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A new health innovation has been launched. Called LifeinaBox, it is the world’s smallest fridge, for the safe transport and storage of medication.

New Type 2 diabetes medication shows much promise

The global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has announced that its new drug semaglutide had reduced blood glucose levels and lowered body weight to a statistically significant degree more than those treated with the competing drug dulaglutide.

Low-cost prostheses offer Indian amputees a second chance

Vishnu Kumar had barely reached adulthood when he lost his limbs in a freak electrical accident, seemingly condemning him to the life of penury endured by millions of amputees in India.

New wearable predicts if you’re getting flu

A new type of wearable thermometer allows researchers to gather data to make predictions of seasonal influenza outbreaks. The device sends data to the Thermia online health educational tool.

Meet Susan Holland: Executive Director of Cancer Schmancer Special

Susan Holland, Executive Director of Cancer Schmancer, the nonprofit organization founded by Fran Drescher, chatted with Digital Journal about the success of the 2017 Cancer Schmancer Cruise, and her future plans with the charity.

Telemedicine or in-person care for Parkinson's Disease?

Telemedicine has supporters and critics, with some championing the ease of access from digital healthcare provision; whereas others argue in favor of direct medical contact. A new study comes down on the side of telemedicine for Parkinson's disease.

Actress Charlize Theron dreams of AIDS-free S.Africa

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Charlize Theron hopes to create an AIDS-free generation in her home country South Africa which has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world.

Australian researchers in peanut allergy breakthrough

Australian researchers have reported a major breakthrough in the relief of deadly peanut allergy with the discovery of a long-lasting treatment they say offers hope that a cure will soon be possible.

Automation of hospital services using cloud based technology

Automation can lead to considerable efficiencies, assisting staff and reducing errors. One area that can benefit is hospitals and medical transport providers. A new platform developed by Acuity Link offers solutions.

Hungary pulls tainted egg products from shelves

Hungary on Tuesday became the latest European country to withdraw egg products imported from Germany containing the insecticide fipronil.

Healthcare providers are looking to digital prescribing

Obtaining prescriptions for medications can be a long, drawn-out experience. This process can be made faster, especially for repeat prescriptions, using digital prescribing.

Health Crisis — Alcohol use disorders in U.S. jump 50 percent

Americans are drinking more, a lot more, according to a study sponsored by a federal agency for alcohol research. The prevalence of alcohol abuse disorders has risen nearly 50 percent, creating a public health crisis.

After desperate bid to save daughter, father seeks 'truth' about Indian hospital

Mohammad Zahid battled exhaustion to keep a manual pump pushing air into his five-year-old daughter but slowly the life went out of Khushi, one of dozens of children who died at a Gorakhpur hospital that ran out of oxygen.

New cognitive hearing aid filters out noise

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed a cognitive hearing aid that can filter out the background noise to enable those with a hearing impairment to focus more fully on the person immediately talking to them.

New hair dye and breast cancer risk reported

A new study, based on big data analytics, draws an association between hair dyes and the risk of developing breast cancer in women. Important to note is the study established a correlation not a causative. It suggests the need for further research.

Medical device monitors heart health from home

Researchers have received FDA-clearance on a medical heart monitoring device that aims to improve the cardiac exam. The device will be combined with algorithms to automatically alert patients and physicians to the risk of heart failure.

Digital health care is here — From diagnosis to prescriptions

Advances in the biotech sector and health care have changed the way we view the medical field today. With new medicines, diagnostics, and procedures available to everyone, it didn't take long for medicine and health care to go digital.

Early success for fractal-based retinal implants

A step-forward has been made with retinal implants, based on computer simulations of electrical charges. These are based on fractal geometry and the process has been developed at the University of Oregon.

Digital communication helps young patient engagement

How can younger people be helped with their healthcare needs? This includes taking medications and looking after themselves? The answer seems to be the use of digital communication, according to a new study.

Australia vitamin 'breakthrough' to cut miscarriages, birth defects

Taking a common vitamin supplement could significantly reduce the number of miscarriages and birth defects worldwide, Australian scientists said Thursday, in what they described as a major breakthrough in pregnancy research.

Star Trek-inspired tricorder can detect and diagnose diseases

Handheld devices similar to the tricorders used by Dr. McCoy to diagnose and treat diseases in the "Star Trek" movie franchise since the 1960s may soon become an essential part of every astronaut's tool kit

New study — Opioid deaths are 24 percent higher than we thought

The grim death statistics are hard to swallow - 91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. But even with the disturbing numbers, a University of Virginia researcher says we are under-counting by about 24 percent.

Seniors beginning to realize digital health benefits

With the demographic shift, in many countries, where numbers of senior citizens exceed the numbers of younger people, opportunities exist for digital health solutions. The biggest obstacle will be with convincing seniors of the merits of the technology.

Night swim leaves Australian teen bloody and bewildered

An Australian teenager emerged from a night-time dip in the ocean with blood streaming from his feet and ankles in a gruesome mystery that doctors have struggled to explain.

Poor sleep is as damaging as binge drinking

New research from Canada, which has used digital research techniques, has concluded that sleep deprivation, long term, can be as damaging as alcohol abuse over an equally long period.

Three new gadgets for healthy travels

Travel, like many other aspects of work and home life, has been transformed through new technologies. In this article we look at three new innovations designed to help the business and leisure traveler.

AG unveils data analytics platform to combat opioid crisis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced today the agency is going to be using a data analytics platform to target pharmacists and doctors involved in the illegal opioid trade.

Indonesia jails man who grew marijuana for cancer-stricken wife

An Indonesian man who grew marijuana to ease the pain of his seriously-ill wife was sentenced to eight months in prison on Wednesday, despite an outcry from right groups and activists.

Bangladesh separates conjoined twins in rare surgery

Ten-month-old Bangladeshi siamese twins were recovering in hospital Wednesday after what surgeons hailed as the country's "groundbreaking" first successful separation operation on conjoined siblings.

Digital games improve mental health of refugees

Digital platforms can help refugee children to better assimilate into a new society, helping with language and education, and also in addressing the mental health issues that inevitably accompany the traumas of escape.

Gum disease linked to higher cancer risk in women: study

Women who have a history of gum disease face a higher risk of several types of cancer, particularly tumors in the esophagus and breasts, a US study found Tuesday.

The story of how a worm turned... into a bringer of medical miracles

For centuries, the only use humans found for the lugworm -- dark pink, slimy and inedible -- was on the end of a fish hook. But the invertebrates' unappreciated status is about to change.

Virtual reality therapy continues to show success

Virtual reality is continuing to show success as a therapeutic method, something which is attracting health organizations and digital health start-ups. It can also be used to address gaming addition.

Digital health users need to be mindful of security risk

The transition of more and more health information into a digital format can lead to many benefits, especially in terms of the speed of analysis. It can also present risks, in terms of cybersecurity. Risks are highlighted in a new report.

Do digital health interventions work?

Do digital health interventions help patients to make lifestyle changes leading to improved health outcomes? This is an important question for health policy makers, especially as many health organizations are going through digital transformation.

Founder of JT's Law talks Child Food Choking Prevention Act Special

Joannie, the founder of JT's Law, chatted with Digital Journal about the Child Food Choking Prevention Act, which is a cause that is dear to her heart.

Human-centric design advanced through virtual reality

Many medical devices are not perfect for people to use, emphasizing the complexity of designing devices on a desktop. The use of virtual reality offers a more ergonomically appropriate solution for med tech firms.

Digital health lessons from the NHS

Despite the recent cyber-attack ransomware attack on the U.K.'s National Health Service, the reliance upon digital data remains vital for the healthcare sector, according to the Head of NHS Digital.

Sugar not so sweet for mental health

Sugar may be bad not only for your teeth and your waistline, but also your mental health, claimed a study Thursday that was met with scepticism by other experts.

IMF urges US to 'protect' gains won under Obamacare

The International Monetary Fund on Thursday weighed into the US health care debate, urging the Trump administration to "protect" the gains achieved under President Barack Obama.

Digitalization is helping rural health services

Digital photography is helping patients to show how they feel in relation to their treatment plans. This process could significantly aid rural healthcare.
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