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Refrigerated foods, like salads, are at risk from Listeria monocytogenes contamination. While the bacterium remains a risk, a new survey suggests that antibiotic resistant strains are less common.

You can get free pancakes at IHOP today

National Pancakes Day is today, Tuesday, and IHOP, a national pancake chain, is giving away free pancakes, and they are doing it all day.

The coffee war rages on: London and New York battle it out

Though the UK has historically been amongst the lowest coffee consumers in the world, coffee culture has enjoyed a rapid expansion here, and now we find ourselves ramping up there with the caffeine-fuelled denizens of New York.

Reusable plastic produce containers are dangerous to your health

Those big, reusable plastic containers used to transport fruit and vegetables to the grocery store can continue to harbor pathogenic bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses even after being cleaned and sanitized, according to a new study.

KFC to bring edible coffee cups to the UK

Food chain KFC has announced that UK customers will soon be able to eat their coffee cup thanks to the development of a new heat-resistant chocolate coated cookie biscuit.

Campylobacter in Wisconsin dairy's raw milk nets suspension

A Pepin County, Wisconsin dairy has had its Grade A permit suspended for 30 days after being linked to an outbreak of Campylobacter that sickened dozens of athletes and coaches attending a football banquet in Durand, Wisconsin.

Op-Ed: Why the GMO debate is far from over

There has been a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of genetically-engineered food crops of late. But the vast majority of consumers are actually left in the dark over the safety of GMOs because the FDA, USDA and Monsanto say they are safe.

Nestle bows to consumers: No more artificial flavors or coloring

Nestle USA announced this week it would be dropping artificial flavorings and colors from its all of its chocolate candy bars by the end of 2015. The move to natural flavors and colors is in response to consumer demand.

Starbucks to get in the delivery game by end of 2015

“Imagine the ability to create a standing order that Starbucks delivered hot or iced to your desk daily,” says CEO Howard Schultz regarding their upcoming mobile order and pay app, launching by the end of this year.

Overseas markets cautious of Canadian beef because of mad cow

Overseas markets are being extra cautious about Canadian beef until an investigation has been completed into the latest case of BSE, commonly called "mad cow disease." The current incident was detected on Feb. 7, and confirmed on Feb. 11 by the CFIA.

Retail delis show persistent high rate of Listeria contamination

The rates of Listeria monocytogenes in retail food delis indicates that standard cleaning procedures are not enough to eradicate the potentially dangerous bacteria, according to a new study by researchers at Purdue University.

California market under investigation for selling frozen raccoons

What we eat is often times a cultural thing, like eating grits if you're a Southerner, or Sauerbraten if you're German. When an unwary customer visited an Asian super market in Los Angeles and saw a whole, frozen raccon in the meat case, she freaked out.

Op-Ed: USDA overrides public opinion and approves GMO apple for sale

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave their approval to Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ genetically engineered Arctic Apples, despite the agency's environmental review receiving over 73,000 comments voicing opposition to the fruit.

Mad cow disease found in Alberta

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed on Friday that it had found a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, in a beef cow in Alberta.

The recipe for perfect popcorn perfected by scientists

Do you like it sweet or salty? Either way there is a way to make the perfect popcorn. A new scientific study has run through the combinations to produce the ultimate recipe.

Op-Ed: Will you be buying sriracha flavor ketchup?

Jumping on the bandwagon for all things sriracha flavor, mass market purveyor of sauces, Heinz, has announced it will be launching a sriracha flavor variety of its red colored sauce.

Better enforcement of FDA food-safety guidelines needed

Nutritional experts and the American public both agree on the importance and value of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Along with this perception, there has been a significant increase in the production of these healthy products.

Coffee could lower risk of endometrial cancer

New research has found a link between regularly drinking coffee and a 20% decreased risk of endometrial cancer which currently affects around 1 in 37 US women in their lifetime, adding to the potential health benefits of consuming the popular beverage.

Are some kids really picky eaters? Science has the answer

"Eat up and shut up" might be an extreme response from a frustrated parent. However, a new study shows that picky eaters do exhibit definable preferences and mealtime behaviors.

Newcastle Brown Ale changes ingredient, causes consternation

Heineken, owners of Newcastle Brown Ale, has stated that it is removing the caramel coloring which gives the beer its distinctive 'brown' tint. This is to appease the U.S. market but it has created a fuss in the U.K. city that gives the ale its name.

Restaurant fines staff for swearing, yawning, stretching at work

One restaurant in Hong Kong has gotten rather feisty with its wait staff and listed strict new rules that they must follow, and if they don't they will be punished with stiff fines or even possibly be fired.

Breyers says 'No' to artificial growth hormones

Unilever has announced it is reformulating its Breyers brand of ice cream, making the decision to not use milk or cream from cows treated with the controversial growth hormone rBST.

Whistleblower criticizes USDA's high-speed inspection process

Last week, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) released affidavits from four USDA inspectors with the agency's high-speed inspection pilot program (HIMP) raising serious questions about the program.

Starbucks fans will go nuts over new coconut milk choice

On Wednesday, Starbucks confirmed that after months of testing, they will begin offering coconut milk as a non-dairy alternative in their stores nationwide on February 17.

Australia could be facing raw milk ban

Ministers responsible for food safety in Australia and New Zealand met this past week, and expressed "extreme concern" over raw milk being sold as "bath milk" with the disclaimer that the product was "not for human consumption."

'Atypical' case of mad cow disease confirmed in Norway

Authorities in Norway have confirmed the country's first ever case of mad cow disease on Thursday, but allayed the public's fears by saying the case was an isolated and atypical form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Review: Dining at the Oxo Tower Brassiere, London Special

London has many fine and interesting restaurants. One of the best is the Oxo Tower, located on the south bank. Digital Journal sampled the lunch menu on offer in the brasserie.

KFC rolls out the new 'Double Down Dog'

The latest addition to KFC's menu is the Double Down Dog, a hot dog covered in cheese sauce and wrapped in a piece of ... you guessed it. Fried chicken.

The remarkable chemistry of pizza (video)

Everyone enjoys pizza, right? As you tuck in to a slice, have you ever wondered what is happening in order make the slice so tasty? A new video explores the chemistry behind the cheese, tomato and dough.

Neraki named 'Best Greek Restaurant' on Long Island for 2nd year Special

The owners and staff of Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill have a major reason to be proud. It was named "Best Greek Restaurant" on Long Island for the second consecutive year.

Nabisco to release Red Velvet Oreos

After more than a year of development, Nabisco has finally announced that long-rumoured Red Velvet Oreos will be hitting store shelves in February.

Egg industry scrambling to meet demands of new Calif. law

Sunny-side up or over-easy, the cost of eggs in California has some people clucking loudly after seeing the price reach $6.00 a dozen in San Francisco this week. But advocates of the new egg law that went into affect Jan. 1 say things will improve.

Review: Fado in Huntington: Portuguese and American cuisine Special

To taste some of the best Portuguese food, a trip to Lisbon is not necessary. All one needs to do is dine at Fado in Huntington, New York.

The reason behind Chipotle's sudden pork shortage

Chipotle has stopped serving pork at hundreds of restaurants. The Mexican fast-casual chain pulled carnitas from menus after discovering that one of its meat suppliers was violating its animal-treatment standards.

Meat producers upset over USDA demands

Reports have surfaced that the advisory panel for the U.S. government's upcoming dietary guidelines may recommend less meat consumption, to the dismay of meat producers.

McDonald's is testing burgers that take 7 minutes to make

McDonald's is testing a customizable burger system that would make it more similar to a Five Guys or Shake Shack. And that includes a seven-minute average wait time, reports The Economist.