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For all the dog lovers out there. Experience the world of dog.
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Dogs living in the world of dolphins

"Grizzly" the California dolphin dog lover of dolphins, and dolphins that seem to return his love. Dolphins are one of...
Apr 29, 2012 by Mindy Allan

"Trouble" doesn't want to stay in the yard!

We have an 18 month old female lab/border collie mix. Her name is "Trouble" and she has so many endearing qualities and...
Aug 17, 2008 by Jim Oliver - 1 comment

Get a Boxer, 5 reasons to.

My wife and I love Boxers. For the longest time we could not agree on a breed until we visited some boxers at the local...
Jul 3, 2008 by Jason Leung - 1 comment

Don't Alpha Roll Your Dog

Here's an interesting topic I was reading about a couple days ago. How many of us have seen an alpha roll performed?...
Jul 2, 2008 by Jason Leung
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