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Stephanie Grisham, President Trump's third press secretary was replaced yesterday by Kayleigh McEnany, and it's fair to say that she is well-versed in the Trumpian art of lying with abandon, so much so that she has a real problem with credibility.

Sheltered-in cut off from Snapchat

The Snapchatapplication popular with young smartphone users went offline Wednesday for undetermined reasons, the company said."We're aware many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app.

Internet overseers seek crackdown on coronavirus website scams

The agency that oversees online addresses on Tuesday called for those issuing website address to vigilantly thwart cyber scams exploiting coronavirus fears.

Coronavirus and social media: How to stay positive

How people are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and what their reactions are can be tacked through social media. In fact, social media has been previously tested out as an effective way for tracking public opinion.

Brazil minister offends China with 'racist' virus tweet

China demanded an explanation from Brazil Monday after the far-right government's education minister linked the coronavirus pandemic to the Asian country's "plan for world domination," in a tweet imitating a Chinese accent.

Hacker 'ceasefire' gets little traction as pandemic fuels attacks

Internet users have seen a surge in COVID-related cyberattacks and fraud schemes which could add to the misery of the pandemic, even as some hackers have called for dialing back their criminal efforts.

Use of the Internet is affecting student study skills

The expansion of the Internet has opened up opportunities for knowledge acquisition. But has the Internet decreased motivation with some students and affected mental health in some cases? A new study suggests so.

Facebook feature lets people reach out for help in pandemic

Facebook on Tuesday activated a feature allowing people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to reach out for help from their community.

Facebook and Instagram remove Bolsonaro video questioning virus quarantine

Facebook and Instagram removed videos of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro on Monday, saying they spread misinformation about the coronavirus, a day after Twitter did the same.

Twitter removes two Bolsonaro tweets questioning virus quarantine

Two tweets by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro in which he questioned quarantine measures aimed at containing the novel coronavirus were removed Sunday, on the grounds that they violated the social network's rules.

Why the novel coronavirus became a social media nightmare

The biggest reputational risk Facebook and other social media companies had expected in 2020 was fake news surrounding the US presidential election.

Privacy rights may become next victim of killer pandemic

Digital surveillance and smartphone technology may prove helpful in containing the coronavirus pandemic -- but some activists fear this could mean lasting harm to privacy and digital rights.

US orders first shutdown of website over coronavirus fraud

The US Department of Justice announced Sunday it had shut down a website claiming to sell a coronavirus vaccine, in its first act of federal enforcement against fraud in connection with the pandemic.

Q&A: The startup that's using AI to protect children online Special

Many parents worry about what their children might stumble across online. L1ght is an anti-toxicity startup using AI to detect and filter harmful online content to protect children. We talk with the company's CEO, Zohar Levkovitz.

US demands Vietnam free blogger handed 10-year term

The United States on Monday demanded that Vietnam immediately free a blogger who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after posts critical of the government.

Op-Ed: Trending on Twitter — Toilet paper and hoarding

The coronavirus pandemic risks bringing out the very worst of humanity. From price gouging to hoarding - an "everyone for themselves" mentality seems to have taken over otherwise sane and responsible people around the globe.

Secret-sharing app Whisper exposes users' personal data Special

A data breach has occurred with the secret-sharing app Whisper, which has left users’ locations together with their more sensitive fetishes exposed on the Internet. Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio discusses with Digital Journal.

Social media content affects the chances of job candidates

Be careful what you post on social media, especially drunken escapades. As employers increasingly look at interview candidates' social media activity, a new study shows how your social profile affects your recruitment prospects.

Twitter staff ordered to work from home over virus fears

Twitter has ordered all staff globally to work from home in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly new coronavirus epidemic.

Netanyahu rival set for official protection after online threats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's challenger Benny Gantz is to receive state protection following online threats, the Shin Bet domestic security agency has announced.

Rights groups condemn 10-year jail term for Vietnam blogger

The jailing of a Vietnamese blogger for 10 years was condemned by rights groups Tuesday as "unacceptable" and an attack on free speech.

Facebook, Twitter place warning labels on altered Biden video

Facebook and Twitter both added tags denoting false or manipulated content to a video reposted by US President Donald Trump of his Democrat rival Joe Biden.

Most parents are not confident protecting children online

A new survey from Startpage finds that parents of children aged between 5 and 16 in the U.S. demonstrates a gap in parents’ knowledge about how much the web is watching their children. The survey also captures parents' perceptions.

Op-Ed: Twitter goes wild after 'meme' of Trump fiddling goes viral

“Nero” trended on Twitter early Monday after a meme of President Trump playing the violin drew viral comparisons to the Roman emperor among his critics online.

Twitter labels video retweeted by Trump as 'manipulated'

Twitter has used a new policy to identify misleading content for the first time on a post retweeted by US President Donald Trump that appeared to show Democratic Party rival Joe Biden endorsing his re-election.

Pope voices support for virus victims in livestream message

Pope Francis expressed solidarity on Sunday with the victims of the novel coronavirus in his first livestreamed prayer from the Vatican.

Double-take: Do warnings about fake news actually help?

To safeguard the public from fake news, many websites and social media outlets have put in place warnings about content. New research suggests that such labels do not convince everyone and may actually encourage the belief that the news is genuine.

'China is not an immigrant country': draft law sparks online racism

A new draft law that could make it easier for foreigners to gain permanent residency in China has stirred up a torrent of xenophobia online.

Twitter tests vanishing tweets to keep up with Snapchat, Facebook

Twitter said Wednesday it is testing a way for users to "think aloud" with tweets that vanish after a day instead of having posts linger.

Twitter staff told to work from home over virus fears

Twitter staff across the world were asked to work from home starting Monday in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly new coronavirus epidemic.

US sanctions, charges two Chinese linked to N. Korean hack

US authorities on Monday sanctioned two Chinese citizens and accused them of of laundering more than $100 million in cryptocurrency stolen in a 2018 cyberattack linked to North Korea.

Vatican opens archive on pope's silence during Holocaust

Historians will begin combing the archives of the world's most contentious pope on Monday, hoping to glean why Pius XII stayed silent during the Nazi extermination of Jews in the Holocaust.

Iran cyberpolice arrest 24 over coronavirus rumours

Iranian cyberpolice have arrested 24 people accused of online rumour-mongering about the spread of the coronavirus in the country, semi-official news agency ISNA reported on Wednesday.

Football Leaks hacker Rui Pinto files complaint against Portgual

Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto, the originator of Football Leaks and Luanda Leaks, has filed a complaint with the EU against Portugal, accusing it of non-compliance with European rules on extradition, his lawyers told AFP on Monday.

Q&A: Private search creates a safer Internet, accessible for all Special

Organizations and consumers need to keep Internet safety top of their mind year round. One option is to use private Internet search functions, according to Robert Beens of Startpage. He explains how this is technologically possible.

Germany to tighten screws on online hate speech

With the danger growing from far-right extremists and torrents of threats against politicians, Germany plans to toughen online speech laws and tighten the screws on social networks.

EU threatens tougher rules on hate speech after Facebook meeting

A top EU official for digital policy warned Monday that big tech companies could face tougher rules and penalties in Europe if they failed to adequately curb hate speech and disinformation.

Master of false news gives right-wing Americans headlines they believe

Christopher Blair produces false stories he insists are easily identifiable as satire rather than news. His pages can rack up millions of views, and at least part of that audience believes the material is true.

Singapore orders anti-govt website to warn readers of falsehoods

Singapore ordered the Facebook page of an anti-government website Saturday to warn readers it regularly posts falsehoods, the first time authorities have taken such action under a tough law against misinformation.

Op-Ed: Bloomberg, memes and how to be self-righteous on Instagram

Is a paid meme ethical? Will success spoil the Republican Party? Should freelancers get paid for expressing their own opinions? Just keep saying No, and you have the Anti argument against Bloomberg’s paid memes.

Will Facebook Dating swipe online lovebirds out of digital nest?

All's fair in electronic love and dating - or is it? The battle for hearts and minds of couples seeking their perfect match online has taken a new turn.
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