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Twitter plans to introduce a new timeline algorithm that will display relevant tweets first, instead of in chronological order.

Twitter suspends 125K accounts for promoting terrorism

Social media website Twitter said in a blog on Friday it has suspended over 125,000 accounts for promoting or threatening terrorism in the last eight months.

Op-Ed: Once again Marissa Mayer's vision for Yahoo underwhelms

Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer announced Tuesday that it would consider “strategic alternatives” to cure the financial ills of its core Internet business.

One in seven people now use WhatsApp

WhatsApp, Facebook’s immensely popular messenger app, now has over one billion users, having raced ahead of Facebook Messenger, which has 800 active monthly users.

New job cuts expected by ailing tech giant Yahoo

Ailing Internet giant Yahoo could cut 15 percent of its workforce and close several business units in a cost-cutting move expected to be announced tomorrow.

Hackers post private data of America's largest police union

Personal online files from the largest police union in the U.S. were leaked online Thursday after a hacker breached the website of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Google's bug bounty program paid out $2 million last year

Google paid out $2 million to security researchers last year as part of its bug bounty program. At least 10 percent of the total payout was for Android vulnerabilities.

Reddit's CEO is planning a big overhaul of the site's front page

Reddit gets about 8 billion pages views a month, but the site's CEO Steve Huffman thinks the time is right for "big" changes.

Oprah's tweet about loving bread made her $14 million in a day

People are following what Oprah Winfrey is eating now more than ever. And she's making quite a fortune off the attention.

Pakistan orders 400,000 porn sites blocked

Pakistan has asked Internet companies to block more than 400,000 pornography websites, officials said Tuesday, as part of a crackdown on what the top court calls "offensive content" in the Muslim-majority nation.

Op-Ed: Scientists teaching computers to recognize sarcasm

It may terrify or please you to learn that researchers are teaching computers to recognize sarcasm, purportedly so computers can make more sense of human communications, according to an article published today in

DARPA held a contest to find Twitter, Facebook bots

The US military has enlisted academics to fight a new enemy: Twitter bots. The fascinating 4-week competition, called the DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge, was detailed in a paper published this week.

Twitter goes down affecting millions of users around the world

Shock and disappointment to millions: Twitter went down this morning and people across the globe are up in arms. The site is not accessible through desktop or mobile services.

Top Chinese university hacked by IS infiltrator: Reports

A hacker proclaiming allegiance to the Islamic State jihadist group infiltrated the internal network of one of China's top universities to display images of masked and mounted militants, reports said Monday.

'Like' me, 'like' me: Cambodian PM woos youth vote online

Looking more avuncular than authoritarian, Cambodian premier Hun Sen crouches for a selfie for his Facebook page with young scouts -- part of a social media blitz selling the strongman's cuddlier side as he seeks to extend a 30-year grip on power.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi bemoans youth 'wasting time' online

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, who was forced to spend years of solitude under house arrest, has hit out at young people "wasting time" on computer games and social networking.

Video: Watch wingsuit athletes fly over French Alps like birds

A Facebook video surging online shows four wingsuited athletes soaring like birds across the French sky. Halfway through the video, footage of their maneuvers through a forest resemble a frighteningly realistic video game.

Facebook obsessively tracks whether you think it cares about you

Facebook cares about whether you think it cares about you. Alongside the typical list of acronyms tracked by internet companies — MAUs, DAUs, ARPUs — Facebook also obsesses over "CAUs."

British ad watchdog raps Buzzfeed for misleading readers

Britain's advertising watchdog ruled Wednesday that US website Buzzfeed misled readers with an advertisement styled to look like a news story.

Airbnb under fire for 'illegal' West Bank listings

Palestinian officials pledged to take action Tuesday against Airbnb over rooms for rent in settlements in the occupied West Bank being listed on the website as located within Israel.

Op-Ed: Canada's military wants to be Orwellian Big Brother

Canada's military wants to monitor social media streams 24/7 on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, but not in Canada — only from "non-democratic" states outside of Canada.

Spotify hit by new $200 million copyright suit

Streaming leader Spotify has been hit by a new copyright lawsuit seeking $200 million, in the second such case within weeks.

Weekly LOL: British etiquette with Stephen Fry

A new ad for Heathrow Airport features acclaimed actor and comedian Stephen Fry teaching new visitors the ins and outs of British etiquette.

Social media mocks Oregon militia with hashtags like #YallQaeda

As the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon, continues, social media conversation has quickly turned toward mockery.

Boy spends nearly $6,000 playing 'Jurassic World' on Dad's iPad

One boy who lives in West Sussex, England, seems to know a thing or two about ingenuity. The child, 7, already knew his dad's iPad password. He also memorized said dad's Apple ID password.

Italian museum shuts off free Wi-Fi because of migrants

One museum in the German-speaking north Italian city of Bolzano has turned off its free wireless Internet service because the institution's Wi-Fi access was attracting too many migrants.

Twitter restores access to politicians' deleted tweets

Twitter said Thursday it was restoring access to deleted tweets from politicians, saying it would help "bring more transparency to public dialogue.

Turkey detains teen 'for insulting Erdogan on Facebook'

A Turkish court on Monday remanded in custody a 17-year-old construction worker on charges of "insulting" Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Facebook, media reports said.

Facebook founder urges India to approve free Internet plan

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg urged India Monday to approve a controversial plan that would provide a free Internet service to the poor, his latest bid amid an escalating row with authorities.

Hyatt hotel users hit by malware

The Hyatt hotel group has issued a warning to visitors of a security breach in its customer payment system. This is due to malware found on the company's internal systems.

Turkish Internet servers reeling under huge cyber attack

Turkish Internet servers are suffering a powerful cyber attack, slowing banking services and fanning fears that it could be a politically motivated attack from abroad.Nic.

Czech PM's Twitter hacked with anti-immigrant messages

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka's Twitter account fell prey Wednesday to hackers who swamped it with violently anti-immigrant messages."Refugees are an invasion army! The few women among them are nothing but the mothers of future terrorists.

Digital Journal's top photo essays of 2015

Throughout the year, Digital Journalists have captured nature, architecture, food, the arts and so much more through stunning photo essays. We present some of the best essays of the year.

Weekly LOL: 'Stoner Sloth' is unintentionally hilarious

"You're worse on weed." That's the message the Australian government is trying to impart with its "Stoner Sloth" campaign. Unfortunately people are finding it more funny than poignant.

France's Marine Le Pen removes James Foley picture from Twitter

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Thursday removed a photograph of the decapitated body of US journalist James Foley from her Twitter account after his parents accused her of using it for political gain.

Saudi blogger's wife accepts EU Sakharov prize for jailed husband

The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on Wednesday accepted the European Parliament's prestigious Sakharov human rights prize on his behalf, urging Arab countries to abandon theocratic diktats and embrace free speech.

Every country should govern its own Internet: China's Xi

Every nation should have independent authority over its own Internet, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday, telling a government-organised conference that "freedom and order" are both necessary in cyberspace.

Social media link to attacks poses conundrum

Pressure is growing on social networks to play a bigger role in finding and weeding out jihadists and others looking to recruit members and plot deadly attacks.

NY AG's office turns to public to investigate ISP speeds

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is conducting a probe into whether Internet providers may be gouging customers with speeds lower than advertised. He has invited the public to test their Internet speeds and post the results online.

In Iran, sharing photos on mobile apps can mean jail

The tattooed young Iranian initially sparked wonder and some envy when pictures of him with scantily-clad, heavily made-up women, often more than one at a time, went viral.

Twitter issues warnings of 'state-sponsored hacking'

Twitter has warned some of its users that their accounts on the messaging platform may be the target of "state-sponsored hackers.