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General Information

Who we are, what we do and everything you need to know about content you see on the site:

Information for Digital Journalists

Every member of (Citizens and Digital Journalists) can upload images, embed video, comment on articles and photos, and subscribe to news and alerts. However, we also offer everyone the chance to get paid to report news as a Digital Journalist. This information is designed to help you if you are a writer, or would like to become one:
What is and what are the benefits of joining?
Founded in 1998, is a news network where professional journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, amateur writers and average Joes and Janes work hand-in-hand to report, debate and discuss news and events around the world. Together, we are known as "Digital Journalists." We are made up of people exactly like you, and we're here to discuss what's happening now, talk about issues the mainstream press avoids or misses, and cut deep into the heart of today's news world. Every member of (Citizens and Digital Journalists) can upload images, embed video, comment on articles and photos, and subscribe to news and alerts. In addition to these features, we also offer Digital Journalists the chance to write news articles and get paid for their work (More info here).
How is different than a regular news site?
The first major difference is that news is written by our staff of professional journalists, as well as Digital Journalists from 140 countries around the world. Thousands of people write articles, comment on others' work, and share reports on social media. The biggest benefit of having such a large body of contributors is that is always up-to-the-minute, often posting stories before major media does.
How can I contribute to
The great thing about contributing on is that there are tons of things you can do. You can share images with millions of people around the world; share on social media the major stories of the day; and discuss and debate the world around you on article comment threads, or by messaging other members. We have tons of great features for any interest. For more details on how you can contribute, check out our full list of benefits.
We also offer everyone the chance to get paid to report news as a Digital Journalist. As a pioneer in revenue-sharing online, devised a way to ensure all contributors could get paid for their work and we were one of the very first sites where regular people get paid for contributing. Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all Digital Journalists through what we call our “moneypot.” With an always-growing cash pool, every single Digital Journalist gets a chance to compete for a share of the moneypot. The more you contribute, the more you earn.
Scores are determined based on how many articles you contribute and how much attention they get. We count both social media shares (Facebook, Twitter), bounce rate and pageviews so the more attention your work receives, the more you can earn. We also pay bonuses for original on-the-ground reporting and interviews, and for writers who cover Assignment Desk suggestions. For a detailed breakdown of how we pay, and how to maximize what you can earn, refer to this detailed article here.
At the beginning of the month, all accounts that exceed $10 will receive an email notification to collect payment via PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be sent a prompt to create one). All earnings are in U.S. dollars.
In order to become a paid Digital Journalist, you must submit a sample of writing. As a news site, Digital Journal is looking for writers who have a good understanding of spelling and grammar, and can show an ability to find and research relevant news. Everyone is welcome to apply. (More on applying to be a Digital Journalist).
If I register, will you sell my email address?
We never share your personal information with anyone. Other users can contact you through our website, but your email address is never exposed. You can also disable the “contact me” feature.
I don't want to allow others to put their images on my articles. How do I stop that?
To prevent others from attaching their images to your articles, you have to first add an image yourself. Click on the "add image" link and browse through our database or upload one of your own. Select one you like and click the "Select Image" button. Now that you've added an image to your article, you will see check box that says "Allow others to contribute images" that you can turn on or off.
How much money will I make if I contribute on the site and who gets paid? shares advertising revenue with Digital Journalists who report news and help us grow the community. We take ad revenue and put it into our "moneypot" that is divided among all Digital Journalists based on how much he or she contributes, and how much attention their articles receive. The following is an overview of how payments are calculated:
  1. Payments are calculated based on social media shares, bounce rate and pageviews
  2. We offer bonuses for extra work such as on-the-ground reporting and interviews
Any Digital Journalist who breaks our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct will have their writing privileges revoked and all unpaid earnings will be forfeited.
How do I get paid if I become a Digital Journalist?
At the beginning of the month, all Digital Journalist accounts that exceed $10 will receive email notification on how to collect payment via PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will be sent a prompt to create one) and all earnings are in U.S. dollars. Please note: At the present time we’re only issuing payments by PayPal so be sure PayPal operates in your country before you contribute. PayPal operates in most big countries around the world so you can check their site to see if your country is on the list.
If I submit content to Digital Journal, who owns it?
You maintain ownership of any of your original content published on By publishing your content on, you grant us a license to use your material. Please see the Terms of Use for more information.
My earnings went down. What gives?
Your earnings will go up and down based on how active you are on the site. If other users are more active than you, they claim more of the moneypot. Make sure you spend time to make your articles well-written and comprehensive, covering as much information as possible. You should also provide insightful comments on others' articles, because they will likely return the favour and check out your news. Of course, as site revenue climbs, we will make cash payouts even bigger. If your rank/earnings fluctuate a bit, don't worry — as users continue to share your articles and your reports accumulate views, your previously written articles can boost your rank.
How can I make my story stand out in the crowd?
Be original, and don't copy and paste. Instead, quote certain paragraphs or sentences from your source and give them credit. We strongly encourage users to be proud of their own voice, and users tend to share articles with original content. is a community of Digital Journalists — we're not just a news aggregator. Be opinionated, thorough and explain the news so a reader isn't forced to click the link to find out what the story is about. Links are designed for additional information only.
How do I post video?
You can post video from any site that provides an "embed code." For more info on embedding video, check out our tutorial here.
What else can I do to make my stories interesting and easy to find on the site?
You should also use images to illustrate your posts – upload your own or select one from our image library ( More on uploading images). Keywords are also important because that is how someone finds your work through our search box. Be specific when you use keywords or "tags" in your article or blog. Don't use generic sentences. Use specific keywords like "Microsoft", "Presidential Race" or "climate change."
Will my work be censored?
We don't censor anyone's work. We allow all members to comment and write freely, as long as they don't break the law or personally attack another member of in doing so. Digital Journalists must publish news, however, and should avoid generic articles that are encyclopedic in nature (check out our Editorial Guidelines for more info or tips). In the event a user is found to be posting copyrighted works or copy+pasting large parts of articles from other sources, his or her articles will be deleted, and earnings will be revoked. That Digital Journalist will also be demoted, meaning all article-posting privileges will be revoked. We take the issue of copyrights very seriously. Also, if a member of is found to be abusing another member of the site, we reserve the right to delete the offender’s comments and his or her account could be removed or suspended without warning.
Someone wants me to publish their news for them. Can I do that?
Unfortunately not. Digital Journal only allows Digital Journalists to publish their own work. Digital Journalists can only post news articles written by others if they collaborated on the piece together. If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who wants to publish something, tell them to create an account and publish on their blog, or sign-up as a Digital Journalist. Everyone is welcome!
What is the voting system all about? is a user-generated news community, so on the front page we only feature news that is important to users. The most popular articles and images appear on the front page, meaning it always reflects what users want to read, not what editors think is important. The more attention an article or photo receives, the longer and quicker it will appear on the front page (More info here).
Can I subscribe or unsubscribe to stories and comment threads?
Yes, you can. You can click on the "Subscribe" button in the comment feed of each article and every time someone comments on that article, you will be sent an email update. You can also subscribe to a particular writer even by clicking the "Follow" button on their Profile page. We keep you in touch with content that matters to you. If you want to unsubscribe to the email updates, simply uncheck the "Subscribe" box and you will no longer receive emails. You can also subscribe to news alerts to be notified about posted articles on your favourite topic or personality (e.g. Create a news alert for “Apple,” “Syria” or “LeBron James.”)
Dang, I forgot my password. This always happens to me!
No need to freak out. Visit this link, input your email address and a new temporary password will be sent to you.
Wait. I still have questions about the site. Help!
Got a question? Need advice? Feeling lonely? Still have unanswered questions or want to figure out how to do something? Check out the Help Group.
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