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In a world where we are surrounded by celebrity styled role models and various types of extremists, its difficult to find where you fit in your own life, let alone the world. Here, we're not perfect, but we try to be true to ourselves and find what truly makes us happy. Come, sit, and be yourself. Here, there's no such thing as a bad question. We are all here to lift one another up, shed insight, and also vent. However, should you vent - be aware that you might just be offered a solution.
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Whats good about them? Is it that the gambler may find some kind of social acceptance from a machine with pretty...
Jan 7, 2009 by Rain Harris

Sideways glance...

So, I sat in an interview today with a woman who asked me where I see myself in the next five years. My response was...
Jan 6, 2009 by Rain Harris - 3 comments

Dont be afraid, Im not perfect either

Hi! Im 26, female, Im the youngest of three, I have two half sisters, parents divorced when i was young. Ive had my...
Jan 4, 2009 by Rain Harris - 2 comments
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