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Zimbabwe on Friday blocked most social media as international criticism mounted of a ruthless security crackdown after anti-government protests.Police and soldiers have been accused of indiscriminately dragging people from their homes and beating them....

Facebook closes hundreds of 'inauthentic' Russia-linked pages

Facebook announced Thursday that it has removed more than 500 pages, groups and accounts originating in Russia for engaging in what the social network called "coordinated inauthentic behavior.

Facebook to tighten political ad rules for 2019 elections

Facebook said Tuesday it will tighten rules for political ads in countries with elections scheduled in the first half of the year, building on transparency efforts already underway in the United States, Britain and Brazil after a series of scandals.

Facebook follows Google with funds to support journalism

Facebook announced Tuesday that it will invest $300 million over three years to support journalism, with an emphasis on promoting hard-hit local news organizations.

Screen time does not harm children

A new study into the amount of time spent on electronic devices (‘screen time’) finds that the use of devices is not necessarily harmful to the health of children, provided devices are turned off an hour before bedtime.

U.S. government shutdown: Websites insecure and inaccessible

One underplayed aspects of the longest U.S. government shutdown in history is with federal websites. Several websites have become inaccessible and even more face security risks due to a lack of updates.

Canada takes in Saudi teen asylum seeker

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that Canada was taking in an 18-year-old Saudi asylum seeker who fled her family and harnessed the power of Twitter to stave off deportation from Thailand.

Founder of South Korean 'spycam' porn site jailed

The female co-founder of South Korea's largest porn site has been jailed following months of mounting public fury over the spread of secretly filmed spycam pornography.

Older people, conservatives more likely to share fake news: study

Facebook users aged 65 plus and conservatives are more likely to share fake news on the platform than younger or more liberal counterparts, according to a new study published Wednesday.

With phone and hashtag, Saudi asylum seeker outflanks Thai authorities

When an 18-year-old Saudi asylum seeker arrived in Bangkok she faced immediate deportation -- but instead she is in the hands of the UN refugee agency, her social media savvy galvanising a global campaign that caught the Thai government flat-footed.

Antenna assessment boosts 5G network capacity

The big word in communications technology for 2019 will be 5G. To help advance this, researchers have shown how a novel antenna evaluation method can boost 5G network capacity as well as cutting operation costs.

Drop Facebook for a year? Yes, for $1000

Could you live without Facebook? Many people might answer 'no' to this question. How about a financial incentive? It seems that $1000 is the amount required to incentivize people to switch off from the service.

US military apologizes for tweet about dropping bombs

US Strategic Command apologized Monday for a joke in "bad taste" after tweeting it was ready to drop something "much bigger" than the traditional Times Square crystal ball at New Year.

Gulf, Egypt jail activists amid social media crackdown

Courts in the Gulf and Egypt have upheld jail terms against leading activists in a crackdown on protesting through social media, marking a somber end to 2018 for rights campaigners.

Egypt court jails activist over 'spreading false news'

An Egyptian appeals court on Sunday sent a rights activist to prison for two years over charges including "spreading false news", her lawyer and a court official said.

Is Facebook pushing the U.S. closer to a form of EU GDPR?

Is the U.S. heading for a increased data protection legislation, along the lines of the European Union GDPR? Issues surrounding Facebook make this more likely, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers.

Blue sky at night lights up social media in New York

An alien invasion? The Rapture? The sky flashed an eerie blue over New York City on Thursday night and social media users feared the worst.Extraterrestrial activity was a leading theory: "IM SORRY WHAT???? THE SKY JUST TURNED BLUE????

Instagram blames 'bug' for design change that prompted backlash

Instagram said Thursday it accidentally rolled out a design change to a large number of users and quickly ended the test after complaints from users of the Facebook-owned social network.

From the Olympics to BTS: 2018's most popular tweets

Twitter has published its year in review. This survey reveals the most quoted, retweeted, and liked tweets of 2018. Subjects range from Olympics to celebrities, with a band called BTS dominating the charts.

'I will drink your blood': French rappers take feud to ring

Two feuding French rappers have sparked hilarity on social media by vowing to settle their differences in the ring.

As TikTok videos take hold with teens, parents scramble to keep up

Millions of teenagers seeking their 15 seconds of fame are flocking to TikTok, but many of their parents are only now learning about the express-yourself video app -- often to their dismay.

Bangladesh opposition website shut down ahead of polls: party

Bangladesh's main opposition website has been shut down, the party said Saturday, amid accusation the government is muzzling dissent ahead of next week's general election.

Mark Rober admits YouTube glitter bomb video was partially faked

Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who built a glitter bomb package that explodes after it has been stolen, has admitted that elements of his viral video were faked.

Is Quantum cryptography ready for the Internet?

Quantum cryptographically is set to make data flow more secure. However, has remained something of an unrealizable goal, except for encrypted communication between two participants. However, there has now been a breakthrough.

Canadian privacy watchdog — Use cash to buy legal marijuana

Canada’s privacy watchdog is warning marijuana users who are worried about their personal information being collected to pay with cash rather than plastic.

New Zealand warns Google over naming murder accused

New Zealand warned Google to "take responsibility" for its news content Wednesday, after the internet giant broke a court order suppressing the name of a man charged with murdering a British backpacker.

Facebook kicks Myanmar military-linked pages off platform

Facebook has removed hundreds of pages and accounts in Myanmar with hidden links to the military, the platform said Wednesday, as the company scrambles to respond to criticism over failures to control hate speech and misinformation.

Trump accuses Facebook, Twitter, Google of Democrat bias

US President Donald Trump took a swipe on Tuesday at America's tech giants, accusing them of having a liberal bias, and claiming Twitter was making it more difficult to follow his account.

Woman slams social media firms for baby ads after stillbirth

A woman whose child was stillborn has slammed the targeted advertising of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after she returned home from the hospital and kept getting baby-related sales pitches.

Myanmar defends Twitter CEO blasted for 'tone deaf' tweets

Patriotic internet users in Myanmar have rushed to defend Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose tweets following a visit to the "beautiful" country drew global scorn for failing to mention the persecution of Rohingya Muslims.

Twitter warns global users their tweets violate Pakistani law

When Canadian columnist Anthony Furey received an email said to be from Twitter's legal team telling him he may have broken a slew of Pakistani laws, his first instinct was to dismiss it as spam.

Gamer charged by Australia police after 'livestreaming assault'

A Sydney gamer heard on a livestream allegedly hitting a woman was charged with assault by Australian police Monday, after the incident went viral on social media.

Highest-paid YouTuber of 2018 is seven-year-old boy

Seven-year-old Ryan, the host of the Ryan ToysReview YouTube channel, has earned more than $22 million this year and was named Forbes' highest-paid YouTube star.

Op-Ed: Are Google searches too ‘personal’?

“Personalization” of searches is common on Google, and you could also argue that it’s inevitable. The problem is that personalization also appears to deliver a lot of inconsistencies.

Italy's Salvini in trouble for tweet on 'Nigerian mafia arrests'

An Italian prosecutor on Tuesday took the unusual step of criticising far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini claiming one of his tweets about "Nigerian mafia arrests" was compromising a police operation.

Australia set to pass sweeping cyber laws despite tech giant fears

Australia's two main parties struck a deal Tuesday to pass sweeping cyber laws requiring tech giants to help government agencies get around encrypted communications used by suspected criminals and terrorists.

Op-Ed: Analyzing the Facebook memes — As dumb as it looks

The emotional and psychological manipulation on Facebook through posts and likes have been analysed, and the results aren’t pretty, or impressive. The findings also question the value of neuro marketing data, an ironic twist.

Starbucks to block watching pornography in its stores

Technically Starbucks does not allow the viewing of pornography in its stores. However, it appears that some customers are tempted to click on inappropriate sites. The company is to block porn on free Wi-Fi in the U.S.

Op-Ed: The facts on immigrant aid according to Trump — So very wrong

President Donald Trump is an Internet troll - and he loves keeping the country in turmoil with endless tweets used primarily to stir up his base with mindless false statements taken from dubious third-party Twitter accounts.

Facebook expands 'local news' to 400 US cities

Facebook announced Wednesday it was expanding its offerings of local news alerts to 400 US cities, and is now testing the feature in Australia.

Facebook was warned of alleged Russian meddling back in 2014

Facebook acknowledged on Tuesday that its engineers had flagged suspicious Russian activity as early as 2014 -- long before it became public -- but did not confirm evidence of a coordinated campaign.
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