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Yiasou Yeeros is a hidden gem in Plainview on Long Island. It is a newly-opened, family-operated authentic Greek eatery.

Nationwide recall - almost one million pounds of chicken products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced on Thursday that it is recalling 933,272 pounds of breaded chicken products that may be contaminated with metal fragments. This is a Class 1 recall.

Hong Kong import ban deals Brazil meat industry big blow

Brazil's giant meat industry suffered a heavy blow Tuesday when Hong Kong banned imports in response to allegations that inspectors in Brazil were faking certificates for rotten produce.

Export bans hit Brazil's meat industry after scandal

The fallout from Brazil's rotten meat scandal accelerated on Monday when China, a huge client, suspended imports and the European Union demanded a partial ban.

How immigration enforcement will affect our food prices

President Trump's crackdown on undocumented immigrants coming over the U.S.-Mexico border may end up having an unwanted impact on food prices.

Avian flu in Wisconsin - The second outbreak in less than a week

The United States is reporting a second outbreak of avian flu, this time on a farm in Wisconsin. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Tuesday the virus found in Wisconsin isn't as virulent as the virus found in Tennessee the other day,

GreeKrave is one of the new food choices for Nassau Coliseum

GreeKrave, the local Greek eatery in Deer Park, Long Island, has a major reason to be proud. It is one of the new food choices for the newly-renovated venue, Nassau Coliseum.

Brexit churns unease for Britain's speciality cheese

In the rolling countryside of southwest England, farmer Charles Martell is tending to his rare breed of cattle while two of his dairy workers get to work making Single Gloucester cheese -- a British delicacy.

Evanger's admits horse-meat and euthanasia drug in dog food

In a new twist to the Evanger's dog food story today, it has been learned that horse-meat may have been the source of the barbiturate found in the company's Hunks of Beef canned dog food. Evanger's is blaming their supplier and strangely, the FDA.

Neraki named Best Greek Restaurant by Best of Long Island in 2017

On February 21, it was announced by the "Best of Long Island Press" that Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill has been named "Best Greek Restaurant on Long Island."

PHAC investigating norovirus outbreak linked to B.C. oysters

A norovirus outbreak linked to B.C. oysters is now under federal investigation with PHAC taking the leadership role prompted by cases being reported in Ontario and Alberta, as well as B.C.

Great-grandson to reinvent iconic three-star French restaurant

The Troisgros restaurant, a veritable shrine to France's haute cuisine, is pulling out of the town it put on the map thanks to the three Michelin stars it has boasted since 1968.

DC restaurants to close in immigrant solidarity show

Some of the US capital's finest restaurants are putting their money where their mouths are: shutting down for a day to protest President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies.

More dog food recalled because of phenobarbital contamination

We have a second dog food recall, this time by Against the Grain Pet Food Inc. because of the finding of phenobarbital. This comes in the wake of an initial recall by Evanger's dog food. It seems that members of the same family own both companies.

String of cheese recalls growing nationwide over Listeria fears

After routine testing of Colby cheese revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes January 30, a variety of Sargento, Meijer, and Amish Classics cheese products were recalled. The recall list has now expanded to include additional brands.

Sargento, Meijer and other cheeses recalled due to Listeria

Routine testing by Tennessee food inspectors has discovered Listeria monocytogenes in Colby cheese, triggering recalls of a variety of Sargento, Meijer, and Amish Classics cheese products.

'Our food, our stories': bringing west African cuisine to the world

It took a move to the United States from Ghana to convince food entrepreneur Essie Bartels that the world deserved to know more about west African cuisine. "You would always end up having to put on tons of stuff -- hot sauce, lots of salt, pepper.

Canada: Recall of one type of Loblaw baby food nationwide

Loblaw Companies Ltd is recalling one specific lot code of PC Organics brand Apple, Blueberry & Green Pea strained baby food from the marketplace because of possible contamination with Clostridium botulinum.

FSIS OKs use of beef hearts in ground beef but not on label

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has pulled a fast one on the American consumer, quietly ending a 40-year rule against using beef hearts and tongue in ground beef.

Review: Chopped champion Maria Petridis featured on 'G Thing' with Mr. G Special

Bayside chef, Maria Petridis, who recently won "Chopped" on the Food Network, has been featured on "G Thing," which is hosted by Mr. G, PIX11's weatherman.

Farmingdale pizzeria Pays It Forward, donates 1,000 pizza slices Special

Farmingdale pizzeria owner Dan Romano has a major reason to celebrate. He had donated a total of 1,000 pizza as part of his "Pay It Forward" project.