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This group is for all those who have traveled and will travel in the future. Lets swap photos and talk about the best places in the world, as well as prices.
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What is that yellow line on the sidewalk?

A visitor to Japan will notice very early in its visit that everywhere there are yellow lines on the ground with a...
May 3, 2013 by Igor I. Solar - 2 comments

The high-tech Japanese toilets

One item that draws the attention of foreigners visiting Japan is the variety of toilets. In one extreme, there are the...
Apr 16, 2013 by Igor I. Solar - 5 comments

Visiting Chile: ‘A journey through the senses’

A new tourism promotional video about the beauty, surprises and sensory experiences that can be discovered in Chile has...
Mar 22, 2013 by Igor I. Solar - 9 comments

Enjoying nature and great fishing in the Chilean Patagonia

The Chilean Patagonia, which includes the three southern regions of the country, has a large area of sea coast and...
Mar 20, 2013 by Igor I. Solar

Will that Dreamliner become a Screamliner?

Battery problems and electronic controls do not a happy marriage make. Other concerns are...
Mar 11, 2013 by skeptikool - 3 comments
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