TV Special

A new report by Noah Sterling on Mashable says YouTube is now more popular than broadcast TV. The Google-owned video hosting site continues to grow in popularity, but increasing numbers of channels controlled by hate groups are raising red flags.

Video reportedly shows first appearance of ISIS leader

A video released last week reportedly shows, for the first time, the leader of the ISIS movement that has gained a strong foothold in Iraq over the past few months.

TopFinds: Inside London Pride; the Jewish 'perfect Aryan' baby

A photo essay takes us through London's Pride festivities. The truth behind the "perfect Aryan" baby. The strange journey of a good-looking alleged felon. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

American Apparel mistakes Challenger disaster photo for fireworks

American Apparel has apologized for a photo posted on its Tumblr account that an employee thought was of fireworks. It was actually a photo of the Challenger disaster in 1986.

Google bans porn from their ads

Google makes a move against the advertisement of porn on its sites due to the thousands of searches for porn each month.

Indictment in The Pirate Bay co-founder case made public

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, hacker and co-founder of The Pirate Bay, has been behind bars in Denmark since November last year. Up until now, his court appearances have been behind closed doors, but a freedom of information request has changed things.

Driver turns tables on trooper, stopping him for speeding (Video)

A truck driver travelling through Illinois honked his horn in an effort to "stop" an Illinois State trooper for speeding, capturing the entire exchange on tape.

Twitter trolls Robin Thicke in Q&A #AskThicke

VH1 organized a social media Q&A session with pop star Robin Thicke using #AskThicke. The resulting storm of inappropriate and abusive tweets was unexpected, and woefully entertaining.

Video: 40 friends get together and just slap each other

Max Landis and his closest friends decided to get together and do something really stupid. In the video we watch them slap each other, just for the hell of it, and there are even a couple of familiar faces in there.

Op-Ed: stops traffic with Hillary Clinton billboard

Trashy adultery site, famous for its “life is short, have an affair” hookline for extramarital matchmaking, has posted a billboard of Hillary Clinton, with the caption “Harder choices lead to”

Tiny shark with big dreams takes on snorkeler (Video)

A shark smaller than many ocean fish apparently had dreams of becoming the next Jaws when he went after a snorkeler two months ago.
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