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At least one running argument among cat lovers is now over: Whiskers, Lucy and Tigger are definitely better off staying indoors, scientists reported Wednesday.

US health officials seek to stem measles outbreaks traced to Israel, Ukraine

The origins of the measles outbreak in the United States are not a mystery.

Regular cannabis users need more surgical anesthesia — study

An interesting, small-scale study on the effects of surgical sedation on regular cannabis users has turned up some interesting results that show users may need two times the level of sedation required by nonusers when undergoing medical procedures

Op-Ed: Contact with nature really does reduce stress

Most people would instinctively agree that any natural environment is a good change of pace. Now, it’s been discovered that it actually reduces stress hormone levels.

Global measles cases up 300 percent year-on-year: WHO

Measles cases rose 300 percent worldwide through the first three months of 2019 compared to the same period last year, the UN said Monday, as concern grows over the impact of anti-vaccination stigma.

Benzos added to fentanyl causing hard-to-revive overdose problems

A drug chemically similar to medication for anxiety and sleep disorders that is being cut into heroin and fentanyl is suspected of contributing to a spate of overdoses that leave some users unconscious for hours at a time.

Why jet lag might be good for the brain

New research finds that the circadian clock plays an unusual role in neurodegenerative diseases, where a disrupted sleep-wake cycles might, based on the indicative studies, protect the brain.

Congo's Ebola outbreak may be declared global emergency

World Health Organization officials are meeting to decide whether an Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo that’s killed 751 people constitutes a public-health emergency of international concern.

Ernest Health suffers data breach of patient records Special

An undisclosed number of patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Ohio, owned by Ernest Health, had their personal data compromised. A data security expert provides an assessment.

On the Sahara's edge, the fight to protect children against measles

Dinar Tchere is fighting time and the sun, and he fears he may be losing.This morning, the health worker is expected in a remote village of eastern Chad, where he will administer the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to poor children.

Q&A: Preventing hospital outbreaks with surveillance technology Special

Misdiagnosis of infection strains in hospitals is leading to a public health crisis, as doctors treat these infections unnecessarily and ineffectively with antibiotics. To tackle this, new precision medicine solutions are being tested.

Australia ramps up measles warnings as cases jump

Australia on Monday launched a major education campaign to encourage its residents, particularly those travelling overseas, to get vaccinated against measles as a sudden spike in cases amid a global resurgence causes alarm.

Q&A: New strategy for taming anxiety from leading expert Special

Suffering in silence – this is what numbers continue to reveal about men and mental illness across the U.S. Dr. Loretta Breuning explains what anxiety is and how the ‘rubber ducky method’ works and how it can relieve symptoms.

How the pharmaceutical industry is implementing serialization

New legislation requiring pharmaceutical companies to implement 'serialization' is coming into force. This means that no counterfeit product should enter the supply chain and no legitimate product is diverted from its intended destination.

Which are the most and least stressed U.S. states?

With April being Stress Awareness Month and millennials reporting the highest average stress levels of any generation, a new study reveals the most and least stressed areas of the U.S.

Researchers create malware to highlight medical device risk Special

A recent article by The Washington Post, Hospital viruses: Fake cancerous nodes in CT scans, created by malware, trick radiologists, details a study where a malware was deployed to intercept and alter CT scans. A leading expert reveals more.

Study: Majority of healthcare orgs are laggards to DX

The healthcare landscape is changing. The on-demand patient increasingly favors digital technology and platforms. However, only a small minority of healthcare organizations are implementing new technologies.

In world first, France bans breast implants linked to rare cancer

France on Thursday became the first country to ban a type of breast implant that has been linked to a rare form of cancer.The ban covers certain types of implants with a textured surface or polyurethane coating.

Global life expectancy up 5.5 years since 2000: WHO

Global life expectancy grew by 5.5 years between 2000 and 2016, the World Health Organization said Thursday, warning though that unequal income and access to healthcare translates into far shorter lives for many.

France to ban popular breast implants over cancer risk: media

France is to ban a popular type of breast implant which has been linked to a rare form of cancer, Le Monde newspaper and French public radio reported Wednesday, citing a letter from health authorities to implant manufacturers.

Where are the 'fattest cities' in the U.S.? New study

The U.S., like many high-income countries, has a problem with its population’s expanding waistlines. However, the variations in weight are not evenly distributed and some cities have populations heavier (and less healthy) than others.

DHS sends out cyber warning about medical devices Special

Following new independent research, the Department of Homeland Security has re-issued a warning about cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices. Dr. May Wang explains more about the issues behind the warning.

Cholera kills two, infects 1,400 in cyclone-hit Mozambique

A cyclone-induced cholera outbreak in central Mozambique has killed two people and infected more than 1,400, the government announced Tuesday on the eve of the launch of a mass vaccination drive.

Consuming mushrooms may help address cognitive decline: Study

Food and medical scientists based in Singapore have found that elderly people who consume more than two standard portions of mushrooms each week appear to have a 50 percent reduced chance of developing mild cognitive impairment.

Asian longhorned tick population is growing fast on east coast

A potentially dangerous invasive pest known as the Asian longhorned tick has invaded Staten Island, New York, and health officials are warning people there is a concern this tick could transmit diseases.

Five dead after suspected food poisoning at French retirement home

Five residents at a retirement home in southern France have died and around a dozen others are in a serious condition after a suspected case of mass food poisoning, officials said Monday.

Reported cases of cholera in Mozambique has doubled in 48 hours

After surviving Cyclone Idai and widespread flooding, people in Mozambique are now facing a cholera crisis. Almost a million doses of cholera vaccine are on their way, but in the meantime, the number of cases is exploding.

Hundreds vaccinated after measles emergency in New York

A New York county which declared a state of emergency over a measles outbreak is on the "right path" after administering hundreds of vaccinations in two days, the chief of the US district said on Friday.

Cyclone-hit Mozambique fears cholera epidemic

Doctors and nurses wearing Wellington boots and face masks tended to patients in tents at a hastily-erected treatment centre in Beira, Mozambique following the devastation of cyclone Idai and its aftermath.

US performs first kidney transplant from living donor with HIV

The kidney of a 35-year-old HIV-positive woman has been transplanted into another patient with the virus that causes AIDS, US surgeons announced Thursday, in a major medical breakthrough.

Disease fears mount for Africa cyclone survivors

Disease is threatening to aggravate the already dire conditions facing millions of survivors following the powerful tropical cyclone which ravaged southern Africa 10 days ago, officials warned on Sunday.

Transgender men have functional ovaries after a year of testosterone injections

The ovaries of transgender men appear to remain functional even after a year of receiving hormonal treatment with testosterone, according to a small Israeli study presented Saturday in the United States.

Man develops brain infection after using cotton ear swabs

A new warning has been raised about the use of cotton ear swabs (or 'earbuds'), used to clean out ears and dislodge earwax, after a man developed an infection after using ear buds. A portion of cotton became dislodged in the ear.

Medicines Discovery Institute aims to bring new drugs to patients

A new research centre based in the U.K. called the Medicines Discovery Institute aims to bring a new generation of medicines to patients by pioneering the latest in biomedical and pharmacological research techniques.

Popular health apps could expose data about medical conditions

Health apps pose 'unprecedented' privacy risks, relating to medical conditions and associated data, according to a new Canadian study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Tuberculosis can be eradicated by 2045: experts

The world can eradicate tuberculosis by 2045 if the fight against the killer disease is properly funded, an international team of experts said Wednesday.

Venezuela doctors under regime pressure during UN visit

Venezuelan doctors have come under pressure from President Nicolas Maduro's government for trying to alert a visiting UN mission about the severe lack of hospital medicine and equipment, NGOs say.

Cancer deaths falling for half decade in EU: study

The death rate from cancer has been falling for half a decade in the EU, researchers said Tuesday, although the overall number is expected to rise to 1.4 million this year due to an expanding population.

FDA drug supply chain pilot project spurs blockchain advancements

FDA’s Pilot Program under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires the Agency to explore and evaluate methods to enhance the safety and security of the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain. This includes blockchain.

C-section 50 times more deadly for women in Africa: study

The death rate among women undergoing a C-section to deliver a baby is about 50 times higher in Africa than in most wealthy nations, researchers said Friday.

WHO says aiming to halt DRC Ebola outbreak within six months

The deadly Ebola outbreak raging in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo should be over within six months, the head of the World Health Organization said Thursday.
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