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Just a little place where all us budding Man Rays can put up photos or collections that we can't or don't want to insert into regular articles, and chat about them amicably. Your own work only please, and any subject is welcome. Get clickin'!
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Extreme close-up of turtle

What happens when you meet some marine life face-to-face? You shoot a photo, of course. Found this on photo site...
May 14, 2013 by David Silverberg - 3 comments

Incredible macro photos of insects crowned with water droplets

We've all seen jaw-dropping macro photos, when we zoom in so tight we experience details rarely available to the naked...
Apr 18, 2013 by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Learning to shoot blind

News shooters know this trick. Often, when caught inside a tight scrum of photographers, they do the only thing...
Mar 24, 2013 by Ken Wightman - 5 comments

Build a personal photo archive

The mayor of my hometown, Joe Fontana, has been in the news as of late. The RCMP were checking into some questionable...
Nov 21, 2012 by Ken Wightman - 4 comments

Northern Lights in Alberta

Here are some Northern Lights, these pictures were taken about two hours North of Edmonton. I took these with a...
Nov 13, 2012 by Kyle Ashmead - 4 comments
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