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Pharmaceutical maker Mylan NV has agreed to begin offering a generic version of its EpiPen emergency allergy treatment after enduring widespread criticism for sharply raising the sales price of the device.

Op-Ed: Over half of Americans don't use bar soap according to survey

Not only are fewer Americans using bar soap, but the sale of bar soap is declining. This latest trend in personal hygiene and bathing product usage was announced by Mintel, a marketing intelligence agency last week.

Singapore wages war on mosquitoes as suspected Zika cases reach 50

Singapore clinics Monday reported more Zika infections, bringing the suspected total to 50, as mosquito-fighting teams saturated the scene of the outbreak.

Fungal lung disease caused by blowing bagpipes

Following a bizarre death of a 61 year-old bagpipe player, medics are warning trumpeters, saxophonists and pipers to beware of a fungal disease associated with wind instruments.

Singapore reports 41 locally transmitted Zika cases

Singapore on Sunday confirmed 41 locally transmitted cases of the Zika virus, which can cause deformities in unborn babies, and said more infections are likely.

Australian teen pregnancy program had a reverse effect: Study

An Australian program of giving away lifelike baby dolls that imitate a real baby to teach teen girls about the harsh realities of motherhood backfires as it found girls who took part were twice as likely to get pregnant than those who did not.

Medics call for nine antibiotics per year limit

A new research paper has called on medics to restrict doses of antibiotics prescribed each year to nine per year. This is seen as necessary in order to limit antibiotic resistant bacteria.

B.C. stunned at spike in heroin overdoses in last 48 hours

Canada has not escaped the recent surge in heroin overdoses this week, with Vancouver seeing literally dozens of cases in the past few days at their injection site and on the streets.

US urges all donated blood undergo tests for Zika

All donated blood should undergo tests for the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects, US regulators said Friday amid a mounting outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus in the United States.

Op-Ed: Warning to heroin addicts — Elephant tranquilizer is in your fix

Addicts searching for the ultimate high from their heroin fix got more than they bargained for this week. In one region alone, up to 36 overdoses were recorded along with two deaths, all because their heroin was spiked with an elephant tranquilizer.

Review: '8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS' book launched Special

A new book has been launched which covers the neglected subject of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a condition that affects a large proportion of women. The book has been written by a Canadian specialist.

Ultrasound used to 'jump-start' a 25-year-old man's brain

Bradley Crehan was hit by a car after walking out of a bar in Santa Monica, California, last February. The 25-year-old's head slammed to the ground, causing a severe brain injury.

Op-Ed: EpiPen execs got huge raises after they jacked up the price

The life-saving EpiPen had a ridiculously steep increase in price recently, and now the world is finding out that all the big executives at Mylan gave themselves huge raises at right about the same time they stuck it to consumers.

Diabetes patients are losing limbs because insulin is expensive

Amid reports of the rising cost of EpiPens comes news of another drug that has increased in price. Insulin has gone up in price over the years and there have been diabetes patients who can't afford it.

Diabetes treatment reduces obesity in children with autism

A standard drug used to treat type-2 diabetes, called metformin, has been shown to be effective in aiding overweight children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to maintain or reduce their body mass index (BMI).

How to enjoy the sun but avoid skin cancer risks

As the sun continues to shine down intensely over the northern hemisphere renewed concerns have arisen about skin cancer risks. A German company has recently reiterated best practices for keeping safe during the summer.

Plant protein set to be the next big sweetener

Sweeteners are a popular alternative to sugar, especially for those dieting. Some sweeteners carry health risks and some don’t quite give the same sugary taste. In a breakthrough, scientists report on a new candidate.

Tanning industry is quick to blame Obamacare for closures

Rather than admit to health violations or refusing to follow state and federal rules governing tanning salons, the tanning industry has instead gathered in force to blame Obamacare for the closure of what they claim is 10,000 facilities across the nation.

U.S. death rate in childbirth rising

The rate of women dying from complications resulting from pregnancy or childbirth rose by 27 percent from 2000 to 2014. This increase is in contrast to other developed countries.

UN promises 'material' aid to cholera victims in Haiti

The United Nations will give "material" aid to cholera victims in Haiti and their families, the secretary general's spokesman said Friday, citing the international body's "moral responsibility.

UN admits responsibility in deaths of thousands of Haitians

After nearly six years, the United Nations has finally admitted that its own peacekeepers may have had some responsibility for the deadly Cholera outbreak that killed thousands of Haitians after the 2010 earthquake.

UPDATE: Has Zika spread to Miami Beach? Officials downplay news

Sources have told several news outlets that the Zika virus has now spread to Miami Beach, creating alarm for those in the Florida tourist industry. Florida Department of Health officials confirmed there are two locally-transmitted Zika cases.

Zika virus infection may harm adult brain: study

Research using lab mice has shown for the first time that infection with the mosquito-borne Zika virus may damage adult brain cells, not just developing fetuses, said a study Thursday.

Heroin causes 27 overdoses and one death in 4 hours in WV city

There were 27 heroin overdoses within four hours in Huntington, West Virginia Monday afternoon. Interestingly, all the overdoses occurred within a mile and a half radius, leading to the belief they were related.

Nanorobots used to administer anti-cancer drugs

Technologists and medics have come together to devise nano-sized robots to deliver drugs accurately to different sites of infection within the human body. The main purpose is as a drug delivery system for anti-cancer medications.

Aetna warned it would cut Obamacare if Humana deal was blocked

Aetna announced on Monday that it was pulling out of the government-run health exchanges in 11 states, citing financial losses. But a letter written in July, warning of the pullout has now come to light.

Number of people with cancer related to 9/11 attacks increasing

September 2016 will mark 15 years since the terror attacks on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001, but thousands of people are still feeling the effects of that day on their health.

Using grocery scanners to track foodborne outbreaks

As an example of using large volumes of data for the public good, researchers have shown data collected from supermarket and grocery store scanners helps with tackling foodborne illness outbreaks and preventing food contamination.

Aetna is dropping 70 percent of Affordable Care exchanges in 2017

Health insurance giant Aetna has announced if will stop selling individual Affordable Care Act plans, also known as Obamacare, in 11 states starting in 2017.

Global database for women exposed to Zika

Swiss doctors have asked thousands of colleagues worldwide to provide data for the first global registry of women exposed to Zika, the team's lead researcher said Tuesday.

Iranians fight rising infertility and taboos

With infertility rising in pollution-plagued Iran, a growing number of couples must navigate the country's web of social and religious taboos as they seek treatment.

Predicting lung disease in infants through new test

Research into the human microbiome is revealing key information related to health and well being. A new tranche of this research has found variations to the microbial community in the lungs of infants offer clues about susceptibility to lung diseases.

Warning over period tracker apps

Women have been warned against using period tracker apps, for the purposes of contraception, by a leading medical organization. The apps are simply not accurate enough.

Are Americans at risk from unsafe drinking water?

The drinking water supplied to over six million people in the U.S. could be unsafe, according to new research. This is based on a review of chemicals present in the water.

Italian 'carried Zika in sperm for record six months'

An Italian man carried Zika in his sperm for six months after showing the first symptoms of the virus, twice as long as in any previously reported case, according to a new study.

With 168 cases of Hepatitis A, Hawaii no closer to finding source

In one week's time, the number of cases of Hepatitis A in Hawaii has jumped from 135 to 168 confirmed cases, and the source of the disease still remains elusive.

Has a drug causing birth defects been concealed?

Concerns have arisen over an epilepsy drug and a connection to birth defects. The concerns not only relate to the drug but also to an alleged attempt by French regulators to conceal the findings.

Being overweight accelerates brain ageing

A new warning has been issued in relation to obesity. Research suggests that being overweight leads to accelerated brain ageing and this brings with it a range of age-related neurodegenerative concerns.

Florida records 21 cases of locally-acquired Zika virus

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced on Tuesday that four new cases of locally-acquired Zika virus disease had been reported in northern Miami's Wynwood Arts district. Florida now has 21 cases of the Zika virus acquired locally.

Candies laced with marijuana sicken 19 kids at birthday party

The San Francisco Police Department has put a special unit on an investigation into how 19 people, the youngest a six-year-old, became sick on Saturday night, after attending a quinceañera celebration in the city's Mission District.

Generation gap: Seniors not accessing Internet for health

A new survey suggests that seniors are not accessing the Internet in high numbers in order to access health information. This is seen by some health experts as a sign of a ‘demographic deficit.’
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