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Canada's Communications Security Establishment(CSE) is collecting millions of emails sent by Canadians to government sites on the internet. The collected emails are searched for malware that could attack government computer networks.

Net neutrality wins in major FCC vote

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to enforce strong protection of net neutrality, reclassifying broadband Internet as a utility.

CIA plans to increase spying on Facebook, Twitter

The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking to expand its cyber espionage capabilities so it can increase surveillance of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Email marketing in 2015 set to grow, become more complicated

Sometimes seen as an antiquated digital marketing medium, email marketing spend will increase in 2015.Email marketing has been a debated marketing strategy for the last several years

How stealthy, 'nightmare' octopus became a viral sensation

In the last 10 years, YouTube has almost single-handedly changed the way that people interact with the Internet. After all, before the site was launched in 2005, there was no simple method for people to upload and share videos.

Police officers pay respect as Judge, police dog, is euthanized

West Deptford Police Department officers and their dogs lined the streets on Friday to pay tribute to a much-loved veteran K-9 dog named Judge as he was being taken to the hospital to be put down, after a prolonged illness.

Op-Ed: 'Kill All the Jews' another Daily Caller editing mess-up

With the headline, ""Kill All The Jews And When That Is Done Kill Those That Refused To Defend Them," instantly retracted (not the body) the Daily Caller has had to apologize to the public, again ... "this is a recording."

Op-Ed: LinkedIn will now follow you around the Internet

LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at so-termed career professionals, is extending its advertising reach. Users of the service will start to see adverts based on their profile when they visit other websites.

Chef Jamie Oliver's website infected users with malware

A spokesman for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has acknowledged that malicious code on his self-branded website contained malware that could have given hackers control of users' computers as they browsed for recipes.

Niagara Falls freezes: Majestic sights of icy wonderland [Photos]

Niagara Falls has frozen over due to extreme weather conditions persisting across the East Coast. Meteorologists say the Falls will likely stay frozen as temperatures fall even lower with high winds in the East Coast in the next days.

Google: FBI plan to expand hacking power a 'monumental' threat

Google is warning that a US government plan to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation's hacking powers is a "monumental" constitutional threat.

Executive order takes steps to promote Internet security

On Friday, February 13, 2015, President Barack Obama signed an executive order urging companies to participate in information-sharing hubs.

Op-Ed: Making money in the sharing economy

The sharing economy, the great new revolution in making money, is really nothing more than renting out your time or your possessions to someone who needs or wants them without having to go through the formality of a middle man.

Facebook name policy is discriminating against Native Americans

Facebook's policy of only allowing accounts with "authentic" names is resulting in Native American users being blocked from using their real names.

Facebook 'legacy contact' will manage your account after death

Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows users to choose a 'digital heir' to manage parts of their accounts after they die.

Obama signs executive order at Stanford cybersecurity summit Special

President Barack Obama signed an executive order laying out new ways for corporations to share information on emerging online threats at a cybersecurity summit at California's Stanford University.

Are we facing the Dark Age of the Internet?

Vint Cerf, a "father of the internet," worries about the coming of the so-called "Dark Age" of cyberspace. He says that a way must be found to stop all our images and documents being lost through technological obsolescence.

Dog tracks down owner recovering from cancer surgery [Video]

A miniature schnauzer named Sissy, gave a convincing demonstration of the special bond between a dog and its human owner that has earned dogs the title of "man's best friend."

President Obama's goofy BuzzFeed video goes viral

A new video reveals what President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, does when no one is watching. The video, produced by BuzzFeed, and released on Thursday, is titled "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk about."

Op-Ed: Who is responsible for celebrity invasion of privacy?

Modern-day celebrities are subject to voicemail hacking, leaked photography of a personal nature and the persistent presence of paparazzi. Who is responsible for this invasion of privacy? Is the power of social media to blame?

Generation Z: Born in the digital age

Facebook? Of course. Books? Definitely not. Video games? For sure. Sport? No way. Speed? Yes. Patience? Not so much.This, in a nutshell, is the life of the "Generation Z" -- independent, stubborn, pragmatic and always in a rush.

White House: U.S. to create new cyber security agency

Spurred to action by the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, President Barack Obama's homeland security and counterterrorism adviser announced on Tuesday that the administration is creating a new cyber security agency.

Academic researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords

A security analyst and hacking author just published 10 million web usernames and passwords in the name of academic research.

Meet Hulk, probably the world's largest pit bull at 174 lbs

Meet Hulk, believed to be the world's largest American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). The massive dog, tipping the scale at nearly 174 lbs, was bred by a New Hampshire firm, Dark Dynasty K9's, which specializes in breeding intimidating guard dogs.

Facebook convinces another YouTube creator to make Facebook show

Facebook’s strategy to lure YouTube stars over to create original video content for its platform is now well underway, CMO Today says.

Target employees show teenager how to tie a tie for job interview

A photo showing employees at a North Carolina Target store instructing a young customer preparing for a job interview how to tie a tie has gone viral online. The target employees also gave the young man practical tips about how to face a job interview

Google search autosuggests ISIS for 'How Can I Join...'

Google's search engine feature known as autosuggest, automatically threw up ISIS as a suggestion when a user searched for "How can I join." The BBC reported on the news on February 5, after which the search giant took swift action.

Wife divorces husband who won't abandon son with Down syndrome

A woman, who gave birth to a son with Down syndrome, filed for divorce from her husband because she wanted to abandon the baby but her husband refused. She wanted to abandon the baby because she thought keeping him would bring "shame" to her family.

Op-Ed: Choosing a web design company is more than just good design

Targeting new customers, creating a brand logo, and seeing your concept come to life in the form of a professional brand is a significant moment.

Are social media-driven sites a failing fad? Special

Some computer gurus tell us that social media participation is declining from “participation plateau,” caused by too many demands on time, yet as some sites see numbers reduced, there is more to social media activity than what those numbers show.

Facebook versus Twitter: The other Super Bowl showdown

Even as the Patriots and Seahawks fought out the incredible battle to take the Lombardi trophy, a second contest was going on in social media that had even more at stake.

Chinese teen cuts off his hand to cure 'Internet addiction'

A Chinese teenager was so desperate to cure his Internet addiction that his chopped his hand off, The Telegraph today reports.

'Flying horse' UFO spotted over Mexico's erupting Colima volcano

A horse-shaped UFO, reminiscent of the Greek mythological Pegasus, was captured on video hovering over the Colima volcano, one of Mexico's most active, located 300 miles west of Mexico City.

FTC bans revenge porn operator from non-consensual nude posts

The US Federal Trade Commission has banned the operator of a notorious revenge porn site from posting nude images of women without first obtaining their explicit consent.

North Carolina woman's scary road rage ouburst caught on video

Randolph County Sheriff's deputies posted online Monday, footage recorded on a highway in North Carolina by a woman as she drove with her granddaughter in the backseat. The clip shows another driver, a woman, in a shocking display of road rage outburst.

Gamergate sucks in Wikipedia with ban controversy

Wikipedia, the online publicly-editable encyclopedia, has issued a restriction on editing to certain users over alleged harassment and violation of civility while editing the "Gamergate controversy" article.

France wants to make Facebook, Google accountable for hate speech

France is hoping to make internet companies such as Google and Facebook accountable for social media posts promoting terrorism, Bloomberg reports.

The Pirate Bay to split in two after falling out between staff

There's mutiny brewing at The Pirate Bay. The notorious piracy site was shut down by police after a raid in Sweden in December 2014, and all signs now point to a relaunch next month.

Lizard Squad hacks Taylor Swift's Twitter, Instagram accounts

Taylor Swift appears to the be the latest victim of the infamous Lizard Squad hacking group. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were compromised early Tuesday afternoon.

A pair of gay 'tech bears' owns

If former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) officially enters the 2016 White House race, he probably won't be able to use the website

WikiLeaks demands answers after Google gives emails to U.S. gov't

The whistleblower website WikiLeaks is demanding Internet giant Google explain why it handed over emails and other electronic data of three of its senior staffers to the United States government.