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health Articles
The Zika virus, linked to a surge in infants born with abnormally small heads, is likely to spread this year to Brazil's densely populated cities where it has barely surfaced, a top health official told AFP.

Feeling older than peers increases risk of hospitalization

A new study shows that people who frequently complain about getting older or say they feel older than other people their age are more likely to require hospitalization than their peers.

New medical app aims to fetch help for patients

An experimental digital app tries to fetch medical help before cardiac arrest kills the person who owns a smartphone or tablet.

Dr. Alex Khadavi gives advice on hair and skin Special

A world-renowned expert in dermatology, Dr. Khadavi is based in California and regularly helps some of the biggest names in Hollywood to roll back the years. Digital Journal, ever concerned about our appearance, chatted to him.

Undetected HIV leads to cluster of cases in porn industry

Testing for HIV infection frequently may not be enough to prevent the spread of the disease says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This was proven recently in a few cases centered in the porn industry.

Study: High self-esteem is not narcissism

High self-esteem is frequently mistaken for narcissism, but scientists say the two are distinctly different personality traits that evoke opposite responses in similar situations.

Large-scale trials for Zika vaccines at least 18 months away: WHO

Large-scale trials for Zika virus vaccines are at least 18 months away, while establishing a possible link between the virus and two more harmful conditions will likely only take weeks, the World Health Organization said Friday.

Airports boost efforts to stop spread of Zika: UN agency

Airports are stepping up efforts to reduce populations of mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus in order to prevent its spread, the UN aviation agency said Thursday.

Brain shrinkage accelerates without exercise

Scientists have long been aware that couch potatoes develop a higher risk for heart attack, stroke and even cancer later in life - now add brain shrinkage, memory loss and Alzheimer's.

New HIV organ donation program to begin

During the 1980s, a ban was put in place in the U.S., barring HIV positive people from donating or receiving organs. A recent study has concluded that organs from those with HIV can be safely donated.

Brazil confirms third Zika-linked death

Health authorities said Thursday they have identified a third death in Brazil linked to the Zika virus, but it is not clear if the disease was the sole cause.

Evidence grows for Zika role in brain damage

Evidence piled up Thursday implicating the Zika virus in a surge of brain damaged babies in Latin America, with two reports of the disease found in the neural tissue of affected infants.

Alzheimer's UK to organize yoga event of June 21 — Yoga Day

Good news for budding yogis and yoga enthusiasts in the United Kingdom — Yoga for Alzheimer’s, a yoga initiative by Alzheimer's Research UK, will be conducted from June 12-21 2016 in 16 locations around the United Kingdom.

Ontario man feared dead found after 30 years

Edgar Latulip was last seen by his family in Kitchener, Ontario in September 1986. He has been living in St. Catharines and after telling his social worker he remembered his real name, his true identity was confirmed.

Australia introduces bill to legalize medical marijuana

A bill was introduced in the Australian parliament on Wednesday that will allow the legal cultivation of marijuana for medical or scientific purposes.

Finding the ‘X Factor’ for wholegrain

What makes wholegrain healthy? There seems to be an X factor — actually a BX factor — that contributes to the healthy properties contained within the grain. New research explores this further.

India launches massive deworming campaign on children

Millions of children all across India are getting deworming treatment as part of a massive national campaign to prevent parasitic worms from infecting them and impairing their health.

Doctors stage second strike in English hospitals

Thousands of junior doctors at English hospitals staged a second strike into Thursday against proposed new conditions and pay rates for working unsociable hours.

CDC: New Lyme Disease bacteria discovered, and it's nasty

A new species of bacteria that causes Lyme Disease has been discovered. Until now, Borrelia burgdorferi was the only bacterial species believed to cause Lyme disease in North America.

Exercise alone doesn’t lead to weight loss: Study

A new study has shown that simply putting hours in the gym, while maintaining the same diet, is not effective for losing weight. This is because the calorie burning process reaches a plateau.

Study says barley rapidly lowers blood sugar levels

Scientists have discovered that the mixture of fibers found in barley can rapidly improve one’s health by lowering blood sugar levels and staving off diabetes, according to a Science Daily article published today.

Data scientists, doctors learning to seek consent

People don’t mind sharing data when they can be partners in its management and application. That is the major takeaway from a recent study conducted by the Society for Participatory Medicine.

Op-Ed: Affordable Care Act forcing Americans to skip healthcare

Five years after the Obama administration signed its highly partisan and controversial Affordable Care Act into law, experts say it isn't affordable for the average working American.

Okla. student diagnosed with contagious disease — School cleaned

An elementary school student in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has been diagnosed with a contagious disease that required the school to bring in staff to disinfect restrooms and common areas before children were allowed back in the facility.

Fear of Zika virus could keep U.S. athletes away from Olympics

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) has told sports bodies that athletes with health concerns should consider staying away from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in August.

Large national variations in breastfeeding rates

New figures, published by the medical journal The Lancet, show considerable variation between countries in terms of breastfeeding. The U.K. comes out very low.

U.K. makes a range of psychoactive substances illegal

The British parliament has passed a new psychoactive substances bill which renders dozens of drugs and chemicals illegal.

Alcohol-exposed pregnancy remains a risk in U.S.

Despite numerous warnings, many women in the U.S. consume alcohol while they are pregnant. New figures, from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), place the number of women at risk as 3 million.

Researchers advance multiple therapies to improve brain function

They have enabled paraplegics to walk by sending computer-interpreted electrical signals from patients’ brains to motorized exoskeletons suits.

Europe creates Zika drug 'task force'

Europe's medicines watchdog said Monday it had assembled an expert team to aid the development of drugs and vaccines against the Zika virus, feared to cause brain damage in unborn babies.

UK researchers discover fountain of youth

It turns out the fountain of youth isn’t in some undiscovered triple-canopied jungle in Africa or the coast of Clearwater, Florida, at least not according to scientists at the Institute for Aging at Newcastle University in the UK.

Colombia sees Guillain-Barre syndrome spike amid Zika cases

More than 22,600 cases of the Zika virus have been confirmed in Colombia, which is seeing a sharp increase in a rare neurological disorder linked to the disease, authorities said Saturday.

Brazil's anti-Zika war goes house to house

Sao Paulo resident Juliana Matuoka always thought her stunning tropical flowers were something to appreciate from afar. Now, however, they are enemy territory."Here, I got one!

Zika virus update: Puerto Rico declares state of emergency

Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed an executive order Friday declaring a public health emergency in Puerto Rico due to the Zika virus. At least 22 people in the U.S. territory have been reported to be infected with the mosquito-borne virus.

Time to stop using BMI as a health measure?

The body mass index (or BMI) is a long established method for assessing whether someone is of the correct weight (and therefore healthy) or underweight or overweight (and thus unhealthy). But is BMI accurate and meaningful as regards health?

First Zika-linked deaths reported in Colombia

The mosquito-borne Zika virus sweeping through Latin America has claimed three lives in Colombia, as the United Nations urged increased access to abortion because of fears of severe birth defects.

Colombia blames 3 deaths on Zika, nerve disorder

Colombia said Friday that three people had died after contracting the Zika virus and developing a rare nerve disorder called Guillain-Barre, the first time health officials have directly blamed the mosquito-borne disease for causing deaths.

Disabled Czechs get new lease on sex life

Tomas Pik has lost nothing of his lust for life despite the crippling disease that confined him to a wheelchair five years ago as the nerves in his limbs withered.

US urges condom use or abstinence to avoid Zika virus

US health authorities on Friday urged people to use condoms or refrain from sex if they live in or have traveled to areas where the Zika virus is circulating.

Zika nations should allow access to contraception, abortion: UN

The United Nations on Friday urged countries hit by the dangerous Zika virus to let women have access to contraception and abortion.

Choice of deodorant or antiperspirant affects underarm microbes

We know that wearing a deodorant or antiperspirant will have a positive affect on our social lives, but did you know it also effects the type and quantity of microbes that live on our armpits?