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Microsoft revealed today that it is testing a new change to its future version of Windows 10 which will make links clicked on in the Windows Mail app open in Microsoft Edge.

Facebook suspends Trump linked data firm

Facebook has taken the unusual step to suspend the data analytics firm associated with Donald Trump's presidential election campaign. The social media giant has blocked Cambridge Analytica and associated companies.

Facebook releases Facebook Lite in U.S. and other countries

Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook specifically designed for developing countries. The version is now being rolled out in a number of more countries including developed countries such as the United States.

Hackers tried to cause Saudi petrochemical plant blast: NYT

Cyber-attackers tried to trigger a deadly explosion at a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in August and failed only because of a code glitch, The New York Times reported.

Rihanna hits Snapchat over beating ad, sending shares tumbling

Rihanna on Thursday denounced Snapchat after an advertisement made light of her beating by fellow pop star Chris Brown, sending the company's share prices tumbling.

Wheelchair accessibility addressed by Google Maps

Google announced today that Maps is getting a new feature aimed at helping those in wheelchairs or people with other mobility restrictions by providing "wheelchair-accessible" transit navigation routes.

Thousands rally for media freedom in Prague

Thousands of protesters gathered in Prague Wednesday to support media freedom following remarks by President Milos Zeman aimed at public Czech Television."Shame on you!

Twitter diplomacy: Russia, UK spar online over spy death

Meeting sarcasm with slick animated videos, Britain's foreign ministry and the Russian embassy in London have been doing battle on social media over the death of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal.

Norway minister removes Facebook post after scandal

Norway's controversial justice minister on Wednesday withdrew a Facebook post that triggered outrage among survivors of the 2011 Utoya massacre and calls for a motion of no confidence against her in parliament.

Far-right MP fined for tweeting anti-Merkel ballot

A German far-right deputy was slapped with a 1,000-euro fine Wednesday for tweeting a picture of his secret ballot, in which he voted against a fourth term for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Singapore launches public hearings on 'fake news'

Singapore Wednesday launched public hearings on possible legislation to combat "fake news" which critics said could be used to curtail free speech.

In China, an eye-roll goes viral on internet, censors put a lid on it

It was the eye-roll that launched a thousand gifs.China's censors are scrambling to put a lid on a social media frenzy unleashed by a journalist's reaction to a softball question during the mostly scripted annual parliament session.

Stephen Hawking's death lights up the Twitterverse

Stephen Hawking's death on Wednesday left the universe a slightly dimmer place but lit up social media as academics, politicians and celebrities alike praised a scientist whose appeal crossed time, space and cultural boundaries.

Op-Ed: Reinventing the Internet— Regulate, modernize, or both?

People are fed up with an internet which is as much a risk as an asset. Nor is online business so great for revenue or risks. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the internet, wants regulation. That may not be enough.

Poor internet access no limit to Cuban YouTubers

Frank Camallerys paces Havana's Malecon esplanade with a telephone at the end of a pole, seducing thousands of internet users with images of Cuba despite the communist island's limited web access.

Mostly fun, sometimes weird: 'BBC Dad' one year after viral video

The Korea politics professor who became a viral sensation after his children interrupted a BBC interview says he has been pulled over by police for selfies and photographed buying milk in the year since the broadcast.

Fake news travels faster than real news

Concerning news for those wishing to uphold journalistic integrity: false news spreads substantially faster, and to far more people, according to new research into news and social media.

Rihanna surpasses two billion worldwide streams on Apple Music

Rihanna has accomplished a major digital milestone. She is the first female artist to surpass two billion streams on Apple Music.

EU firms lash out at new net privacy rules

Dozens of European media, telecom and internet firms criticised Wednesday the EU's new online privacy rules, saying they will effectively hand US tech giants even greater power over user data.

Op-Ed: YouTube tries to police its channels as conspiracy theories go on

YouTube was supposed to clean up its site this year, pledging to weed out "bad actors," especially after advertisers voiced concerns their advertised brands were appearing next to extremist content.

No decline in face-to-face interactions in the social media era

We may live in a society dominated by social media. While some may worry that that this reshaping how society functions, new research suggests there has been no decline with face-to-face interactions.

Op-Ed: Twitter asking for outside help to help remove 'toxic material'

Twitter has responded to criticism that it has not done enough to remove "toxic" material in a number of ways. Now the company is asking for suggestions from the public to help promote healthy, open and civil conversations online.

Facebook aims to help keep local news alive

Local newspapers are in decline due to rising costs, falling advertising revenues and a public that is seeking digital news content. Facebook has stepped in to help.

Remove 'terror content' within an hour, EU tells web firms

Online platforms should take down "terrorist content" within an hour of it being reported, the EU said Thursday in new recommendations to internet companies to stem the flow of harmful content on the web.

Cyberattack against German government 'ongoing'

A cyberattack targeting Germany's government IT network is "ongoing", the parliamentary committee on intelligence issues said Thursday, without confirming a media report that Russian hackers were behind the assault.

Winnie the Pooh memes censored in China

Negative social media reactions towards the government's plan to change the Chinese constitution so as to abolish term limits for the presidency has resulted in censorship of social media to remove critical and sarcastic remarks.

French baker wins fight over fake Facebook page

A French baker won his day in court against Facebook on Tuesday after a user created a fake page about his bakery.

Facebook says page of firebrand anti-Rohingya Myanmar monk removed

Facebook has removed the page of a Myanmar monk once dubbed the "Buddhist Bin Laden" for his incendiary posts about Muslims, the company confirmed, as it faces pressure to clamp down on hate speech.

German prosecutors drop case against Facebook

German prosecutors said Monday they were dropping a probe into whether Facebook bosses including Mark Zuckerberg were condoning hate speech online.

Ukraine arrests 'Avalanche' cybercrime organiser: police

Ukrainian has detained one of the organisers of the massive Avalanche cybercrime network, police said on Monday, over a year after the global ring was busted in an international raid.

Russia hacked Olympics computers, turned blame on N Korea: report

Russian military spies hacked hundreds of computers used by Winter Olympics organizers and tried to make it look like the work of North Korea, the Washington Post reported Sunday, quoting US intelligence sources.

Czech president wants hacker 'extradited to Russia' not US

The Czech Republic's pro-Moscow president has repeatedly lobbied for a Russian hacker held in Prague and wanted by the US to be extradited to Russia, the justice minister was quoted as saying Saturday.

Iran headscarf protester sparks social media storm

A video showing an Iranian policeman shoving a woman protesting against mandatory headscarves off her makeshift podium in a busy Tehran street sparked criticism on social media on Friday.

Sweden warns of 'foreign meddling' in election

Sweden's intelligence service on Thursday warned "foreign powers" could try and meddle in the Nordic nation's upcoming general election, singling out Russia in light of alleged interference in the last US vote.

Bahrain activist Rajab sentenced to 5 years for tweets

Jailed high-profile Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab was Wednesday sentenced to five more years behind bars over tweets critical of the Saudi-led intervention in the Yemen war and on the alleged mistreatment of prisoners, in a trial rights groups slammed...

Ally of Kremlin critic Navalny arrested over tweet

An ally of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to ten days in detention after posting a tweet calling on followers to come to an unauthorised rally last month.

N. Korea cyber threat 'more aggressive than China': US firm

North Korean hackers are becoming more aggressive than their Chinese counterparts, a leading US cybersecurity firm warned Tuesday, as it identified a Pyongyang-linked group as an "advanced persistent threat".

Brazilian black activists' tips on surviving police go viral

Advice issued by black activists in Rio de Janeiro on "surviving" interactions with police -- including warning against carrying umbrellas that may be mistaken for guns -- went viral Monday.

Anti-gay 'vote Putin' video goes viral in Russia

A homophobic video urging Russians to re-elect President Vladimir Putin has gone viral less than a month before the country's election.

UK church spires used to boost phone, wi-fi signal

Church spires across Britain will be used to boost broadband, mobile phone and WiFi connectivity in rural areas, under a deal struck between the government and the Church of England, it was announced Sunday.

Myanmar farmers going against the grain with apps

A free app on farmer San San Hla's smartphone is her new weapon in the war against the dreaded stem borer moth that blighted her rice paddy in southern Myanmar for the last two years.
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