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Political matters related to Asia....
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Afghanistan: Insight 2014

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had announced last month, US could possibly end the Afghan combat mission by...
Apr 4, 2012 by Muhammad Arif Shafi
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  • Trump taps new ambassador to Afghanistan

    US President Donald Trump on Thursday named veteran diplomat John Bass as his choice to become the new US ambassador in Afghanistan, ending his current posting in Ankara.
  • Asia facing dire future because of climate change without help

    A report released on Friday paints a dire picture of the Asia-Pacific region's future as the globe warms, affecting the economic growth, health, development, food sustainability and security of hundreds of millions of the world's population.
  • Afghanistan enacts law to control cyberspace

    Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has signed into law a cybercrime bill targeting online crime and militancy by groups such as the Taliban and Islamic State, officials said Monday, amid concerns it could limit free speech.
  • Thailand leads the pack for Asia's abused tourist elephants

    Twice as many elephants work in Thailand's tourism industry as the rest of Asia combined, with the vast majority kept in "severely inadequate conditions", a new report revealed Thursday.
  • McCain-led delegation visits Pakistan for security talks

    A high-level US Senate delegation met Pakistan's top foreign affairs official and powerful military chief in Islamabad to discuss regional security as Washington gears up to send more troops to neighbouring Afghanistan.
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