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Juicing has become one of 2014's health trends. A new survey of consumer behaviors outlines some of the top juicing tips.

Review: Santorini Greek Restaurant in Merrick, New York Special

On December 20, I had the pleasure to dine at Santorini Restaurant, a Greek restaurant in the heart of Merrick, New York.

Discover what's so special about 'ancient grains'

The American food market has gone ga-ga over so-called "ancient grains" the last few years, so much so that one cereal maker has even taken its marketing to a new level. Is this only a fad, or will these old grains become part of the world's diet?

Op-Ed: Whisky review #6: Glenlivet Special

Digital Journal presents its sixth whisky review and one just in time for the wintry festive season. This time up it is one of the most popular single malts in the world - Glenlivet 12 year-old.

Caramel apple bacteria kills at least 4 in US

A listeria outbreak believed to originate from commercially packaged caramel apples has killed at least four people in the United States and sickened 28 people since November, officials said Friday.

Angela Muir MW assesses Croatian wine scene after Zagreb Vinocom Special

One of the world's leading wine experts is just back from a week in Croatia after Zagreb Vinocom. Master of Wine Angela Muir shared her thoughts on the Croatian wine scene.

The 99-cheese pizza is ready for take-out

When movies have product placement as an element in the story, you can purchase the item on the shelf the next day . Now the 99-cheese pizza from this year's TMNT is available for take-out in Melbourne, Australia.

Japanese restaurant turns X-Mas Eve into 'Singles Awareness Day'

PiaPia, a spaghetti restaurant outside Tokyo, is catering to lonely hearts as it turns Christmas Eve into "Singles Awareness Day" by barring all couples from dining that day.

California egg law will affect all of us after Jan. 1

Farmers nationwide wanting to sell eggs in California will have to be in compliance with the state's new egg law as of January 1, 2015. Otherwise known as Proposition 2, the law requires chicken cages to be roomier.

Macadamia nut sales soar in South Korea after 'nut rage' incident

When a Korean Air Lines executive caused a flight delay over the presentation of macadamia nuts, the news quickly spread around the world. And now the nut brand is seeing sales skyrocket in South Korea.

New shrimp frying method is literally explosive

In a video drawing attention worldwide, shrimp is fried in a way that has never been seen before. The shrimp is cooked by a one of a kind "Cooking Detonation Velocity Cannon."

Op-Ed: UN WFP suspends food vouchers for many Syrian refugees

More than 1.7 million Syrians have taken refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and even Egypt. The UN World Food Programme(WFP) has helped feed these refugees through a system of vouchers that can be used at local stores.

Grabovac shines as all things Imotski impress in Dalmatia Special

The relatively undiscovered wine region of Imotski is next on the list of the Zagreb Vinocom international press trip around Croatia.

Too many cranberries? USDA steps in to help with oversupply

Many of you enjoying Thanksgiving this week probably enjoyed a side dish of cranberry sauce or relish to go with your turkey and trimmings. However, what many of you may not know is that we have too many cranberries this year.

Zagreb Vinocom press trip discovers the wines of Hvar, Croatia Special

The international press trip ahead of Zagreb Vinocom continues with a visit to the winemakers of Croatia's premier island of Hvar.

Restaurant apologizes for naming dessert 'Roofie Colada'

A Staten Island gastropub is apologizing after it drew some controversy over the name of one of its dessert choices: the "Roofie Colada."

Major international wine trip in Dalmatia ahead of Zagreb Vinocom Special

Ahead of Zagreb Vinocom, some 30 wine journalists from 18 countries embark on a tour of the vineyards of Dalmatia, Croatia.

An ancient health food is making a ridiculous comeback

America's newest health trend is really an ancient one: Bone broth. Proponents of the savory solution say it does everything from draw out toxins to sooth digestion and erase wrinkles. New Yorkers are shelling out up to $9 for to-go cups of the stuff.

Op-Ed: Let's talk turkey about your Thanksgiving turkey

Butterball has been a brand name associated with Thanksgiving since the 1940s, when one Ada Walker of Wyoming, Ohio trademarked the brand that was to become an American icon. As you sit down to eat it on Thursday, think about what you're doing first.

Starbucks pumpkin Spice Latte: No spice or pumpkin?

A recent investigation led by Vani Har of Food Babe revealed that your favorite pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks aren’t made with spices or pumpkin, but a food scientist thinks you might want to keep it that way.

Op-Ed: Starting Holidays early with Tea — it's not just a Dickens thing Special

As the morning rain gave way to sunshine this afternoon, the organizers and staff of the Great Dickens Christmas Fair opening today were pleased to host their annual 'High Tea' for members of the press and their guests at 2 PM.

No holiday hams this year- America's pigs are too fat

Consumers are going to be hard-pressed to find that seven-pound spiral-cut ham for the holiday table this year. With Americans consuming over half their annual pork intake during the holidays, rising prices and a shortage of hams makes the season bleak.

Over half of UK's fresh chicken found to be contaminated

Experts say consumers should be freezing chickens to reduce poisoning risks, after a food standards and hygiene agency reported high levels of the potentially lethal bug campylobacter, present in poultry sold at British supermarkets.

KFC Japan opening 'KFC Colonel's Cafe' in Kobe on Nov. 28

Japan's branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken is opening an upscale KFC coffee shop in Kobe Japan on November 28th, which will have upscale items.

Scotch whisky production resumes in Scotland's deep south

A little bit of whisky history was made in Scotland last weekend as the Annandale Distillery, near Annan, Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland’s far south, opened its doors to the public and resumed whisky production after a gap of 95 years.

World's dwindling chocolate supply linked to climate and disease

Candy bars, cakes and cookies are but a few of the foods we consume that often contain chocolate. Two very large chocolate makers, Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut, are now telling us we are eating too much of what is fast becoming an endangered product.

Cash-strapped Americans are abandoning restaurants

Americans are abandoning restaurants, with financial concerns named as the culprit. The popularity of take-out and prepared foods, like frozen pizzas, has partially contributed to the decline.

Coffee giant bows to customer demands on social media

When you settle in for a nice, hot eggnog latte at your local Starbucks cafe, you'll know who to thank, right? Twitter and Facebook got your back this time!

'Poutine a la burger' comes to Canada, a la Burger King

Say what you will about poutine, but Canada's answer to fast food is not only delicious, but full of fattening comfortable bliss. Burger King already has poutine on the menu in Canada, but for a limited time only, they're adding a chopped up Whopper.

Peskafondo 2014 successful addition to late-season Hvar, Croatia Special

The tourist season in Croatia continues with an international squid-fishing championship on the exclusive island of Hvar.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #5: Monkey's Shoulder Special

With the fifth our whisky reviews we move into central Scotland to the region Speyside to try Monkey's Shoulder. This whisky is quite special, consisting of three whiskies blended together.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #4: Talisker Special

Full bodied and smoky is perhaps the best way to sum up Talisker ten year old. It is a strong tasting whisky from the Scottish islands. Read on to see what Digital Journal makes of this dram.

Just in time for Veterans Day, 'First Class Camouflage' ice cream

Baskin-Robbins has taken patriotism to an all-time high this month with the introduction of their newest military-inspired ice cream. Called "First Class Camouflage," the ice cream colors are the traditional military BDU brown, tan and green.

A menu of St. Augustine, Florida restaurants to choose from Special

Restaurants in the oldest city in America feature everything from luscious seafood to traditional Cuban and Spanish favorites served in Florida’s oldest restaurant. The selections showcased will make your mouth water.

America Cooks with Chefs reveals its new contestants

Health and wellness body “America Cooks with Chefs” has announced the six contestants who will be paired with professional chefs to participate in a challenge to create the best delicious and healthy dish - the 800 calorie challenge.

Burger King is bringing beef-free Whoppers to India

Next month Burger King will arrive in India, and diners will have the chance to eat the newest version of its Whopper sandwich, but it will be a beef-free version.

'Piure' — Possibly the world’s most outlandish seafood Special

It looks like a bag of blood inside a stone. Some people compare its flavour to that of sea-urchin; others define it as “bitter and soapy,” and its smell as “sweaty underarms.” Loaded with iodine and iron, the taste of piure defies description.

GrowlTap, a way to keep craft beer fresh

Robert Scott, from Denver, has invented a handy device that turns a glass growler into a mini keg. This allows beer lovers to drink their craft beer at their own pace, which means that the beer does not need to be consumed in one sitting.

Junk food banned in schools in Poland

Lawmakers in Poland decided to ban junk food in schools in an effort to reduce the obesity rates among children. The ban will go into effect next school year.

Fast & Furious food delivery from McDonald's in Melbourne (Video)

For the ultimate in fast food, McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia is now making deliveries. In fact, pretty flashy deliveries, as customers' burgers and fries arrive by either a red Ferrari F430 Spider or a white luxury Lamborghini.

Master of Wine gets to work on Hvar: Interview with Jo Ahearne MW Special

The wine scene in Croatia received a boost this autumn as former Harrods head wine buyer Jo Ahearne moved to Hvar to make her own wine. Digital Journal went to meet her.