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Donald Trump, whose early-morning rants and policy pronouncements on Twitter have left the world hanging on his every typed word, said he doesn't like using the social media platform in comments to air Wednesday.

The one person who can't be blocked on Facebook is Zuckerberg

From time to time someone pops up on Facebook whose feed you don't wish to read or who annoys you in some way. Blocking them is relatively straightforward. Except for one person, that is — the founder of Facebook.

BBC partners with Facebook to take on threat of fake news stories

In an effort to fight back against the wave of fake news stories affecting the Internet and social media worldwide, the BBC is expanding its efforts to combat false stories impersonating valid journalism.

Ex-Microsoft employees claim jobs caused them to suffer from PTSD

Two former employees of Microsoft launched a negligence lawsuit against the company claiming being required to view child pornography and violent images as part of their jobs caused them to suffer from PTSD. Microsoft denies the company was negligent.

Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter for harassing woman

Recently, Martin Shkreli went on a Twitter rant about writer Lauren Duca. Apparently he direct-messaged her asking her to go to the inauguration to her, and when she turned him down, he allegedly harassed her.

Emails sent on Mondays contain the most errors

When is the worst day to send an email? The answer, it appears, is Monday. This is because electronic mail sent on the first day of the working week contains more grammatical mistakes than those sent on other days.

Town sees no drunk driving arrests after social media campaign

The small town of Kensington, Prince Edward Island recorded no incidents of arrests for drinking and driving over the holiday period. Police credit this to an effective social media campaign against drinking and driving.

French workers win 'right to disconnect'

French companies will be required to guarantee a "right to disconnect" to their employees from Sunday as the country seeks to tackle the modern-day scourge of compulsive out-of-hours email checking.

U.S. asks foreign visitors to provide social media account info

Citing the 15-year-long global war against radical Islamic terrorism, the United States government has started asking some foreign visitors to provide information about their social media accounts.

Internet use in class leads to lower test scores

New research provides a warning to school children who like to use the Internet in class. Surfing the Internet in class has been linked to poorer test scores.

US prosecutors ask Alexa: whodunit?

Amazon's connected personal assistant Alexa may have witnessed a murder. But will she talk?

OSCE victim of 'major' cyber attack

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, an international election and war monitor, said Wednesday it had become the latest global institution to suffer a "major" cyber attack.

Sony music apologizes over 'Britney is dead' tweet

Sony Music has quickly apologized to singer Britney Spears, after its official Twitter account suggested the pop star had died.

Huge crowd joins Mexican teen's party after invite goes viral

A huge crowd turned out to celebrate the 15th birthday of Rubi Ibarra, a small-town Mexican girl -- though fewer than the 1.3 million people who said they were coming after the invitation went viral online.

Duped by fake news, Pakistan minister makes nuke threat to Israel

Pakistan's defence minister has threatened to retaliate in kind to any Israeli nuclear strike after apparently being tricked by a fake news site into a confrontation on social media.

Website charts Santa's journey around the globe

An online Santa tracker run by a Canadian and American defense agency mapped the jolly old gift-giver's path around the globe Saturday, in what has become a Yuletide tradition.

Internet nail-varnish dare nets sick Dutch 6-year-old a million

A terminally ill Dutch six-year-old boy, who hoped to raise a few hundred euros for other sick children by daring people to paint their nails in garish colours, had raised more than one million by Friday.

Op-Ed: Unbelievable truth? Social media and conspiracies

The Internet is awash with false news and conspiracy theories. Many of the 'theories' appear too bizarre have any semblance in reality, yet many do. We examine 2016's highlights (or low lights).

CRTC declares broadband a 'basic' service for all Canadians

In a landmark ruling, the government of Canada has declared high-speed broadband Internet a ‘basic telecommunications service’ guaranteed to all Canadians.

Families of Orlando victims suing Google, Facebook and Twitter

Families of three men killed in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last June are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google (as the owner of YouTube). The suit alleges the defendants gave material support to ISIS by enabling the shooter to become radicalized online.

Pope's new mission: buying his own shoes

Pope Francis was the toast of social media on Wednesday after successfully completing his latest groundbreaking mission: popping out of the Vatican to buy himself some new footwear.

Two Minnesota lawyers charged in porn extortion scam

The two lawyers are alleged to have devised a scheme whereby they uploaded pornography on Internet sites and then threatened to sue anyone who downloaded the content. They then agreed to settle the cases in return for large cash payments.

Survey: Fake news sowing confusion in two-thirds of Americans

Close to two-thirds of American adults believe fake news stories have caused a great deal of confusion with regards to the basic facts in current events, according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

Google's top Internet searches for 2016

Google's search engine processes trillions of search requests every year. This week the Mountain View company outlined the most popular key words entered into its search engine in 2016.

Smiley faced success for Japan's emoji creator

From a humble smiley face with a box mouth and inverted "V's" for eyes, crude weather symbols, and a rudimentary heart -- emoji have now exploded into the world's fastest-growing language.There are now about 1,800 emoji characters -- and counting.

Op-Ed: Facebook to introduce flagging of fake news

Facebook is making good on its promise to try to eradicate "fake news". One of the techniques Facebook will use for doing so is a tool that will allow users to flag anything that they consider to be fake news.

Yahoo: one billion user accounts were hacked in 2013

Internet giant Yahoo announced Wednesday that a 2013 hack by an unknown third party compromised the accounts of more than one billion users.

Op-Ed: Emoji translator wanted — Must be able to interpret babble

Emojis are the graphic depictions of “whatever” translated in to banal images. They’re the decals of modern messaging. Now a company in London wants people to help in translating them.

Op-Ed: Fake news filters could be used as a form of censorship

There is more and more concern about "fake news" as being responsible for events such as the election of Donald Trump, and Brexit. The Russians have been accused of using fake news to influence the US election.

Op-Ed: Fighting fake news? Not too well yet, but it can be done

Fake news is now, belatedly, under attack. There are still no lawsuits. One bit of case law could bury fake news, and the vermin who make it.

Obama asks for 'full review' of 2016 election cyberattacks

President Barack Obama has requested a review of all cyberattacks that took place during the 2016 election cycle, the White House said Friday, amid allegations of Russian interference.

Mr President? Turkish anchor remembers Erdogan coup call

"Hello?""Please Mr President, we are listening to you...""Good evening!" "Good evening, sir, please...

Fake U.S. news sites traced to teens in Macedonian city

According to a report by the BBC, many of the fake news sites that appeared during the 2016 American presidential election campaign originated in a small city in Macedonia. The sites were created and run by teenagers.

Russia says foreign spies plotted huge cyberattack

Russia on Friday said it had uncovered plans by foreign intelligence services to carry out massive cyberattacks this month targeting the country's financial system.

Op-Ed: Podcasts are prolific part of the changing world of digital media Special

For all those out there still skeptical or reluctant about recent technology and its impact, take note of the growing use of podcasts. They are prolific.

Who wants to skate on top of dead fish? Japanese ice rink closed

Social media backlash forced the closing of a new attraction at Space World in Kitakyushu, Japan on Sunday. Advertised as the world's first attraction of its kind, the skating rink was filled with 5,000 dead fish, frozen into the ice.

Beautiful fog bow photograph creates social media buzz

A stunning photograph of a white "fog bow" has been taken by an amateur photographer over Rannoch Moor in the west of Scotland. The unusual meteorological event has been trending across social media.

One screenshot shows the severity of 'fake news' on Facebook

On Tuesday, Twitter cofounder Ev Williams neatly pointed out how big Facebook's fake-news problem is with one screenshot.
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