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The use of AI in the healthcare industry has begun a transformation of how patient data is processed and analyzed, creating a more efficient analysis. A leading commentator predicts the health market will be using AI to analyze data within 2-3 years.

Q&A: How technology is changing healthcare Special

Continuous technological developments in healthcare have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for even more, and signs are that healthcare will undergo further transformation. A leading expert provides some examples.

British PM promises Brexit health service boost

Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday promised a major funding boost for Britain's state-run National Health Service, using money currently sent to the EU.The premier said that by the financial year 2023-2024, an extra £20 billion ($26.

The future of health is data

A number of technological changes are impacting upon healthcare, from advanced scanners to the improvements to tackling disease that stem from DNA sequencing. However, data analytics will be the most revolutionary.

Prescription drug shortages — A problem affecting many countries

In both Canada and the United States, common drugs needed for patient care are becoming increasingly hard to find — being either discontinued or back-ordered, creating a public health crisis.

Q&A: Are chatbots the answer to healthcare improvements? Special

Patients are sometimes stuck waiting for their doctors and results, making numerous phone calls and leaving messages, making it a very frustrating experience. Are chatbots the answer to this supply and demand dilemma?

Salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon and backyard chickens

It's unimaginable, but there are two Salmonella outbreaks being monitored by federal and local health officials across multiple states. One outbreak is linked to pre-cut melons, while the other is linked to backyard chickens.

Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades

Polio has been reported in Venezuela, a crisis-wracked country where the disease had been eradicated decades ago, the Pan-American Health Organization reports.

US issues new China health alert over mystery illness

The US embassy in China issued a new health alert for its citizens on Friday after more US government employees were evacuated from the country over fears they may have been hit by a mysterious illness.

Technology helps address medicine non-adherence: Interview Special

Non-adherence to medicine regimes is a health concern. When patients fail to complete course this can lead to a recurrence of a health condition. A new digital health blockchain solution is at hand, called CuraServe.

Russian doctors 'refused to help dying woman' outside hospital

Russian prosecutors launched a probe Wednesday after doctors reportedly refused to help a woman dying on the pavement outside the hospital where they worked in Yekaterinburg, a World Cup host city.

Apple to open up health record data to third-party iOS apps

Apple has announced plans to will open up health record data to third-party iOS apps through a new API. The service, which will be available in October 2018, will enable users to share health data from over 500 hospitals/clinics with third-party apps.

Breakthrough with new prostate cancer immune system drug

Scientists have declared the results of a trial involving a new prostate cancer immune system drug as 'spectacular', with the results showing success against certain patients.

AIDS patients sue Gambia's ex-president Jammeh over fake cures

Three people living with AIDS in Gambia are suing former president Yahya Jammeh, alleging he detained and abused them as guinea pigs to test his supposed cure, one of their lawyers said.

App helps doctors screen for opioid dependency

The problems of opioid dependency have been widely reported and the problem is affecting many high-income nations. To overcome the challenges faced by the medical community, a new digital health solution is proposed.

Death of Indian soldier renews fears over rare virus

A Indian soldier has died in West Bengal state of suspected infection by the Nipah virus, an official said Wednesday, heightening fears the rare disease may be spreading.

Smoking: a rundown on lighting up

Every minute, smokers get through nearly 11 million cigarettes and 10 die from the habit, experts say, in an industry that generates billions of dollars.Here are some facts and figures ahead of the UN's World No Tobacco Day Thursday.

Unlicenced Ebola meds could soon be used in DR Congo: WHO

The World Health Organization said Tuesday it was awaiting formal approval from the Democratic Republic of Congo to send in unlicenced Ebola medication to help rein in an outbreak of the deadly virus.

Medical staff who treated Skripals feared pair would not survive

Doctors in Britain who treated former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter following their March poisoning in Salisbury have said they initially feared the pair would not recover.

Treating clothing with Permethrin protects against tick bites

Insecticide-treated clothes marketed to prevent tick bites work and may help prevent tick-borne diseases, a study conducted by researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed.

Smartphone app for diagnosing cardiac disease

A new medical smartphone app has performed better than a traditional medical exam for cardiac assessment, based on the findings of a randomized clinical trial and reported to the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Nipah claims another victim in India, death toll now 13

Another patient has died in India from the Nipah virus, taking the number of fatalities from an outbreak of the rare disease to 13, authorities said Sunday.

In an Iraqi village, a little girl hides skin disease from neighbours

Four-year-old Iraqi girl Haura should be enjoying her childhood -- games in the street, tearing in and out of friends' homes and small squabbles over toys.

Using blockchain to improve global health: Interview Special

A new startup called Nano Vision, wants to usher in a new era of outcomes in global health by removing borders to make important data accessible to all. The aim is to achieve this with blockchain.

Catholic priest 'infected with Ebola' in DR Congo

A Catholic priest has been quarantined after being infected with the Ebola virus in the town of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo, medical sources said Thursday.

Rare Nipah virus claims fourth family member in India

A fourth member of the same Indian family has died from the rare Nipah virus, officials said Thursday, as authorities scramble to contain an outbreak that has claimed 11 lives.V.

Study confirms spike in black lung disease in US coal miners

New research presented at the 2018 American Thoracic Society International Conference concluded that despite implementation of dust controls decades ago, progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) is increasing among US coal miners in Appalachia.

Tick and mosquito-borne illnesses surge in U.S. and Canada

The number of illnesses caused by ticks and mosquitoes has been increasing in North America. The U.S. saw more than 30,000 illnesses in 2017, while Canada saw an increase from 144 cases in 2009, to nearly 1,500 in 2017.

Nipah virus death toll in India jumps to 10

The death toll from an outbreak of the rare Nipah virus in southern India jumped to 10 Tuesday with more than 90 people quarantined to try to stem the spread of the disease, officials said.

Five dead, dozens quarantined as virus fears spread in India

A deadly virus carried by fruit bats has killed at least five people in southern India and more than 90 people are in quarantine, a top health official said Tuesday.

Making use of artificial intelligence for early cancer diagnosis

The British government has announced ambitious plans to prevent an estimated 22,000 cancer deaths by 2033, through the use of artificial intelligence to predict those individuals at greater risk of developing the disease.

New death in DR Congo Ebola outbreak -- toll at 26

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has risen to 26 after a person died in the northwest city of Mbandaka, Health Minister Oly Ilunga said on Monday.

DRCongo reports 3 new Ebola cases

Three new Ebola cases have been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo's sprawling northwest taking the number of suspected infections to 43, the health minister said in a statement seen Saturday.

WHO says 'high risk' Ebola will spread in DR Congo

An Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo has a high risk of spreading internally, the World Health Organization warned Friday ahead of a meeting on whether to declare it an event of international concern.

Ebola: Profile of a dreaded killer

A factfile on the deadly Ebola virus, which has broken out in remote northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and spread to a city, a development likely to complicate containment efforts.

Fears mount as Ebola reported in DR Congo city

An outbreak of Ebola in remote Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has spread to a city, health watchdogs said Thursday, sharpening fears that the deadly virus now posed a regional threat.

Digital care for substance abuse introduced in Ontario

A digital care package has been developed for substance use disorder. The platform has been made available to healthcare providers in Ontario.

Venezuela crisis cuts deep at children's hospital

Eight-year-old Luisito is awaiting surgery for a brain tumor, a daunting prospect at the best of times -- but this is Venezuela, and the hospital, typically, has little medicine or functioning equipment.

WHO reports new Ebola case in DR Congo, vaccine this week

The head of the World Health Organization said Sunday there has been another reported case of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that an experimental vaccine to fight the disease is expected to become available in the country this week.

Toxic water fears in Pakistan region infamous for deformities

Basharat Ali was 15 when his legs began to falter, a condition doctors have blamed on polluted water in a Pakistani region infamous for the deformities that afflict many of its people.

DR Congo reports four more Ebola cases

Four more cases of Ebola have been detected in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo, doctors said Thursday, two days after DRC reported a fresh outbreak of the disease.
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