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Authorities have summoned the head of Baidu after the death of a student who sought a cancer cure on the Chinese search giant, reports said Tuesday, prompting a barrage of criticism for prioritising paid search results.

Court order shuts down WhatsApp in Brazil, again

Irate Brazilians found themselves without the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application for the second time in six months Monday, after a court blocked the service for 72 hours.

Op-Ed: Amazon vs paid reviewers — Why skank reviews are bad for everyone

The Internet has a huge population of parasites in the form of paid reviewers. Amazon is the main target for this global skank review scam, and it’s not at all happy about that. Five new lawsuits are trying to map out a defence.

Unskippable YouTube 'Bumper ads' coming in May

Those who have watched a YouTube video on their phones or tablets are used to sitting through five seconds of an ad before skipping it to get to the video. YouTube is introducing short ads that cannot be skipped, called Bumper ads. 'partially dangerous,' according to Google

Google's homepage at is unsafe, according to the search giant's own safe browsing search tool. Google's Transparency Report named its own homepage as a domain that could be hosting malware and "deceptive content" used by hackers.

Spanish classic 'Don Quixote' published in 17,000 tweets

A retired computer engineer is marking the fourth centenary of the death of Spain's revered author Miguel de Cervantes by publishing his best-known novel "Don Quixote" online -- one Twitter message at a time.

Social networks offer comfort, confusion in Japan quake

People trapped under buildings that collapsed in Japan's double earthquakes used social media to chat to friends and keep their spirits up while they awaited rescue, reports said Sunday.

Journalist sentenced to two years in prison for helping Anonymous

A popular social media journalist received a sentence of two years in federal prison Wednesday after being convicted of allegedly conspiring with the hacker collective Anonymous to break into the Los Angeles Times' website in order to alter a story.

Competition to buy Internet giant Yahoo starting to heat up

Talks are underway in London between potential bidders for venerable Internet giant Yahoo, led by England's Daily Mail newspaper and websites.

Vatican seeks to spread the .Catholic message

The Vatican has set up a new office charged with promoting the use of the .Catholic domain name, in its latest move to upgrade its communications for the digital era.

Op-Ed: How will the Google 2016 algorithm change affect our content?

At the beginning of 2016, Google announced a core update of its famous Truth Algorithm. Since most of the real changes of the ranking metrics are still a secret, what the factual effects we experienced so far are, and how is this affecting our content?

Instagram rolls out longer videos to the public

Roughly two years after launching the video feature to the public, Instagram has made another big step, 60 second videos.

Internet demotion to lowercase by AP Stylebook upsets internet

As of June 1, 2016, it will be internet, not Internet. And web will no longer be Web. That's because both words will be lowercase instead of capitalized in the Associated Press Stylebook.

Op-Ed: New Brave browser pays you to watch new safe ads

Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla, has invented a new browser which is a lot nicer to online users, safer, and may even solve the Adblock problem for advertisers. He may also have saved Internet advertising from itself.

Woman swaps prized Twitter name for water for Flint

In a good deed act, Michigan resident Diana Hussein swapped her much-sought Twitter name (by the soft drinks industry, at least) for 41,000 bottles of water to help the population in Flint.

5 astonishing (and free) Chrome hacks you didn't know you needed Commissioned

For years, savvy Internet users have been making simple changes to their Google Chrome browsers to optimize their online experience.

Ohio man may face jail for parodying police on Facebook page

An Ohio man may face criminal charges that accuse him of creating a Facebook account that parodies the Parma Police Department's official page.

Thailand digitizes ancient Buddhist manuscripts for online use

The government of Thailand has digitized and made available online several thousand historical manuscripts from the northern Thailand region.

Facebook apologizes for Safety Check glitch after Pakistan blast

Facebook apologized on Sunday for a bug that sent a Safety Check notification to users around the world following a deadly suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Briton arrested over Brussels attacks tweets

A British man who sparked outrage on Twitter with a message about confronting a Muslim woman over the Brussels attacks has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, London police said Thursday.

Op-Ed: News vs Privacy — First Amendment vs sleaze

People were saying before the Hogan vs Gawker case that it was an important case to determine privacy issues. It was, in fact, one of the biggest cases ever, in terms of claim for damages and public profile.

Microsoft launches AI bot 'with no chill' for teens

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a few new teen-oriented social media accounts that will chat all day. But users won't be speaking to a person, they'll be talking to "Tay," Microsoft's new bot that's powered by artificial intelligence.

Sorry, Internet: Ship will probably not be named Boaty McBoatface

Over the weekend, it was hard to not see a story about a British naming competition asking for names for a polar research vessel. With a huge lead is the name "RRS Boaty McBoatface."

Pope Francis posts first picture on Instagram

Pope Francis posted his first photo on Instagram on Saturday, a picture showing him kneeling down praying, on the third anniversary of his inauguration as Holy Father.

Waffle is a new collaboration-oriented social network by Samsung

Samsung is building its own social network that aims to bring people together and inspire collaborative content creation. Users create a feed of expandable, image-based content arranged in a grid, giving the app its quirky name 'Waffle.'

Uganda moves to tighten control of social media

Uganda's government has proposed a bill to tighten controls over social media, a minister said Friday, weeks after an enforced election day shutdown triggered widespread criticism.

Op-Ed: Privacy vs First Amendment? Hulk Hogan vs Gawker gets serious

The question of whether the First Amendment protects the right of individuals to invade privacy is a question that shouldn’t even need to be asked. It’s being asked, however, in one of the most high-profile media court cases in decades.

Australian behind 'xenophobia' site to plead guilty to sedition

An Australian woman accused of fanning hatred of foreigners in Singapore on her website said Monday she would plead guilty to sedition, an offence punishable by jail.