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Dick Cheney admits some of those the CIA tortured were innocent. A strange rock with 30,000 diamonds is discovered in Russia. An unfortunate photo of Bill Clinton goes viral. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Now there's a torrent network that police can't shut down

Researchers from Delft University of Technology have unveiled a new torrent client that they claim is "impossible to shut down," TorrentFreak reports.

FBI: North Korea behind Sony hack

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday formally accused the North Korean government of the computer hack against Sony Pictures Entertainment that led the company to cancel the release of the film "The Interview."

Native chief demands firing of teacher for racist Facebook posts

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is calling for the firing of a Winnipeg teacher alleged to have posted racist messages on his Facebook page. He said such a person being in a position of influence with students is "appalling."

Photo of Bill Clinton with blonde held in his 'grasp' goes viral

A photo showing former President Bill Clinton with a young blonde that emerged on Twitter Wednesday has gone viral, with netizens speculating, in the light of "slick Willy's" previous acts, about the "creepy familiarity" of his pose with the woman.

Police raid Pirate Bay closing down Internet piracy site

Pirate Bay was allegedly the most popular place to download copyrighted material but it was taken off line last week after a police raid.

'Santa B' pays off $50,000 in layaway bills at Penn. Wal-Mart

A mysterious person known only as "Santa B" paid off $50,000 in layaway bills for a variety of customers at a Silver Springs Commons, Pennsylvania, Wal-Mart Monday morning.

Malware infects hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites

Hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs powered by content management platform WordPress have been infected by malicious malware via a plugin.

Google wants to launch a 'buy' button to hurt Amazon

Google has become the latest company to explore the launch of a “buy” button and other additional shopping features as it looks to beef up its e-commerce arsenal to fight off Amazon, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Software glitch leads to thousands of 1 penny sales on Amazon

A software glitch led to thousands of items being listed at a price of 1 penny on Amazon's United Kingdom site for a few hours, during which a digital stampede has left several businesses facing bankruptcy.

Top viral videos of 2014

Many videos have become viral sensations, and this happens primarily because something humorous, cute or newsworthy was captured and uploaded to a video sharing service such as YouTube.

Op-Ed: Cats, cute cats, more cute cats, and why they own YouTube

Cute Cat Theory is the theory of internet usage – People are drawn to cute cats, in their millions. The Cute Cat Theory has been invented to explain why the entire human race (You remember them? No? Understandable.) watches cats, if nothing else.

TopFinds: Animals 'go to heaven'; scientists create life's spark

Pope Francis declares that all animals go to heaven. Scientists recreate the "first spark of life." An interview with Jimmy Smits on the end of 'Sons of Anarchy.' Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

YouTube adds new 'video to GIF' creation tool

YouTube is all set to become "GIF central", with its new video-to-GIF creation tool, which appeared last night on a select number of videos.

Video: Baby Landon meets twin sisters, gets adorably confused

A baby boy grapples with understanding the concept of twins after meeting his twin infant sisters for the first time in a new YouTube video that has gone viral.

Google News shutting down in Spain

Google News will be shut down in Spain on December 16, following a recent law that would have forced Google to cough up licensing revenues to publishers if their content appeared in Google News.

'Submarine Sandwich' is a strange 'food' video going viral

Sure, you can make a sandwich with bread, cheese, meat and vegetables. Or you can take your sandwich in a surreal direction, as animator PES does in his new video "Submarine Sandwich," which is well on its way to 1 million views since Wednesday.

Portland lawyers create free 'Driving While Black' smartphone app

A pair of Portland attorneys and a software engineer have developed a "Driving While Black" smartphone app offering practical advice for black drivers to help them avoid and survive encounters with police.

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee: Internet is a 'basic human right'

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee believes affordable Internet access should be recognized as a "basic human right."

MIT pulls professor's online lectures due to harassment charge

Walter Lewin, a much-beloved retired MIT physicist and professor whose energy-infused teaching style made him a hit on campus and on YouTube, sexually harassed a student who enrolled in an online course he taught, an MIT-led investigation has found.

Facebook video is driving YouTube off Facebook

For the first time ever, Facebook Page owners uploaded more videos directly to Facebook than they did via sharing from YouTube videos, according to new data from Socialbakers, a company that tracks social media data.

Watch Paul Rosolie not get 'Eaten Alive' by giant anaconda

Paul Rosolie donned a specially designed "snake-proof" suit smeared with pig's blood for the "Eaten Alive" stunt aired on Discovery Channel Sunday, in which he tried but chickened out of the attempt to make a 20-ft anaconda have him for dinner.

Video: Why co-sleeping is no-sleeping—baby won't let mom sleep

A Texas mom, Esther Anderson, tries to take a nap with her baby but finds that the baby won't take kindly to being ignored. In the video, titled "Why Co-Sleeping Is No-Sleeping," a child shows the great lengths she would go to ensure mom stays awake.

'Numa Numa', the Internet's first viral video turns 10

"Numa Numa", probably the first viral video, debuted on the Internet 10 years ago, on December 6, 2004, before even YouTube was born.

Watch little girl start a dance party on NYC subway platform

A little girl whose happiness couldn't be smothered by the detached gloom of commuters in cold weather was able to warm bundled up adult bodies and liven spirits at Bedford Avenue L Subway Station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recently.

San Francisco is getting insanely fast wireless Internet

You can get insanely fast wireless internet to your home if you live in the right neighborhood of San Francisco — and are willing to pony up $2,500.

Watch man rescue three live shark pups from inside dead mother

A video has emerged online showing an American family rescuing three shark pups from inside a dead pregnant mother shark washed up on a Cape Town beach in South Africa.

#Crimingwhilewhite takes off on Twitter, whites confess to crimes

Trending on twitter tonight, and it's not clear how it began or who began it, is this: #Crimingwhilewhite. Doubtless created in response to the latest grand jury decision not to indict in a case of a black death, it's being loaded with confessions.

Elonis v. U.S.:Supreme Court hears Facebook death threat case

The US Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in a closely watched case testing the limits of free speech on social media.

Iranian blogger Soheil Arabi sentenced to die for Facebook posts

A leading Iranian judicial official told reporters there is "no pardon" for a blogger sentenced to death for allegedly insulting the Muslim 'prophet' Mohammed on Facebook.

Supermodel Kristina Pimenova, 9, 'most beautiful girl in world'

Meet Russian child star Kristina Pimenova, 9, "the most beautiful girl in the world." Kristina is the subject of a raging controversy over the age appropriateness of her status as a supermodel. Critics are alleging that her handlers are "sexualizing" her.

TopFinds: Pacquiao's weighty decision; stars go missing

Floyd Mayweather may be the reason Manny Pacquiao hasn't figured out his weight class preference. A group of stars is missing and scientists are baffled. An Ontario man is charged with assaulting women's feet. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Op-Ed: Thanksgiving dinner from hell as son wigs out on Dad, dumps food

This video is like watching a metaphorical bomb explode right in the middle of a family. But who would post a video online of their family discombobulating? Of your brother going spaz and ruining everyone's Thanksgiving dinner? And why?

Twitter Offers brings virtual coupons to your stream

Just in time for the holiday season, Twitter is bringing virtual coupons that you can link to your debit or credit card straight from your stream.

Op-Ed: The changing world of Internet storage options

As technology moves forward, the necessity to quickly and securely store, access, analyze and manage data becomes a great concern for many businesses.

Video: Nanny from hell kicks, stomps on toddler for throwing up

Ugandan police have arrested a nanny after she was caught on hidden CCTV camera viciously assaulting a two-year-old girl because she threw up her dinner.

TopFinds: Defending Burnaby Mountain; Canadian lakes 'jellifying'

A first-hand account of the protests against Kinder Morgan at Burnaby Mountain. Industrial acid deposits are turning Canadian lakes into literal jelly. How magic mushrooms transform the brain. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Watch terrifying animation of world's tallest 570ft rollercoaster

Watch a hair-raising 4-minute animation presenting a realistic portrayal of the drop from the 570-foot summit of the world's tallest roller-coaster, at a speed of 65 mph, through corkscrew twists, turns, loops and inversions to ground level.

Video: Mysterious blast 'turns night to day' over Russia's Urals

A massive explosion which lit up the sky over Russia's Urals has become the subject of speculation after the authorities declined comment on it although several locals captured it on camera. According to an eyewitness, the explosion "turned night to day."

Uber executive reportedly advocates smearing woman journalist

Uber, the internet's high-tech ride-sharing company is in damage control mode right now due to statements allegedly made by Emil Michael, the company's senior vice president for business, while in New York at a private dinner last week.

Facebook is working on an 'at work' version for enterprises

New reports indicate that social network giant Facebook is gearing up to transform collaboration in the workplace by creating a new tool currently dubbed "Facebook At Work", designed specifically for enterprises.
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