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Ninety-five of the victims from the Thalidomide scandal are alive and residing in Canada. They continue to push for justice and have spoken with Minister Ambrose. The Canadian government may soon agree to fund full support of the Thalidomide survivors.

Immune system can promote good gut health

Part of the body’s immune system called MyD88 is responsible for promoting a healthy colony of good bacteria. The more "good" bacteria, the better the digestive health. A new study has explored this further.

Misuse of antibiotics can lead to increase in malaria

New research suggests that mosquitoes that consume penicillin and streptomycin-laced human blood pick up malaria more easily.

Over 2,300 people being monitored for bird flu in Taiwan

On Saturday, a four-day ban on the killing of chickens, ducks and geese in slaughterhouses went into effect across Taiwan because the current outbreak of the avian flu virus is continuing to spread. Over 2,300 poultry farm employees are being monitored.

Marijuana's relationship with mental illness

Stories about the success of medical marijuana have frequently hit the news wire, now an abstract from a Cato Institute study has given medical marijuana activists another reason to fight for the cause.

Measles now in seven states and Mexico — Vaccinations urged

The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to get their children vaccinated against measles in light of the outbreak that began at Disneyland in California. The virus has now spread to six additional states and Mexico.

Whole grains may help lower the risk of early mortality

According to a new study, consuming more whole grains is linked with reduced early mortality. This seems especially so for deaths due to cardiovascular disease. However, such diets cannot, it seems, combat cancer.

Sweet video as 7-week-old baby Lachlan hears for first time

Lachlan Lever is an Australian baby who could not hear until fitted with a hearing aid at seven weeks when his first moments of sound were recorded. It's a sweet video, filmed in 2012, that went viral after being posted last Fall and again this month.

Fast and effective action is best for animal bites

A major cause of hand injuries each year relates to animal bites. A new survey has shown why an injury assessment, the use of antibiotic and other treatment methods to avoid infection are of great importance.

Study: Coffee reduces risk of melanoma

A new study links coffee consumption to a lower risk of skin cancer. Those who drank four cups of coffee per day had a 20 percent lower risk of melanoma.

Social media use does not increase stress, says study

A new study from Washington DC-based think-tank Pew Research Center has concluded that social media use in not associated with higher levels of stress.

Disneyland measles outbreak spreads throughout state

Dozens of Californians who visited Disneyland and an adjacent theme park over the past two months have contracted measles in the largest outbreak of the highly contagious virus in years.

Gut bacteria influence Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis

New research suggests that a person’s specific genes influence whether intestinal bacteria will trigger inflammatory bowel diseases. Understanding such causes is provides knowledge to help with prevention and treatment.

Spiders do not cause human diseases

Human bacterial pathogens can come from a number of sources. One source that can be eliminated is spiders. A new study shows that spiders are not a major carrier of human pathogenic bacteria.

Loveworks: To quit smoking or lose weight do it together

If you want to lose weight or quit smoking, or just change an annoying habit, then try getting help from the person you love. A new study says creating positive change together makes the chances of success much higher.

Several Disneyland employees diagnosed with measles

Several employees at Disneyland, Anaheim, California's iconic themepark have been diagnosed with measles, health officials confirmed on Tuesday. This brings the total number of cases to 18 in the county.

Op-Ed: Holistic health options for a better you

With major changes to insurance in the United States, who knows what the future of healthcare will look like in a few years.

No Sex Please, We're Japanese: Half of Japan's adults have no sex

Some new numbers released by the Japan Family Planning Association show why that country is worried about a declining birth rate. The study found that about 50 percent of people there are not having sex.

Call for submissions to Huntington's Disease documentary was founded in 2011 to create awareness of Huntington's Disease, a hereditary, degenerative, and terminal brain disease caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 4.

Bay Area county urges unvaccinated residents to get flu shots

Increasing flu activity in the San Francisco Bay Area has prompted health officials in Solano County to remind residents that there's still time to get vaccinated against current strains of the virus.

Unknown kidney disease killing farmers in Sri Lanka

A strange kidney disease has been killing thousands of farmers in Sri Lanka's North Central Province for almost 20 years, and as it spreads, local people have become more fearful.

The bacteria in your gut may help you destress, says new research

A recent study has found a link between the kind of bacteria you have in your gut and your mental anxiety levels. This throws up some interesting questions in the study of anxiety relief.

Heroin deaths are up for the third year in a row

Drug overdose deaths have been increasing for the last 20 or more years in the United States, but a troublesome statistic is creating a great deal of concern for health officials. For the third year in a row, heroin deaths have jumped again.

Winter Survival Kits to be distributed to Toronto homeless Special

Around 100 volunteers will be preparing 3000 winter survival kits at a warehouse in Caledonia Road, Toronto, to distribute to agencies in the GTA this Saturday.

Op-Ed: Why 2015 is the year meditation will make its mark

The benefits of mediation have long been extolled by those who practice it, but it’s only recently that the rest of the world has begun to take note. So what exactly is it about meditation that is enticing so many?

Natural extract may be most effective to quit smoking

Smokers looking to quit might soon have a powerful new natural herb to help them kick their addiction. The extract called cytisine, comes from the golden rain tree, or Cytisus laburnum.

Study: BPA alternative just as toxic

Consumers buying BPA-free products will be surprised to learn that these products contain a compound that’s just as dangerous as BPA.

Nova Scotia offers tuition relief to new doctors

A new program in Nova Scotia aims to keep or attract doctors to under served areas of the province by providing tuition relief.

Big fall in Guinea Worm Disease cases

Only 126 Guinea worm cases were reported worldwide in 2014, according to the campaign body The Carter Center. This is down from 148 cases officially reported in 2013. This means that this disease is edging closer to extinction.

Great idea: Study finds optimism good for your heart and health

Let's be optimistic and say you will absorb the information in this story and follow the implied recommendations, thereby improving your attitude to life. Doing that will cause you to have a healthier heart which, naturally, will help you live longer.

What is happening with Ebola in Africa right now?

With the U.K. nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, no longer critically ill with Ebola, the fight against the virus still continues heavily in areas of Africa.

Catching up with Dr. Justin Piasecki Special

2015 interview with world renowned physician Dr. Justin Piasecki, where he talks about the success of his skincare line and his plans for the future.

285,000 to immigrate to Canada in 2015, Express Entry changes how

The Canadian government is on record as saying they will bring in 260,000 to 285,000 immigrants in 2015, and a new method of selection changes how economic entries get in. It's called Express Entry and it began on Jan. 1.

Cellular mechanism protects lungs during severe infections

A unique cellular mechanism has been discovered that is actiivated by the body's own natural response to low oxygen-saturtion. The mechanism is now being looked at as a potential target in the treatment of severe respiratory infections.

Eat well for eye heath, says leading specialist Special

Dr. Robert Abel Jr., MD author of the new book, The Eye Care Revolution explains to Digital Journal why diet is necessary for good eye health.

Five startling hygiene facts

Health and hygiene are important issues and often need to go hand-in-hand in order to minimize the risk of infection. Have you ever wondered what the top five stomach churning hygiene facts might be?

Caution advised for pregnant women taking pain relief meds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published new guidance concerning the risks of taking pain relief medication for women whilst they are pregnant.

Fake OxyContin pill kills again in Saskatoon, also in Vancouver

The police in Saskatoon have issued an alerted after the death of a young man in that city. He died after ingesting some what he thought was a drug called OxyContin, an opiate. Instead, police said, he took something much more deadly.

Study finds ties between food security and diabetes

A new study has found that people without a secure source of food and medication are more likely to have less control over their diabetes when compared to people who don’t have concerns over this issue.

Don't forget about it! Talking about painful breakup helps: study

Breaking up is really hard to do, the song isn't wrong about that. But can it be made easier? By dwelling on it? That is hardly the advice we normally get, or give. "Forget it," we hear, and say. "You'll find someone else.'

Flu cases at highest level for three years

Throughout the U.K., flu is circulating at its highest level for three years. The predominant type of flu virus - H3N2 - is a significantly different variant from the viral strain seen in high numbers last winter.