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Updates, news, scores, and other baseball highlights from around the Major Leagues.
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MLB writers, let's see what you got!

With baseball season now underway, Digital Journal is looking for experienced and passionate baseball writers to cover...
Apr 1, 2013 by David Silverberg

Worst call in MLB history?

I came across this video on Yahoo! Sports and I completely concur with the nation's best baseball writer Jess Passan:...
Jul 27, 2011 by Andrew Moran - 2 comments

Will Jose Bautista break his home run record this year?

Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista is on pace to break his own home run record of 54, set in 2010. Already he's...
May 18, 2011 by David Silverberg

Congrats, San Fran Giants

I was happy to see the San Francisco Giants win the World Series last night. It comes down to underdogs and getting...
Nov 2, 2010 by David Silverberg

Yes, I'm blogging a blog

Here is a link to my first blog at Detroit's ONLY Digital Sports Magazine, In Play! Magazine: Please read and tell me...
Jun 10, 2010 by Matt Harding - 2 comments
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