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Diplomacy - International Political Events - Trade Issues
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The Cyprus bank deposit tax to save banks, nation's debt

Economic Collapse News | Cyprus debates to impose a bank deposit tax on, vote delayed until Tuesday "Over the...
Mar 18, 2013 by Andrew Moran

Debate: Should U.S. taxpayers pay for former presidents?

A friend of mine forwarded me the 2013 General Services Administration report. The document shows that U.S. taxpayers...
Oct 19, 2012 by Andrew Moran - 1 comment

Are Democratic voters 'pro-choice'?

On my break, I was watching some videos from the Democratic National Convention. I found a video from Reason, the...
Sep 5, 2012 by Andrew Moran - 5 comments

CanKor - Canadian interactive resource on North Korea

I covered a North Korean media event over the weekend. There I met with a couple of representatives from HanVoice,...
Jan 31, 2012 by Andrew Moran

Leveson Inquiry live web stream

If anyone is interested in viewing the Leveson Inquiry, you can view the live stream here. Currently as of 11:50 a.m....
Dec 20, 2011 by Andrew Moran
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  • UN chief offers help in N.Korea diplomacy efforts

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday offered his personal help to help reach a diplomatic solution to the North Korean nuclear stand-off, saying it was time to "dial down rhetoric and dial up diplomacy.
  • UK links trade to post-Brexit Irish border plans

    Britain will on Wednesday set out its proposals for the Irish border after Brexit, seeking to use the issue to pressure the European Union into starting early trade negotiations.
  • China warns of retaliation as Trump launches trade probe

    Trade tensions between the United States and China heated up on Tuesday as Beijing warned that it "will not sit idle" if a US probe into its intellectual property practices leads to sanctions.
  • China warns it 'won't sit idle' if US harms trade ties

    China warned on Tuesday that it "will not sit idle" if the United States takes actions that impair trade ties after President Donald Trump launched a probe into Beijing's intellectual property practices.
  • China warns against 'trade war' with US

    China warned Monday that nobody would win in a "trade war" with the United States as President Donald Trump prepared to launch an investigation into Chinese intellectual property practices.
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