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There is new analysis regarding President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan - which includes $100 billion to “future proof” broadband. But will this delivery Internet access of sufficient quality for all?

Zuckerberg urged to nix kids' version of Instagram

Advocates for children from around the world urged Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday to ditch plans for a version of Instagram geared toward pre-teens.

Pakistan orders temporary social media shutdown after violent protests

The Pakistan government imposed an hours-long shutdown of social media and instant messaging platforms on Friday, after days of violent anti-France protests.

Syria reporters start Spain's first refugee-led news site

Before arriving in Madrid, Muhammed, Ayham, Okba and Moussa honed their skills as journalists during Syria's bloody civil war and now they have opened Spain's first refugee-led digital magazine.

Irish watchdog launches inquiry into Facebook data leak

Ireland's data regulator has launched an official inquiry into Facebook after details on 533 million users were leaked on a hacking website, a spokesman said Wednesday.

Russian police raid student news site over Navalny video

Russian police on Wednesday raided the offices of student news site DOXA and charged staff with inciting minors to protest as authorities piled fresh pressure on independent media.

Myanmar youth fight internet outages with underground newsletter

Myanmar youth are fighting the junta's internet shutdown and information suppression with an explosive underground printed newsletter they are secretly distributing across communities.

Social media data grab leaves users vulnerable Special

A recent loss of Facebook data provides a timely reminder of the risks in terms of the volume and detail of personal data held by social media sites. In the wrong hands such data leads to digital identity theft.

Polish teen's fake beauty site helps lockdown abuse victims

Worried about reports of rising domestic violence during lockdown, Polish teen Krysia Paszko set up a website purporting to be a cosmetics shop that actually offers victims covert help.

Twitter spotlights Asia democracy movements with #MilkTeaAlliance emoji

Twitter has launched an emoji to spotlight the "#MilkTeaAlliance" online protest movement that has forged links between pro-democracy activists across Asia, the social media giant said Thursday.

Video saved the K-pop stars: Brave Girls reborn via YouTube

The Brave Girls were losing courage just weeks ago, on the verge of breaking up and abandoning their dreams of K-pop stardom after years of going nowhere.

Facebook says hackers 'scraped' data of 533 mn users in 2019 leak

Facebook said Tuesday that hackers "scraped" personal data of some half-billion users back in 2019 by taking advantage of a feature designed to help people easily find friends using contact lists.

Singapore blogger crowdfunds $100,000 to pay PM defamation damages

A Singaporean blogger said he had crowdfunded almost $100,000 that he was ordered to pay as damages for defaming the prime minister by sharing an article on Facebook.

Op-Ed: Idiocy — A law so users have to provide ID to use social media

533 million Facebook users accounts have been put up for free on a hacker site. The Australian government wants people to provide 100 points of ID for all social media accounts. This is a virtual gift for hackers.

Op-Ed: 65 per cent of women harassed online by organized ‘terror’ groups

It’s a very sick statistic. 65% of Australian women report online abuse and harassment. There are indications that extremist groups are grooming younger guys in this. Is this just part of the ongoing polarization of humanity, or more?

Facebook virus lies 'biggest challenge' to PNG vaccine drive: minister

Papua New Guinea's health minister on Thursday called disinformation spread on Facebook the "biggest challenge" to efforts to curb the rampant spread of Covid-19 in the poor Pacific nation.

Child unknowingly tweets from US nuclear command's account

Some jokingly said the cryptic tweet, ";l;;gmlxzssaw," was a US nuclear launch code. Others, that the Pentagon had been hacked.And some even thought it was a signal to political conspiracists.

Venezuela hits back at 'totalitarian' Facebook sanction

Venezuela hit back at Facebook over "digital totalitarianism" after President Nicolas Maduro's account was frozen for 30 days for spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook freezes Venezuela leader's page over Covid misinformation

Facebook said Saturday that it was "freezing" Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's page for a month after repeated violations of the platform's rules against Covid-19 misinformation.

French football legend Thierry Henry quits social media over 'toxic' racism, abuse

Former French national team striker Thierry Henry has said he is quitting all social media until platforms do more to tackle racism and harassment, becoming the latest celebrity to scale down their online presence over abuse.

Young, rich and racy: South Korea's livestreamers

From a converted storeroom on the roof of his mother's Seoul apartment, Kim Min-kyo plays video games for up to 15 hours a day -- and makes a fortune from the thousands of fans watching him.

US lawmakers, tech CEOs clash over disinformation

US lawmakers unleashed a torrent of criticism against social media top executives Thursday, blaming the companies for amplifying false content and calls to violence, while promising new regulations to stem rampant online disinformation.

Model Chrissy Teigen quits Twitter, citing well-being

American model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen quit Twitter on Wednesday, becoming the latest celebrity to ditch the platform after facing abuse.

Facebook hit by French lawsuit over hate speech

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders announced Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against Facebook in France, saying the website breaks its own terms by failing to protect users against hate speech.

UK students, French seniors team up for lockdown chats

Every Monday at 4:30 pm British time -- 5.30 pm in France -- Elliot Bellman, 20, keeps an unlikely appointment with 97-year-old Jacqueline Tolu."Comment allez-vous?" (how are you?) he asks Tolu over Skype.

First ever tweet turns 15 years old

Fifteen years ago Jack Dorsey typed out a banal message -- "just setting up my twttr" -- which became the first ever tweet, launching a global platform that has become a controversial and dominant force in civil society.

Clubhouse a sandbox for talking 'influencers'

An internet spin on talk radio, the new social network Clubhouse has become a sandbox for people tinkering with ways to win fans and make money with audio.

Op-Ed: QAnon retires, wants to do woodwork instead.

If this news is to be believed, the actual person Q has been identified. It’s someone on the internet’s answer to Groundhog Day, 4Chan, who used the avatar Q. Doesn’t that just make the last 4 insane years so worthwhile?

Messaging app Signal no longer working in China

The encrypted messaging app Signal, recommended by Tesla's Elon Musk, appeared to have been blocked in China on Tuesday, closing off one of the last US social media platforms still freely available in the country.

News Corp strikes content deal with Facebook in Australia

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp on Tuesday announced a three-year content deal with Facebook in Australia, weeks after Canberra introduced laws forcing digital platforms to pay for news.

Afghan officials reverse ban on girls singing after social media backlash

A ban on girls singing in public imposed by education officials in the Afghan capital last week has been overturned after a social media campaign that included local women uploading videos of themselves belting out their favourite songs.

Op-Ed: Cyberwars — Hack back is the call, and it can work

The decades-long cyberwars are a very sore point for most Western governments. Not to say the West doesn’t do its own cyberespionage, but the level of malice in recent cyberattacks is over a line. The US is considering active responses.

TikTok issues new features to protect privacy of young people

TikTok has introduced changes for users under age 18. These changes are aimed at driving higher standards of user privacy and safety by default.

Russia disrupting Twitter over 'illegal' content

Russia said Wednesday it planned to slow down Twitter for users in the country over what it said was the social media platform's failure to remove "illegal" content.

Anger over lies which led to killing of French teacher

The lawyer for the family of beheaded French teacher Samuel Paty expressed her anger on Tuesday over lies spread on social media which led to the murder.

Instagram-ready: Vietnamese influencer teaches art of posing

How to smile, where to place a hand, which direction to face: young Vietnamese social media users are snapping up a popular influencer's course on posing for the perfect photo.

Bangladesh cartoonist granted bail after protests

A prominent Bangladeshi cartoonist was granted bail on Wednesday as several hundred people staged more protests over the death of a fellow government critic also arrested under the country's harsh internet laws.

Expert tips: How to address Internet privacy concerns Special

In the technology world, one of the major talking points centers on the challenges regarding consumer data privacy. There is no coherent approach, however, and many people have strong, and differing, opinions about privacy.

Prince William warns social media 'awash' with vaccine lies

Prince William has warned that anti-vaccination messages are rife on social media and urged those eligible to get jabs, following a similar appeal by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Op-Ed: Statue of Trump is a real 'Golden Calf' of biblical proportions

Twitter users have reacted with mockery after a video emerged showing a golden statue of Donald Trump being wheeled around at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

Amazon Rainforest plots are being illegally sold using Facebook

Plots of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook Marketplace, and include national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples. Some of the plots are as large as 1,000 football pitches.
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