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A study of the evolution of government, economy and cultural institutions and how they interact with each other through history
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Introduction to Social Threefolding ( part one)

There are three global forces that shape the quality and direction of world today. These are government, business and...
Jun 13, 2009 by Edwin Ladaga - 1 comment

3 Kinds of Money

Lots of more info can be found on og/index.php?cPath=22 but I must confess the idea is complex...
Jun 11, 2009 by Catherine Rayne - 1 comment

Exploring the realities of money

This event ties in nicely with the work of the study group. Thinking about how one might put the ideas of a three fold...
Jun 8, 2009 by Catherine Rayne - 1 comment

Relationship between state and individual freedom

Let me start this group by presenting a quote from Steiner when he was a student " The state cannot free man, only...
Jun 7, 2009 by Edwin Ladaga - 6 comments
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  • Hungary passes tough anti-foreign NGO law

    Hungary's parliament approved Tuesday a crackdown on foreign-backed civil society groups despite an international outcry, in a move seen as targeting US billionaire George Soros.
  • Nigeria's president urged to take medical leave

    Nigerian civil society activists called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take long-term medical leave Tuesday, adding to mounting pressure on the 74-year-old over his health.
  • Common language spells divisions in the Balkans

    Nicotine addicts in Bosnia are warned three times on their cigarette packets that "Pusenje ubija" ("Smoking kills") -- but this isn't an attempt to hammer home the health message.
  • Press freedom in danger: some striking cases

    Press freedom has "never been so threatened" as it is today, according to Reporters Without Borders, with journalists harassed, jailed or disappeared in a lengthening list of countries.
  • Media 'never under so much threat', says watchdog

    Press freedom has never been as threatened as it is now, in the "new post-truth era of fake news" after the election of US President Donald Trump, Reporters Without Borders warned Wednesday.
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