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Husi Food is a major supplier of meat and other products for a variety of businesses. Factories belonging to the company closed due to reports of tainted meat. New allegations have also arisen that Starbucks and Burger King used this meat.

Op-Ed: Controversial ‘homemade food law’ in France has chefs skeptical

A new French law requires all restaurants to add the phrase "Les plats 'fait maison' sont élaborés sur place à partir de produits bruts" (Homemade dishes are made on site from raw produce) to their menus.

Is your palate ready to try Gummy Bear Bratwurst?

Gummy Bear Bratwurst is exactly what you think it is; Gummy Bears mixed into sausage. The dish itself incorporates extremely sweet and very savory flavors into each bite.

Lay's announces 'Do Us a Flavor' contest with 'Cappuchipos'

Are you someone who loves to eat your cappuccino? No? Well you can tell Lay's to go with one of the other flavors in their "Do Us a Flavor" event.

Hershey increases chocolate prices after 3 years

Fans of Hershey products are going to have to pay a bit more for their favorite sugary confections. An average raise in price of 8% just happened. The cost had previously stayed at the same level since 2011.

Superfoods could actually be bad for you

The hype about taking in certain foods that were lab tested and getting rid of things that can be "bad" for you may actually make your diet worse, a new study shows.

Video: Researchers use molten metal to grill a meal

Culinary researchers at Bompas & Parr performed an experiment with a makeshift grill which used a superheated stream to cook a steak with some corn. The results were mixed but it made for an impressive video.

How a variety of foods help medics to train

Cafe au lait, port wine and anchovy sauce are among a strange mix of foods that help doctors diagnose disease. Descriptions of different foods run through any medical textbooks, helping trainee doctors to spot medical signs and symptoms.

Caviar captures attention of foodies and investors alike

Looking for a top-flight meal without the hassle of going out to a top-flight restaurant? Look no further than Caviar, a two-year old start-up that’s looking to cement its grip on delivering meals from only the finest metropolitan restaurants.

Op-Ed: Hops History event displays that San Francisco is a beer town Special

For centuries beer has been the beverage of the people and it comes as little surprise that for most of the 19th and well into the 20th Century, America was one of the largest producers of beer.

Pilot buys pizza for all passengers on delayed plane

A manager at a Domino's Pizza in Cheyenne, Wyoming, received an order from a Frontier Airlines pilot, who wanted to feed passengers that were stuck on a delayed plane.

Cupcake bakery 'Crumbs' closes suddenly and completely

Workers at the Crumbs cupcake bakery, quite popular in New York and surrounding areas, were surprised to suddenly have no job. While sudden closures are not unusual they do make waves in the media and put people out of work.

Customers order with sign language in Canada's only 'deaf' diner

At this Toronto restaurant, most of the servers have limited or no hearing and only take their orders in American Sign Language.

Review: Ginger — Tasty treats near the beach in Fuengirola, Spain Special

A new eatery has opened up in Los Boliches in Fuengirola on the sunny Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Named Ginger Food and Drinks, they are an international restaurant, offering delicious meals to suit all tastes.

Smartphones used for drink mixing and blending

A new use of the smartphone has been developed and one in keeping with summertime: using an app to help blend drinks and guide people to develop new and exciting cocktails.

Why that fast-food burger you just ate includes wood pulp

Many fast-food items produced by leading global brands include the oft-overlooked ingredient microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or "powdered cellulose." It's better known as wood pulp.

Coffee Q and A on the Keurig 2.0 and future Hot/Cold Keurigs Special

We contacted one of the minds behind the Keurig 2.0, Dave Manly, Senior Vice President, Core Systems Innovation at Keurig Green Mountain. He worked with others at the company to create a new, robust form of coffee maker with specialized brewing settings.

Long John Silver's plans to give it away on Saturday

Free food! The venerable Long John Silver's seafood restaurant chain will offer a free menu item on Saturday to celebrate its 45 years in business.

Vancouver man creates resume on a 4-pack of craft beer Special

A Vancouver man combined his two passions — graphic design and home brewing — to create a one-of-a-kind resume that he has called "Resume-Ale."

Video: Locals question Krogers on store quality and get results

The Food 4 Less was the only grocery store for the Euclid Avenue community. Over the years food quality had fallen despite the store being managed by the grocery giant Krogers. Shoppers came to executives with complaints and they were answered.

Organic Sonoma produce opens crepes and coffee brunch place Special

Focusing on a very simple menu of crepes, coffee and salad, The Divewalk Cafe is open only for three days a week. "That's just for now to get started," said owner Lorene Reed

Study: Fortified cereal may endanger kids with megadoses

A new report from a food-related political action group is calling cereal manufacturers to task for putting too many vitamins and minerals in food. Those involved say it is a risk factor for developing children.

Op-Ed: As landmark restaurant closes, is it au revoir to French cuisine? Special

As a landmark restaurant, the Fleur de Lys closes this coming June 28, food critics are wondering "does this indicate a decline in traditional French cuisine?"

Ikizukuri — For some, seafood that is ‘too fresh’ to eat

"Live sushi", known in Japan as Ikizukuri, consists in preparing and serving live animals. Considered as the ‘freshest fish dish in the world’, Ikizukuri is usually prepared with fish, but live frogs, octopus, and crustaceans are also in the menu.

Cooking crayfish? Do it quickly

A new report indicates that cryafish and other crustaceans feel pain and suffer with anxiety. Based on this, it is best to cook the creatures quickly to minimize suffering.

Jelly Belly launches the first alcohol-free draft beer jelly bean

It took them three years to do it but they did it - Jelly Belly Candy Company crafted the world's first ever beer flavored jelly bean.

Op-Ed: Bubbles for summer are in sparkling wine, not just soda Special

Like the lyrics in the Gershwin tune, "Summer time and the living is easy," what can be more relaxing and refreshing about summer time than a cool drink. Usually when most people think cool drink, they grab for a beer or a soda. But what about wine?

Ghost pepper candy will burn your mouth

The ThinkGeek staff are promoting a candy made with components of the incredibly hot ghost pepper. Fans are coughing their approval from charred mouths and throats.

Seven health snacks for summer Special

With the summer heat in full swing, unhealthy snacks like ice cream look attractive. There are, however, plenty of delicious alternatives that will give you more energy and vitamins. Digital Journal spoke to a top nutritionist to find out more.

Op-Ed: Vella Cheese of Sonoma is home to a 'dry jack' sealed with cocoa Special

Away from the town square or plaza is the other cheese maker in town, Vella Cheese Company who like the Sonoma Cheese Factory was also founded in 1931. But uniquely Vella has its own signature cheese

ICYMI: First there were beer slushies, now you can make your own

Japanese beer slushie innovator Kirin Ichiban launches the home-sized frozen brew machine, less than two years since his frosty beverages hit the scene.

Saputo rejects milk from abused cattle

The food conglomerate Saputo has turned down milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales. This comes after a video detailing horrific animal abuse by those involved with the cattle company.

The 100-year-old scientific way to cut a birthday cake (Video)

For years we have all been cutting cakes the totally wrong way. Our method leaves us with two dry edges on our cake the next day. Using this 100-year-old and far more scientific way just makes so much more delicious sense.

Black coffee helps to clean your teeth

A cup of strong coffee helps to kick start many people's days. Scientists have found that it may have the added benefit - cleaning your teeth.

What's in that beer? Anheuser-Busch reveals list of ingredients

Anheuser-Busch revealed the ingredients used to make Budweiser and Bud Light beers after food blogger, Vani Hari, started a petition, gathering 44,000 signatures the same day.

Op-Ed: Zombie bees terrorize Bushwick

Near Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the bees, like the freaks, come out at night. Earlier today the whole neighborhood was abuzz with talk of swarming bees near Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore St.

Op-Ed: Got Milk? Camel milk, that is

When we think of milk, especially fresh milk, visions of dairy cows, goats and grocery store milk cartons come to mind. Can you imagine going out every day to milk a camel or pouring fresh, cold camel milk over your morning cereal?

Evidence of 'super bacteria' found in North American squid

A strain of bacteria which is resistant to most normal antibiotics was discovered at a grocery store in Saskatoon, Canada. This has some troubling implications for food safety.

Original Unverpackt: The no-waste, package-free grocery story

Original Unverpackt is the first supermarket in Germany to go package-free and help reduce the amount of waste produced by consumers.

Coca-Cola could be sued over juice drink label

The U.S. Supreme Court has said that soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola can be sued over a juice drink label. The product under question is "Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Blend of Five Juices."

Camel milk: Is it the new wonder food of the future?

If Dr. Frank King of Ashville, North Carolina has his way, camel milk will become America's latest "trendy drink." Give him a few minutes and he will expound on this super-food's many benefits.
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