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When doctors told her that the six-month-old fetus she was carrying had severe brain damage caused by the Zika virus, Thamires Ferreira da Silva tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a bus in Rio de Janeiro.

Algorithm predicts milk allergic outcomes to immunotherapy

A new technique enables medics to predict if a milk-allergic patient will respond to milk oral immunotherapy (Milk-OIT), with a significant accuracy and detail. This should provide greater comfort to those will milk allergies.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of seasonal depression Special

It’s the time of year when some people start to experience depression due to the lack of sunlight. This is a very real medical condition known as Seasonal Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Dr. Prakash Masand explains.

US judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional, Democrats vow to appeal

A federal judge in Texas ruled late Friday that the US health care law known as Obamacare is unconstitutional -- a ruling that opposition Democrats vowed to appeal.

Major investment secured for mental health app

As part of the growing interest with health and well-being apps, there has been an increase in apps offering to assist with mental health issues such as depression. One example is Wisdo, which has secured $11 million in funding.

Wireless controlled ingestible capsule created

Medical technologists have constructed an electronic pill that can relay diagnostic information and release drugs in response to smartphone commands. This is to collect patient information or to allow for the controlled release of a drug.

Essential Science: New drug combination could treat melanoma

Rates of melanoma are increasing worldwide, making it increasingly a matter of medical importance. A new drug combination, which is effective against the skin cancer, could save millions of lives each year.

Could a machine replace a doctor?

Whether an artificial intelligence could replace a medical doctor is both a matter for future conjecture and a hotly contested subject. According to one scientist, technology may have the potential to be more accurate than doctors at making diagnoses.

Brazil doctors poised for more uterus transplants

Doctors in Brazil who brought about the first-ever birth with a uterus transplant from a dead donor say they have two more women waiting to undergo the same procedure."All the patients that were part of this initial group have already been selected.

Nationwide beef recall grows to 12 million pounds over Salmonella

Arizona-based meat producer JBS Tolleson, Inc. has recalled about 12 million pounds of non-intact, raw beef that may be contaminated with Salmonella Newport, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday morning.

Q&A: Helping to manage diabetes costs Special

Patients with diabetes pay far more in medical expenditures compared with the general population. In the U.S., the Hispanic population is hit disproportionately. To help address this, Hoy Health have issued Diabetes Management Kits.

Papua New Guinea scrambles to vaccinate as polio returns

Decades after polio was eradicated from Papua New Guinea, the crippling and sometimes deadly disease has returned, leaving doctors scrambling to revive long-lapsed vaccination programmes.

Beware getting too stressed in the evening

Stress is associated with a number of ill-health effects. However, time that stress occurs during a 24-hour cycle appears to exert different effects and this has implications for longer-term health, with stress occurring at night being more dangerous.

The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation celebrates 18 years Special

The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation just celebrated its 18-year anniversary. Its goal is to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer. Emmy-nominated actor William deVry serves as celebrity ambassador of the foundation.

Canopy Growth and Tilray embark on cannabis studies on seniors

The elderly suffer from a range of ailments - from arthritis pain to sleep disorders, while many also take medications for other illnesses. The use of medicinal cannabis in the elderly is now getting some attention through two new studies in Canada.

Boost for U.K. drug discovery AI-led research

The use of artificial intelligence for drug discovery has received an investment boost from Innovate U.K., a funding body established by the British government to strengthen U.K. technologies.

Measles cases soar in Brazil, Venezuela: UN agency

The Pan-American Health Organization on Friday reported a big jump in measles cases in the Americas this year, with Brazil surpassing crisis-hit Venezuela as the nation with the most confirmed cases.

Extent of HIV in the U.S. and how much it costs

How much do HIV infections cost the U.S. economy? What are the rates of HIV infection in the U.S. These questions, to mark World AIDS Day 2018, have been assessed by personal-finance website WalletHub.

400 Swedish women win compensation over faulty French breast implants

A French court on Thursday ordered the German safety certifier that approved tne use of defective breast implants to compensate around 400 Swedish women who received the devices behind a global health scare.

Measles cases rise 30 percent worldwide: UN

Measles cases worldwide jumped more than 30 percent last year compared to 2016, with increases recorded in wealthy European countries like Germany where vaccination coverage has historically been high, the UN said Thursday.

US life expectancy drops again as overdoses climb

Life expectancy in the United States dropped yet again as drug overdose deaths continued to climb -- taking more than 70,000 lives in 2017 -- and suicides rose, a US government report said Thursday.The drug overdose rate rose 9.

How Skype can help beat depression

There are different ways through which technology can help tackle depression, especially with seniors. One tool that has been tested recently is the communication platform Skype. Video communication was shown to reduce depressive symptoms.

Separated Bhutanese twins leave Australia hospital

"Cheeky" Bhutanese conjoined twins who were successfully separated after a marathon operation in Australia left hospital Monday, with doctors saying they had made an excellent recovery and were starting to act independently.

No doctors, nurses or painkillers: surviving pregnancy in Venezuela

Yoli Cabeza was sent from one hospital to another before finally giving birth to her daughter Yusmari in the corridor of a maternity ward because her contractions came quicker than medical help.

Americans and Canadians warned not to eat romaine lettuce

Health officials in the U.S. and Canada told people Tuesday to stop eating romaine lettuce because of a new E. coli outbreak.

Roots and shoots: China seeks new markets for ancient medicines

A crowd gathers at a Shanghai hospital, queuing for remedies made with plant mixtures and animal parts including scorpions and freeze-dried millipedes -- medicines that China hopes will find an audience overseas.

Global fight against malaria has stalled, WHO warns

The World Health Organisation on Monday said global efforts to fight malaria have hit a plateau as it reported there were more cases of the killer disease in 2017 than the previous year.

Sixteen Ebola WHO staff evacuated amid DR Congo clashes

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Saturday that 16 staff members have been temporarily evacuated from DR Congo's restive eastern city of Beni after a shell hit the building they were staying in.

Online resource helps healthcare professionals with opioid crisis

A new online program has been developed, designed to assist healthcare professionals to address the opioid crisis that is affecting many countries. The new program is designed to be used to support Canadian healthcare.

Using AI-led predictive analysis to assess seniors’ health

A new study shows how predictive analytics is capable of reducing seniors’ urinary tract infection rates and sepsis. This is based on an artificial intelligence solution in the form of a wearable device.

Bum shuffles as ex-conjoined twins try out independence

It took six hours for doctors to separate conjoined Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa last week, but nurses said Thursday the recovering girls are still not ready to go their own ways.

Fresh concerns with Google’s health app

A health app called Streams, that was built by artificial intelligence company DeepMind, is to be operated by Google. This has sparked new data privacy concerns.

Good oral health can prevent diabetes

A new campaign has been launched to assist with World Diabetes Day, focused on dental health. The campaign is being run by Sunstar and the European Federation of Periodontology, and it is called the 'Perio & Diabetes' Campaign.

Q&A: Technology improves patient medical records Special

IllumiCare is a technology that complements the electronic medical record and is growing in popularity in hospital systems around the U.S. The system provides clinicians with real-time clinical and financial intelligence.

Canada's pot plan facing two new crises — Kids and edibles

Following a sharp increase in cannabis poisoning among young people, Canadian health professionals are calling for tighter controls to keep edible marijuana products away from minors.

Pneumonia to kill nearly 11 mn children by 2030, study warns

Pneumonia will kill nearly 11 million children under five by 2030, experts warned Monday on a global day aimed at raising awareness of the biggest infectious killer of infants worldwide.

How homework is affecting students’ sleep

A new survey from Sleep Cycle has found that children are not getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Nearly half of parents report that their children get 7 hours or less of sleep each night. One reason for this is homework.

Bayer applies artificial intelligence to medical cases

Major pharmaceutical firm Bayer is exploring how artificial intelligence can be used to assess case reports relating to adverse drug events in relation to its medicines.

Delhi's toxic air spikes after Diwali firework frenzy

Indian police arrested hundreds of revellers after a frenzied night of festival fireworks turned city air toxic nationwide on Thursday despite a preemptive court ban on the smog-fuelling party.

Superbugs to 'kill millions' by 2050 unless countries act

Millions of people in Europe, North America and Australia will die from superbug infections unless countries prioritise fighting the growing threat posed by bacteria immune to most known drugs, experts predicted Wednesday.

CDC — Ebola outbreak in Congo could become uncontainable

Robert Redfield, MD, director for the CDC, said Nov. 5 that if the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ebola outbreak becomes more serious, international public health experts should consider the possibility it can't be brought under control.