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A new study on the use of diabetic drugs to lower blood sugar levels has shown that patients are at a greater risk of developing heart failure.

Ebola situation in Guinea remains serious

President of Guinea Alpha Conde has declared a 45-day "health emergency". This applies to five regions in the west and south-west of the country, and the reason is Ebola.

The gap between medical marijuana and street pot

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is concerned that the marijuana used in research is becoming further removed from the type common on the streets.

Largest outbreak of foodborne illness in Philly sickens 100

A Chinese New Year Banquet in Philadelphia has led to one of the largest suspected foodborne illness outbreaks in the city's history. Almost 100 lawyers and law students became ill, but citing a 1955 state law, health officials cannot discuss the case.

Man who set out to disprove viral-measles link ordered pay up

A scientist who offered a €100,000 reward to anyone who could prove that measles is a virus must pay up, according to a ruling from a German court. The issue centers on the measles vaccine debate.

Rob Ford may be terminal, MRI seeks to learn size of tumor

The former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is awaiting news on whether he will undergo surgery to have his cancerous tumor removed. If doctors discover that surgery won't help him, Ford told media Friday it will mean that "they can’t do any more for me."

White house plan to fight 'superbugs' falls short of expectations

The White House is expected to release an ambitious and comprehensive plan that would slow the deadly growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria over the next five years. The plan will not only include huge monetary investments, but policy changes as well.

Dangers of marijuana ‘wax’ highlighted after death in Minnesota

Concentrated marijuana, created by cooking marijuana leaves in a cylinder soaked with butane, is a dangerous new trend that has the authorities in Minnesota worried.

Free dental clinic reaches out to those who cannot afford care

Even with the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), dental services can be an expensive proposition. The Connecticut Mission of Mercy is trying to help as many people get dental care as they possibly can.

Top tips for shingles pain management Special

Shingles is a painful viral infection: more troublesome and itchy than chickenpox. For adults affected with the virus, the condition lasts on-and-off for a long-time. A top dermatologist has spoken with Digital Journal about dealing with the condition.

Preservation of antibiotics legislation revived in Congress

On Tuesday, Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY) reintroduced the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA), legislation that would ban the non-therapeutic use of eight important classes of antibiotics in food animal production.

Scientists reduce calories in rice by half with simple method

Scientists in Sri Lanka have found an easy way to reduce calories in rice by half. The breakthrough could help in the fight against rising obesity rates by cutting the amount of carbohydrates absorbed into the body.

Time to control online sales of breastmilk, say experts

Health watchdogs should regulate online sales of breast milk, so prone to contamination that babies may be placed at risk, the BMJ medical journal said in an editorial on Wednesday.

Ultrascans show fetuses grimacing, touching face as mother smokes

Observations of grimacing facial movements, face and mouth touching behavior of developing fetuses using 4-D ultrasound scans could reveal the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy, according to a new study.

India to hold largest yoga meet in China on Intn'l Yoga Day

Come International Yoga Day, India is planning to conduct the biggest global meet on yoga in China, at Dujiangyan in Chengdu, China's Sichuan province.

Six Item Cognitive Impairment Test for Alzheimer's Disease

With regards health, Alzheimer's Disease, and other forms of dementia, are often uppermost in the minds of aging persons today. Obviously nobody wants their life to end with their mental facilities gradually slipping away.

Disease carrying mosquitoes could reach the U.K.

Mosquitoes carrying "tropical diseases" could become widespread across the U.K. over the next 20 or 30 years. This is assuming that European temperatures continue to rise.

New snake venom antidote comes from unusual source

Researchers are using the opossum to create a new antidote for venomous snake bites. The venom would be inexpensive to manufacture and it could save thousands of lives globally.

Boys with ADHD may benefit from Omega-3, study finds

A small study, involving 80 boys from ages 8 to 14 from the Netherlands, has found a link between the consumption of Omega-3 supplements and a reduction in attention issues.

Risks sounded about betel nuts

They give a buzz equivalent to six cups of coffee and they are used as a symbol of love, marriage and a cure for indigestion and impotence in many parts of Asia. However, the innocuous looking betel nut is carcinogenic.

Tetracycline antibiotics disrupt cellular mitochondria

From plants to mice and human cells, tetracyclines lead to mitochondrial dysfunction in studies on animals. This has caused scientists to raise warnings about this class of antibiotic.

Study finds smartphones and tablets are bad for sleep

We have been warned for years that electronic devices hurt our ability to go to sleep and a new study shows that over-exposure to artificial lighting from tablets, smart phones and e-readers can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause other health problems.

‘MIND’ diet linked to Alzheimer’s reduction

A new hybrid diet developed by researchers in Chicago could lead to reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, even when it is not followed precisely.

Bird flu spreads within U.S. and China

An update on avian flu: China has reported new H7N9 bird flu infections in humans and across the globe, other strains have been detected in U.S. commercial turkey farms.

U.S. bill would ban marketing, sale of e-cigarettes to children

A group of U.S. senators is proposing a law banning the marketing and selling of e-cigarettes to children. A recent study showed buying the products is easy for minors.

Alzheimer's test: Mayo clinic finds easy test to detect dementia

Testing for Alzheimer's Disease is an expensive and complicated proposition at the moment but the Mayo Clinic may have a solution. They've released a study this week on a three-part test for dementia that could be done in your physician's office.

Women on contraceptive pills 3x likelier to get Crohn's disease

A startling new study shows that women who take the "Pill" are three times more likely to get Crohn's disease than others. And those who take the "morning-after" pill may be even more at risk..

From human gut to the smartphone, new health monitoring

Super-powerful high-tech gas sensing capsules have been designed. These micro-scale devices can send data from inside the gut direct to a smartphone. The aim is to use these devices for health analysis.

Pete Evans' paleo diet for children suspended from publication

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans' paleo diet cookbook for children has been suspended from publication over health concerns associated with a baby formula concoction made from bone broth and worries that a paleo diet may not be suitable for children.

Lack of sleep connected to obesity

Insufficient sleep during the week and catching up on rest at the weekends has been associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.

Study reveals young women ignore heart attack symptoms

Heart disease is the second most common killer of women aged 30 to 55 – cancer is foremost. And for ages 65 and up, it's the most common cause of death in women.

New study says some abilities may improve as we grow older

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have found that though some brain functions deteriorate with age, there are others that seem to peak as we grow older.

New drug greatly increases life span, reduces aging

A newly discovered drug has been found to extend lifespan and reverse the aging process by killing cells which cause us to grow older and provoke age-related diseases.

Connection with bacteria found in sewage and weight gain

According to new research, a link was found between microbes identified in a city’s sewage treatment plants and the population’s obesity rate.

Experts say beards breed disease

Some medical experts are describing beards as "bacterial sponges." They say facial hair can spread infections and disease. Others disagree and say they're no more dangerous than clean shaven. So what's the truth?

Diet or an eating disorder? Signs every parent needs to know Special

Teenagers often follow fad diets. However, what is the difference between teenage finickiness and the development of an eating disorder? A leading therapist has provided Digital Journal with some advice.

Ice cream recalled; CDC reports 3 Listeria-related deaths

An outbreak of listeriosis has claimed the lives of three people, the CDC reports, saying that the cases are linked to Blue Bell ice cream. A total of five people were reported infected.

Asheville bans e-cigs based on complaints from bus riders

Asheville, North Carolina, has banned all electronic cigarettes from parks, greenways, city buses and in public facilities, such as the airport and the Arts and Science Center, as the result of a 7-0 city council vote.

Canada looking to tighten up vaping laws

The provincial government in British Columbia has introduced amendments to the Tobacco Control Act that will add legislation to the law that equate controlling electronic cigarettes to controlling tobacco products.

World's first successful penis transplant

Surgeons in South Africa have successfully completed the world's first penis transplant. The attachment of a new penis was a complex task.

Scarlet fever cases running high in U.K.

New figures from Public Health England indicate that cases of scarlet fever are soaring in the country, and across the rest of the U.K. as well.