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A study of the evolution of government, economy and cultural institutions and how they interact with each other through history
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Introduction to Social Threefolding ( part one)

There are three global forces that shape the quality and direction of world today. These are government, business and...
Jun 13, 2009 by Edwin Ladaga - 1 comment

3 Kinds of Money

Lots of more info can be found on og/index.php?cPath=22 but I must confess the idea is complex...
Jun 11, 2009 by Catherine Rayne - 1 comment

Exploring the realities of money

This event ties in nicely with the work of the study group. Thinking about how one might put the ideas of a three fold...
Jun 8, 2009 by Catherine Rayne - 1 comment

Relationship between state and individual freedom

Let me start this group by presenting a quote from Steiner when he was a student " The state cannot free man, only...
Jun 7, 2009 by Edwin Ladaga - 6 comments
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  • Mass rally against gay civil unions in Italy capital

    Tens of thousands of people gathered in Rome's Circus Maximus arena Saturday to protest against a civil unions bill for same-sex couples, a hot-potato issue for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government.
  • Ex-Guatemalan army officers face civil war sex slavery charges

    Two former Guatemalan army officers who served under the US-backed military dictatorship that committed genocide against Mayan peasants during a 36-year civil war will be tried for crimes against humanity, including rape and sexual enslavement.
  • China jails three 'civil disobedience' activists

    A Chinese court sentenced three activists to prison on Friday for allegedly attempting to start a non-violent civil rights movement, family members and campaign groups said, the latest example of the Communist Party's intensifying crackdown on dissent..
  • Polish protesters take to streets to 'defend freedom'

    Thousands of people took to the streets in more than 30 cities across Poland on Saturday to "defend freedom" and protest against the conservative government.
  • China detains Swedish human rights worker: group

    A Swedish man working for a human rights group in China has been detained on suspicion of endangering state security, his colleague said Tuesday, as Beijing steps up controls on civil society.
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