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Psychologists have been examining patterns of social media use and the effects on people who suddenly stop using on-line platforms. The research has revealed addiction-like behavior after time away from social media.

Facebook shuts more accounts aimed at political meddling

Facebook on Tuesday said it shut down more accounts aimed at influencing the US midterm election and that it is exploring a possible link to Russia.

James Woods turns Twitter feed into 'bulletin board' for fire aid

The unprecedented ferocity of California's wildfires has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of acres, thousands of structures and the loss of many lives. Despite all this, the flame of human kindness is alive with the help of social media.

Tim Berners-Lee plans to re-decentralize the web

Professor Tim Berners-Lee has lifted the veil off a project called Solid, which is an attempt to re-decentralize the World Wide Web and is run from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Decreasing social media use reduces feelings of loneliness

The use of social media is a mixed-bag. It can bring people together and creating a sense of community. It can also enhance a sense of loneliness and be a trigger for depression. A new study recommends limitations on social media use.

Facebook blocks 115 accounts on eve of US election

Facebook said Monday it blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 more on Instagram after police warned they may be linked to "foreign entities" trying to interfere in the US midterm election.

Facebook blocks 30 accounts ahead of US midterm elections

Facebook said Monday it had blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 accounts on photo-sharing social network Instagram over concerns they may be linked to foreign entities and aimed at interfering in US midterm elections.

On eve of vote, US warns voters to look for Russian fake news

US law enforcement and intelligence agencies said on the eve of crucial US midterm voting they had no indication of efforts to disrupt election infrastructure but that Americans should be wary of Russian attempts to spread fake news.

China-based Tik Tok app was top download in September

Byte-Dance acquired the tween and teen-focused social app back in 2017. It is paying off as it this year it has merged with Byte-Dance's own short video app TikTok, and is being used to enter the U.S. market.

Ahead of vote, Twitter says accounts removed over 'disinformation'

Twitter on Saturday said it deleted a "series of accounts" that attempted to share disinformation, ahead of crucial midterm elections, as media reports said thousands of accounts were axed.

Op-Ed: Facebook loses more users in Europe again this last quarter

Facebook finds its user base had gone down in Europe the company reported as it announced its third-quarter earnings. This is the second quarter in a row that the company has lost users in Europe.

Australia spooks emerge from shadows with tweets, China warning

Australia's highly secretive signals intelligence agency -- tasked with eavesdropping and decrypting adversaries' communications -- has made a tongue-in-cheek Twitter debut, while issuing a serious warning of security risks from Chinese technology.

Op-Ed: Trump claims Twitter is suppressing his follower count

Donald Trump is again claiming without evidence that Twitter is suppressing his follower count due to their political bias. Apparently he made the claim after watching a Fox Business report on Twitter earnings.

Op-Ed: Facebook bans more accounts linked to Iranian influence campaign

After identifying more suspicious behavior linked to an ongoing Iranian influence campaign the company removed a combined 82 pages, groups and accounts that were pretending to be US and sometimes British citizens and organizations.

Fake news a 'constant worry' in Brazil vote, say OAS observers

The use of mobile messaging platform Whatsapp to spread false information during the Brazilian presidential campaign has reached "a scope never before seen" and is a "constant worry" for Organization of American States (OAS) observers, the head of the ...

WikiTribune fires journalists as part of new direction

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has laid off all of the journalists working on his new media website WikiTribune. This is partly to address public disquiet over big media and 'fake news'.

Google makes it easier to delete search history

When you delete your search history on Google you don't delete the searches from Google's servers. Moreover, when you sign into your Google account your deleted searches are still there. Google has now introduced a change.

Social media in the spotlight in Brazil presidential race

Brazil, like other countries, is facing a very electronic election. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are the weapons of choice to sway the country's 147 million voters -- and abuse of social media has been widespread.

Russians out to stir anger ahead of US midterms

A concerted Russian hacking and online disinformation campaign in 2016 sought to tip the US presidential election toward Donald Trump. Two weeks ahead of midterm congressional elections, Moscow's operatives are at it again.

Facebook closes 'spam' pages, accounts helping Brazil presidential candidate

Social media platform Facebook has closed 68 pages and 43 accounts linked to a marketing group believed to be promoting the chances of Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Op-Ed: Apple CEO asks that Bloomberg retract report on Chinese spying

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Tim Cook asked Bloomberg to retract its news report alleging that Chinese spies had compromised company servers by implanting a malicious micro chip on them.

Brazil police to probe election disinformation on social media

Brazilian federal police will investigate massive amounts of disinformation circulating on social media against the two candidates vying to become president, Public Security Minister Raul Jungmann said Saturday.

Op-Ed: WhatsApp undermines Facebook's war on election interference

There is a conference room inside of Facebook's headquarters that is devoted to fighting election interference. Casey Newton a reporter with the Verge visited what is called the war room and wrote a recent article about the visit.

Leftist's party urges Brazil authorities to act on WhatsApp election messages

The Workers Party of leftist Brazilian presidential candidate Fernando Haddad on Friday urged electoral authorities to take swift action over a flood of misinformation by WhatsApp they blamed on the far-right frontrunner, Jair Bolsonaro.

Op-Ed: Twitter publishes a huge archive of tweets by foreign trolls

Twitter has announced that it has published an archive of almost 10 million tweets from troll accounts today. This will provide a treasure trove of data.

Britain leads calls for EU action against hackers

British Prime Minister Theresa May will call on fellow EU leaders Thursday to take united action to punish cyber attackers, warning hackers cause economic harm and undermine democracies.

Leading browser privacy tool 'doesn't do anything'

The “Do Not Track” function, which is found on browsers and which is designed to signal to any websites visited not to track users, does not actually work.

Facebook will now allow verified cannabis and marijuana searches

Just a few days ahead of the legalization of adult recreational marijuana sales in Canada, Facebook ended a months-long block on cannabis and related search results for pages on its platform.

Irish Data Commissioner investigates Twitter data privacy issue

Irish privacy regulators are launching an investigation into precisely how much data Twitter collects from, its URL-shortening system.

Op-Ed: Google the censor? The internet vs free speech?

Google’s role as top dog comes with a few lead weights. One of the big issues is growing disquiet about the power of big platforms. A strange tale has unfolded after a leak of Google internal documents defining the big problems.

Instagram ramps up battle against bullying

Instagram on Tuesday added more weapons to battle cyber bullying, using artificial intelligence to scan photos for abusive content at the Facebook-owned service.

Q&A: Time to reform Canada's data privacy laws? Special

Do Canadians have “the right to be forgotten?” Canada’s privacy watchdog plans to ask the Federal Court for clarity and at the same time this is being challenged by Google. Expert Éloise Gratton weighs in.

YouTube driving global consumption of music

If you are listening to music, chances are you're on YouTube.A music consumer report by the industry's global body IFPI published on Tuesday found that 86 percent of us listen to music through on-demand streaming.

PM-designate asks Iraqis to apply online for cabinet

Iraq's prime minister designate Adel Abdel Mahdi launched a website on Tuesday to allow candidates to apply for a ministerial position online as he struggles to form a government.

Google+ to be shut down after data breach

Google+, Google's attempt to create a social media network to rival Facebook, is shutting down. This comes after users' data has been reported to have been exposed, an incident that dates back to March to 2018.

Snap admits major redesign was 'rushed'

The reason behind Snapchat's poorly received redesign has been revealed by the company's CEO Evan Spiegel, via an internal memo posted by Cheddar and it's a surprising admission by a major firm.

Indonesia battles fake news after quake-tsunami disaster

Indonesia has cracked down on "fake news" about its deadly quake-tsunami disaster, with police arresting nine people for spreading hoaxes in a bid to prevent further panic spreading among survivors.

Irish data authority probes Facebook over breach of 50 mn accounts

Ireland's data protection authority launched an investigation into Facebook Wednesday, bringing stringent new European privacy laws to bear on the tech titan after a security breach exposed 50 million accounts.

Amazon pay hike — Cheers, jeers, and skepticism on Twitter

After Amazon announced thousands of its warehouse workers will be paid at least $15 per hour under a new wage hike, the e-commerce giant got a round of applause. Now that the dust has settled, people are wondering what really happened.

Young ballerinas being ruined by Instagram says star Vishneva

One of ballet's biggest stars has warned that the development of young ballerinas is being jeopardised by viral videos of hyper-elastic dancers performing incredible tricks.

Nigerian migrants rescued after Libya cell video goes viral

Nigerian migrants held in Libya were rescued after releasing a video from their cell that went viral on social media and caught the attention of authorities.