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Just days away from Black Friday, Amazon is reportedly emailing a currently unknown number of users to inform them their password may have been visible during a potential leak of the company's database. It remains unclear how the breach happened.

Weekly LOL: Why in the world does the U.S. still make pennies?

In his latest weekly rant, John Oliver asks why the United States still produces pennies despite each coin costing 1.7 cents to mint.

Feline surreal: Belgians tweet cat photos for #BrusselsLockdown

When Belgian police requested social media silence during a series of anti-terrorism raids, they might have expected a catty response from the Internet.

Heart-warming video as 101-year-old B.C. woman plays in snow

The views of a rather simple video posted online Friday are, like the white stuff does in a heavy snowfall, piling up. It's not much on the surface, just a woman playing in snow. What is making it interesting is her age.

FacePalm Friday: Executive says women struggle finding music

Jimmy Iovine, a music executive at Apple has been getting heat after he claimed women find it difficult to find music without help.

Watch when a father explains the Paris attacks to his young son

A video going viral centres on a moving conversation between a father and son in Paris, where the patient father explains to his young son why they are safe from the "bad guys" who spread violence across Paris last week.

Popular emoji crowned word of the year

They say an image is worth 1,000 words, so it seems appropriate that the Oxford Dictionary word of the year for 2015 isn’t a word at all, and instead an emoji.

Google announces relaunch of Google+ with Community at the centre

Google has released a public preview of a relaunched version of Google+, following through on promises to make major changes to the unpopular service. The site is now centred around Communities and Collections, the two most frequented current features.

Yik Yak facing questions over anonymous threats

After reports of threats posted on the mobile app Yik Yak made students and faculty members nervous on the University of Missouri campus last week, the anonymous social-media platform is facing some pointed questions.

French search for friends, shelter online after Paris attacks

Survivors of the Paris attacks seeking shelter and people worried about friends or families all took to social media overnight following a wave of attacks in the French capital that killed 128.

Weekly LOL: Simone Giertz rigs an alarm clock to slap you

In the debut entry in Digital Journal's weekly column on funny videos, Simone Giertz creates an alarm clock that will "humiliate" you awake with slaps to the face.

Actor allegedly stole viral videos to promote album on Facebook

A video from YouTube channel Kurzgesagt is accusing actor and R&B singer/songwriter Tyrese Gibson of taking videos from other content creators without permission and uploading them to his Facebook page.

Study finds giving up Facebook can make you happier

Big Facebook user? Do you check your 'wall' daily? If so, according to a study from the independent think-tank 'The Happiness Institute' you might be happier if you shut your account down and give it up altogether.

Corey Vidal: The art of YouTubing is not what you think Special

Corey Vidal has never had a video with as many hits as the one that made him "go viral" — but that's completely okay, as he explained at Toronto's nextMEDIA conference.

At nextMEDIA, everyone's a broadcaster but only some go viral Special

We encounter viral videos on a daily basis, but what does it take to get them there? That was the point of discussion at the "Everyone's a Broadcaster" panel at the 2015 nextMEDIA conference.

A new Penguin 4.0 update is coming — What webmasters should know

Google’s Gary Illyes dropped the Penguin bomb on Twitter in a swift exchange with SEO Andrew Isidoro. The teweet indicates that we should expect Penguin 4.0 to come before 2015 ends. Thing is, Illyes didn’t give an exact date when asked.

Teen hackers strike again, leak info from 2,000 govt. employees

The hackers who breached the CIA director's personal emails are at it again, having published additional data containing names, phone numbers, and email addresses of more than 2,000 law enforcement officers, military officers, and government employees.

Emirates gets a jet-pack escort in new video

An Emirates ad has its Airbus A380 plane sharing sky space with Jetman Dubai, a pair of daredevils who've produced hair-raising videos of their exploits from across the world.

Britain to unveil plan for new digital-intel laws

Britain's government published proposals for new Internet spying laws Wednesday to keep pace with the digital age and crack down on terror threats, but critics have branded the package a "snooper's charter".

Twitter users unhappy as 'Favourites' relaunched as 'Likes'

Twitter has removed the ability to favourite a tweet by clicking the star icon and replaced it with "Likes" signified by hearts. Described as a "universal symbol" that makes the network more accessible, many users are unhappy.

Anonymous begins publishing personal info of KKK members

Anonymous has published the personal info online of "about 1,000" Ku Klux Klan members in what appears to be ongoing action.

Secular publisher murdered, 3 badly wounded in new Bangladesh attacks

The publisher of an atheist writer killed earlier this year by suspected Islamists was hacked to death in Bangladesh Saturday, hours after two secular bloggers and another publisher were also attacked.

SXSW reverses course, will hold full-day harassment summit

Though South by Southwest (SXSW) won't be starting until March 2016, it set off a firestorm earlier this week for cancelling two panels on online harassment. It's now reversed course and created a day-long summit.

Mark Zuckerberg promises you'll get fewer Candy Crush invites

As Facebook revamps the way it thinks about notifications, we just got some great news: Mark Zuckerberg promises that you'll soon stop getting so many annoying game invites.

Online freedom hit as governments ramp up surveillance

Global online freedom declined for a fifth consecutive year as governments around the world stepped up surveillance and censorship efforts, a study showed Wednesday.

Facebook '2G Tuesdays' let employees taste the Indian Internet

Facebook is embarking on a new initiative that will see its employees' Internet connections throttled to 2G speeds on Tuesdays, giving them a better sense of how the site is used in developing markets like India.

Website tells you about all the people who died in your house

As Halloween approaches, there are a lot of ways you can get in the holiday season. You can carve a pumpkin, for example, or make a scarecrow — or find out whether someone was ever murdered in your house.

Op-Ed: Cyber World War in progress — User discretion advised

Nation state hacking has been background noise around the world for years. Some rhetoric, and not much else, has been the result. The global situation is bad and getting worse.

Canadian election gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

When a Canadian news story is big enough to warrant international attention, Taiwanese animators are sure to summarize it in hilarious fashion. That was the case for the 2015 Canadian election.

Google wants your help in making Translate work for refugees

Google is asking the public for help in making its Translate service work better for refugees. It says that the massive influx of refugees into Germany is causing it headaches as German to Arabic is one of the hardest translations for a computer to make.

Google unveils ad-free subscription YouTube for $10 a month

Google has today taken the wraps off its long-rumoured YouTube subscription service. For $9.99 a month, members will get ad-free access to every video on the service as well as exclusive benefits including offline download and background playback.

Teen easily hacks CIA director's personal email account

On Sunday, The New York Post reported that a teen hacker claimed to have gained access to CIA director John Brennan’s personal email account.

Internet tries to solve creepy puzzle hidden in CD

The Internet loves creepy puzzles with occult overtones — and now a new one is spreading through message boards and social media.

How social media influenced the 2015 Canadian election

With Canada's impressively long 78-day election campaign culminating tonight with the final day of voting, Digital Journal examines how social media played a role in the campaigns launched by the Liberals, Tories and the New Democrats.

Facebook to issue warnings if it detects government spying

Facebook has announced it is rolling out a new feature that will alert users if it detects they may be spied on by state-sponsored attackers. The warnings will be shown after login and are designed to combat unauthorized government surveillance.

Toddler denies eating cake even though it's all over his face

A video that was recently uploaded shows a toddler denying he ate a cupcake. However, there was clear evidence that he did eat some cake.

Amazon announces lawsuit against over 1,000 fake reviewers

Online retailer Amazon has filed a lawsuit targeting over 1,000 people alleged to have posted fake product reviews on its website. The company says that the false reviewers can '"significantly" undermine the trust that consumers place in its listings.

Facebook bug lets users see view counts for every post and page

Some users of Facebook's mobile site are being shown view counts next to every post on the social network, letting them see just how many times their own content has been seen as well as how popular friends' posts are.

EU, US seek 'quick solutions' to data deal void

Brussels and Washington want "quick solutions" to the legal void left by the collapse of a transatlantic data deal on which major companies like Facebook depend, a senior EU official said Friday.

EU to fight rise in online hate speech

EU justice ministers met Friday in a bid to combat a rise in hate speech and xenophobia spread through social media as Europe grapples with an unprecedented influx of refugees.

Facebook announces six new emotions to sit alongside 'Like'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed the company is working on adding a "dislike" button to the social network, although he never put it as such. Today, the new options were unveiled and they're rather different than what people expected.
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