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Dark mode allows you to change the color arrangements on an app or operating system that makes the background black or something close to it. The mode makes looking at the screen a bit easier on the eyes.

New eBook: Digital Journal celebrates 20 years of real news

Digital Journal is celebrating 20 years of real news! Now you can take a peek at the introduction to our incredible retrospective.

Football hacker Pinto makes first appearance in Lisbon court

Rui Pinto, the Portuguese hacker linked to the Football Leaks whistleblower website, made his first appearance before a Lisbon judge on Friday.

German police warn social media stars after Berlin brawl

German police warned social media stars Friday to rein in their followers after making several arrests during a brawl in Berlin when fans of two YouTubers squared off.

French mayor quits over nude photos sent to woman

A mayor in northwest France close to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has resigned after several nude pictures of him were released by a woman who claims she was the victim of unwanted advances.

Vietnamese blogger who vanished in Thailand jailed in Hanoi

A Vietnamese blogger who vanished in Thailand earlier this year is being held in a Hanoi prison, his friend and wife confirmed Thursday.

Hundreds of couples livestreamed in S. Korean motel spycam porn

More than 800 South Korean couples were livestreamed having sex in love motels, Seoul police said Thursday in one of the largest-scale and most intrusive examples yet of the country's spycam epidemic.

Vietnam dissident jailed for 'reactionary' Facebook posts

A Vietnamese activist was sentenced on Wednesday to two years in prison for "abusing democratic freedoms" in the conservative communist state that has seen an uptick in dissident detentions under a hardline leadership.

Bolsonaro's US visit ignites Twitter firestorm in Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's much-hyped visit to the United States ignited a firestorm on Twitter Tuesday as critics and supporters of the far-right leader flooded the social media site, highlighting the country's deep political divisions.

Cubans use new found social media heft to challenge leaders

Cubans are using new found social media muscle to challenge their leaders in ways hitherto unseen on the communist-run island.

Australian PM pushes G20 to tackle internet extremism

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on world leaders to press technology firms to tackle the "ungoverned" space of extremist internet content in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

Australian teen who egged senator hailed online as 'heroic'

An Australian teen who egged a far-right senator over his offensive comments about the Christchurch mosque attacks has been hailed as "heroic" by internet users, who have raised thousands of dollars in support of his protest.

Mosque killing video shows the dark-side of social media

The Christchurch terrorist attack was made for social media and social media duly, for a period of time, showcased the horrific attack in New Zealand. This has opened a discussion about violent videos and their accessibility on social media.

Ukraine ready to take on Russian election hackers

At the headquarters of Ukraine's SBU security service more than a dozen local and Western security experts watch a simulated foreign cyber attack on several big screens ahead of this month's presidential vote.

YouTube's PewDiePie 'sickened' by mosque gunman's namedrop

YouTube's most-watched blogger PewDiePie said he was "sickened" after hearing that the gunman behind Friday's New Zealand mosque massacre had promoted his videos before opening fire.

Op-Ed: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down, still no info

Three of the world's biggest social media sites are experiencing outages and not available around the world. Facebook has stated that it's not a DDOS attack, but other than that, there's not much information available.

French 'yellow vest' fake news gets 100 million Facebook hits

Fake news circulating within the French "yellow vest" protest movement has been viewed more than 100 million times on Facebook, according to a study published Wednesday.

Op-Ed: New Chrome AI custom app Tune hides toxic comments

A new open source Chrome app called Tune has been developed by Alphabet/Google subsidiary Jigsaw. It hides and moderates toxic social media comments using machine learning techniques.

Messaging app dope-dealing ring busted in Israel

Israeli police said Tuesday that undercover officers had broken up a drug-dealing network that used a popular messaging app and had connections in the United States, Ukraine and Germany.

Queen Elizabeth II makes her debut on Instagram

Queen Elizabeth II has a digital milestone to celebrate. She is now on Instagram and officially made her debut at the Science Museum in London.

Thousands protest Russia's 'internet isolation'

Thousands of people rallied against Russia's increasingly restrictive internet policies Sunday which critics say will eventually lead to "total censorship" and isolate the country from the world.

Kashmir 'fake news' barrage raises fears for India elections

A deluge of online hoaxes that hit Indian social media as the country fought aerial battles with neighbouring Pakistan has heightened fears over the "fake news" war looming in India's national election.

Op-Ed: Buzzfeed testing new technology: the newspaper

BuzzFeed is well known for its focus on digital media and the Internet. In spite of its development as a serious news source, it is still regarded by many as an unreliable source by many. Its most recent publicity stunt may not help its reputation.

Op-Ed: Facebook, the future, and Zuckerberg’s new privacy moves

Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to reinvent Facebook as something that's not an instant target for regulators, privacy advocates, hackers, and the rest of the world. In a new blog, he defines ideas and initiatives to finally solve the problems.

Millions are deserting Facebook, new analysis reveals

Rocked by recent scandals and no longer the trendy platform it once was, Facebook's user base is in decline according to new analysis, with the biggest declines being among teenagers and Millennials.

Facebook blocks manipulation efforts in Britain, Romania

Facebook said it blocked online manipulation efforts in Britain and Romania from faked accounts in the latest crackdown on "inauthentic" content on the huge social network.

Denmark police prosecute 14 over sharing Morocco hikers 'murder video'

Danish police on Thursday said they had launched prosecutions against 14 people suspected of sharing on social media the murder video of one of the two young Scandinavian hikers killed in Morocco.

China chat log leak shows scope of surveillance

A leak of around 364 million online records in a Chinese database, including private messages and ID numbers, has again highlighted the size and scope of Beijing's mass surveillance system.

Zuckerberg sees Facebook future in private, small-scale messaging

Facebook is moving away from being a "digital town square" to meet growing demands for secure, private messaging on a smaller scale, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday as he outlined a broad vision for transforming the world's biggest socia...

Brazil's Bolsonaro slammed for tweeting obscene carnival video

Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro was at the center of a firestorm of criticism Wednesday after tweeting obscene footage that he said was proof the country's famously lurid carnival is out of control.

Social media breaks 'wall of fear' for Algeria protesters

Tens of thousands of Algerians have rallied against their president's bid for a fifth term in office, spurred on by social media which one observer says has helped "break the wall of fear".

Facebook to restrict foreign political adverts ahead of Indonesia poll

Facebook has banned political advertisements from outside Indonesia ahead of the country's presidential poll, just weeks after being heavily criticised by the European Union for not doing enough to counter election meddling.

Op-Ed: Has Pinterest solved the lousy ads issues on social media? Yes

New moves by Pinterest have seen an obvious, but interesting move in to direct product marketing. This is a good marketing move for Pinterest, and potentially highly valuable for Pinterest users and businesses.

As the web turns 30, is it an 'out-of-control monster'?

Thirty years ago this month, a young British software engineer working at a lab near Geneva invented a system for scientists to share information that would ultimately change humanity.

Review: Zucked — The story of Facebook's rise and fall Special

How far has Facebook drifted from its original concept, of bringing people together? How did morph into the epitome of techno-capitalism? These are some if the questions that Roger McNamee grapples with in his new book, titled 'Zucked'.

French prosecutors want Le Pen tried over tweet

Prosecutors have called for French far-right leader Marine Le Pen to be tried for tweeting pictures of atrocities committed by the Islamic State group, judicial sources said Friday.

New study explores the benefits of giving up Facebook

Many people are avid users of social media (and some addicts). To explore what happens psychologically to those who give up Facebook for just four weeks, a research team ran a study with interesting results.

Nevada Senator's bill bans discriminatory ads on social media

Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is introducing into the Senate the Data Privacy Act that will explicitly ban platforms such as Facebook and Google from using targeted ads that discriminate against protected groups.

Elon Musk tweet may cost him job as Tesla CEO

The standoff between US stock regulators and mercurial Tesla chief Elon Musk has taken a dramatic turn over a tweet that could cost the entrepreneur his job as CEO of the electric carmaker.

Facebook bans UK far-right figure Tommy Robinson

Facebook on Tuesday removed the accounts of leading British far-right activist Tommy Robinson for violating its "community standards" by promoting "organised hate" and other prohibited behaviour.

Iran's Javad Zarif, public face of detente with West, resigns

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was the lead negotiator in a landmark 2015 nuclear deal with major powers, has abruptly tendered his resignation, although there was no sign on Tuesday President Hassan Rouhani had accepted it.
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