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For anyone in love with the Web and hoping to find new and fascinating websites on a wide array of topics: news, media, tech, arts, animation, food, sports, commentary,etc.
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Flightradar24 tracks all live air traffic across world

It's about time we came across a website featuring all the live air traffic happening in real-time. For you air flight...
Jan 22, 2013 by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Firefox 15.0

A new Beta version of Mozilla Firefox has been issued for surfers to try: Firefox 15.0 Beta 4. According to Mozilla:...
Aug 12, 2012 by Tim Sandle

Google update 'Google Drive'

Google have updated Google Drive. Google Drive is a place where users can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of...
Jul 31, 2012 by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

New Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design. Its main selling point is that it is intended to make the...
Jul 28, 2012 by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

What if Kickstarter was layered with StumbleUpon?

Isn't it impressive when two website ideas merge to form something cool and useful? The engineers behind Hype Machine...
Feb 24, 2012 by David Silverberg - 1 comment
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