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The latest addition to KFC's menu is the Double Down Dog, a hot dog covered in cheese sauce and wrapped in a piece of ... you guessed it. Fried chicken.

The remarkable chemistry of pizza (video)

Everyone enjoys pizza, right? As you tuck in to a slice, have you ever wondered what is happening in order make the slice so tasty? A new video explores the chemistry behind the cheese, tomato and dough.

Neraki named 'Best Greek Restaurant' on Long Island for 2nd year Special

The owners and staff of Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill have a major reason to be proud. It was named "Best Greek Restaurant" on Long Island for the second consecutive year.

Nabisco to release Red Velvet Oreos

After more than a year of development, Nabisco has finally announced that long-rumoured Red Velvet Oreos will be hitting store shelves in February.

Egg industry scrambling to meet demands of new Calif. law

Sunny-side up or over-easy, the cost of eggs in California has some people clucking loudly after seeing the price reach $6.00 a dozen in San Francisco this week. But advocates of the new egg law that went into affect Jan. 1 say things will improve.

Review: Fado in Huntington: Portuguese and American cuisine Special

To taste some of the best Portuguese food, a trip to Lisbon is not necessary. All one needs to do is dine at Fado in Huntington, New York.

The reason behind Chipotle's sudden pork shortage

Chipotle has stopped serving pork at hundreds of restaurants. The Mexican fast-casual chain pulled carnitas from menus after discovering that one of its meat suppliers was violating its animal-treatment standards.

Meat producers upset over USDA demands

Reports have surfaced that the advisory panel for the U.S. government's upcoming dietary guidelines may recommend less meat consumption, to the dismay of meat producers.

McDonald's is testing burgers that take 7 minutes to make

McDonald's is testing a customizable burger system that would make it more similar to a Five Guys or Shake Shack. And that includes a seven-minute average wait time, reports The Economist.

That glass of white wine you're holding may actually be a red

Is there such a thing as white wine? A new scientific survey has revealed that white grapes also contain the pigments that give red wine its color.

McDonald's calls off fry rationing in Japan

Large and extra-large orders of McDonald's french fries will be back next month on restaurant menus in Japan, the company announced Friday.

The St. Lawrence Market: One of Toronto's Gems

Great cities have great food halls and Toronto is no exception to this rule. With 211 years of history, Canada's most compelling food hall never fails to surprise.

Canadian chef celebrates local food with his own stories Special

Canadian chef Jamie Kennedy made a name for himself in Canada's culinary world through his poetically simple approach to cuisine. A new cookbook finds the chef reflecting on four decades of cooking and the re-birth of local food culture.

Op-Ed: Benefits of slow juice diets

Juicing has become one of 2014's health trends. A new survey of consumer behaviors outlines some of the top juicing tips.

Review: Santorini Greek Restaurant in Merrick, New York Special

On December 20, I had the pleasure to dine at Santorini Restaurant, a Greek restaurant in the heart of Merrick, New York.

Discover what's so special about 'ancient grains'

The American food market has gone ga-ga over so-called "ancient grains" the last few years, so much so that one cereal maker has even taken its marketing to a new level. Is this only a fad, or will these old grains become part of the world's diet?

Op-Ed: Whisky review #6: Glenlivet Special

Digital Journal presents its sixth whisky review and one just in time for the wintry festive season. This time up it is one of the most popular single malts in the world - Glenlivet 12 year-old.

Caramel apple bacteria kills at least 4 in US

A listeria outbreak believed to originate from commercially packaged caramel apples has killed at least four people in the United States and sickened 28 people since November, officials said Friday.

Angela Muir MW assesses Croatian wine scene after Zagreb Vinocom Special

One of the world's leading wine experts is just back from a week in Croatia after Zagreb Vinocom. Master of Wine Angela Muir shared her thoughts on the Croatian wine scene.

Japanese restaurant turns X-Mas Eve into 'Singles Awareness Day'

PiaPia, a spaghetti restaurant outside Tokyo, is catering to lonely hearts as it turns Christmas Eve into "Singles Awareness Day" by barring all couples from dining that day.

California egg law will affect all of us after Jan. 1

Farmers nationwide wanting to sell eggs in California will have to be in compliance with the state's new egg law as of January 1, 2015. Otherwise known as Proposition 2, the law requires chicken cages to be roomier.

Macadamia nut sales soar in South Korea after 'nut rage' incident

When a Korean Air Lines executive caused a flight delay over the presentation of macadamia nuts, the news quickly spread around the world. And now the nut brand is seeing sales skyrocket in South Korea.

New shrimp frying method is literally explosive

In a video drawing attention worldwide, shrimp is fried in a way that has never been seen before. The shrimp is cooked by a one of a kind "Cooking Detonation Velocity Cannon."

Op-Ed: UN WFP suspends food vouchers for many Syrian refugees

More than 1.7 million Syrians have taken refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and even Egypt. The UN World Food Programme(WFP) has helped feed these refugees through a system of vouchers that can be used at local stores.

Grabovac shines as all things Imotski impress in Dalmatia Special

The relatively undiscovered wine region of Imotski is next on the list of the Zagreb Vinocom international press trip around Croatia.

Too many cranberries? USDA steps in to help with oversupply

Many of you enjoying Thanksgiving this week probably enjoyed a side dish of cranberry sauce or relish to go with your turkey and trimmings. However, what many of you may not know is that we have too many cranberries this year.