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Portland, Maine-based Barber Foods is recalling 58,320 pounds of frozen, raw, stuffed chicken breasts that may be contaminated with Salmonella enteritides.

Video: Fun recipes for the Fourth of July Commissioned

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, chances are you're also thinking about some festive food from the occasion. A video series has some simple and fun suggestions.

Ciguatera fish poisoning in Florida under reported

As if people don't have enough food borne illnesses to worry about, now we find there is another illness. It's called Ciguatera toxin poisoning. It is estimated that the number of cases of this food borne illness has been greatly under-reported

Canadians warned of possible Salmonella risk from breaded chicken

Canadian consumers are being warned of a possible risk of Salmonella infection from handling, cooking or eating frozen, raw, breaded poultry parts. The warning comes after tracking 44 cases of Salmonellosis across the country.

Op-Ed: Michigan food safety bills targets Aramark Correctional Services

Michigan's prison food contractor, Aramark Correctional Services, is the focus of a pair of bipartisan bills that would require food safety inspections of prison kitchens. The bills were prompted by reports of maggots in the food served to prisoners.

Niagara bottled water recalled due to E. coli concerns

Possible E. coli contamination has been found in water bottled under the Niagara brand name. The Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture, Environmental Protection (DEP), and Health are advising consumers not to drink the bottled water.

Using technology to go up against the Khapra beetle

Khapra beetles are a serious threat to food safety around the globe. They can destroy a significant portion of stored grains due to their "dirty eating" habits. They are difficult to control, and can survive anywhere, as long as it is warm.

A strange tale of ketchup and pornography

Heinz has issued an apology after a QR code on a bottle of its famous ketchup directed users to a pornography site, rather than to the intended product information section on the company's own website.

Major supermarkets recall gluten-free products

A number of supermarkets in the U.K. have pulled their own brand gluten-free and 'free from' products after a potential cross-contamination issue was reported, leading to the products possibly containing gluten.

Op-Ed: Ongoing budget cuts are putting food safety at risk

In 2010, Congress passed a sweeping food safety law that gave the FDA broader powers in preventing foodborne illness outbreaks. But with all the new powers allowed, Congress failed to give enough funding to the agency to carryout the new laws.

US 'phenomenally thirsty' for wine: Experts

The American wine market, already the world's biggest, still has "phenomenal" potential for growth if handled with care, US wine professionals said this week at the world's leading wine fair, Vinexpo.

Local gin kills 70 in Nigeria: Health officials

About 70 people have died in Nigeria's oil-rich south after consuming home-brewed gin that was found to contain large amounts of methanol, senior health officials said on Wednesday.

Will trans fat get banned in the U.S?

The Food and Drug Administration ruled Tuesday that artificial trans fat will be removed from the United States food supply within the next three years.

Trans fat is not safe and must be removed from food: US

Partially hydrogenated oils, known as artificial trans fats, are not safe to eat and must be removed from the food supply in the next three years, US regulators said Tuesday.

Understanding the logistics of food-borne illnesses

The CDC released its latest summary of food-borne illnesses in the U.S., and 2013 saw 818 reported cases of food-borne illness outbreaks, being consistent with the 800 to 850 cases reported each year for the last four years.

Nestle challenges noodles ban in Indian court

Nestle said Thursday it is challenging a ban imposed by India on its hugely popular Maggi instant noodles brand after tests showed they contained excessive levels of lead.

FSIS: Netherlands to sell liquid, dried and frozen eggs to U.S.

For the first time since 2002, the United States will begin importing eggs from the Netherlands. The move comes as a result of a shortage of liquid eggs used in commercial establishments and the manufacturing of products containing eggs.

Avian flu causes Egg prices to rise higher than a chicken can fly

Soaring egg prices are now being seen across the country as H5N2 avian influenza has devastated poultry producers in 16 Midwestern states and Canada. As of June 5, there have been 217 confirmed locations, affecting 46,741,393 birds.

Op-Ed: Will the world have to kiss its favorite banana goodbye?

For the last six decades, banana crops in Latin America have flourished after nearly being wiped out by a nasty disease. Now there are worries that a more virulent strain of the same disease may wipe out the world's favorite banana — the Cavendish.

Op-Ed: Veterinary Feed Directive final rule is issued by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday published its final rule for its Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). This now brings the use of antibiotics in livestock under veterinary supervision.

Moscow restaurants embrace Russian cuisine

Ginger pickles, soup with cabbage and porcini, and reindeer tartare: as economic troubles take a bite out of imported food, Russian restaurants are increasingly turning to local delicacies.

Restaurant of three Spanish brothers named world's best

Spain's "El Celler de Can Roca" was crowned the world's best restaurant on Monday, winning praise for the "collective genius" of the three brothers who run it.

McDonald's hopes small changes make big difference

Even after decades of profits, America’s most-enduring contribution to world cuisine — McDonald’s — proved again this week it is not immune to self-examination and self-improvement.

Review: Corfu Grill is an authentic Greek kitchen in Forest Hills Special

To taste some of the best Greek food in Queens, New York, all one needs to do is take a train ride, drive or bus to Corfu Grill in Forest Hills.

Faster tests for Listeria detection are hitting the market

Food manufacturers have been looking for a faster way to detect Listeria monocytogenes. Current methods of detection often take several days before results are returned, but new tests have been developed that take just a few minutes.

Summer food safety tips for a healthy Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day is set aside to remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives to ensure America's freedom. It is also the unofficial start of summer, and many Americans will celebrate with cookouts, picnics and other food-related activities.

Bolivian soldiers kneading dough at army barracks

The Bolivian Army will produce 70,000 loaves of bread daily to alleviate the shortage caused by the bakers strike that began Monday in La Paz and El Alto. The bakers’ unions reject the withdrawal of state subsidies to wheat flour in effect since 2011.

FDA insists that mechanically tenderized beef is marked-up

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put in place measures where mechanically tenderized beef sold in the U.S. must be clearly labeled.

Most milk in India fails quality standards

A report from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India indicates that over 68 percent of milk sold to consumers is substandard. In some cases milk has been adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil.

Dairy Queen to nix pop from kid's menu

Fast food giant Dairy Queen will cease prominently displaying soda pop as part of its available kid's menu options, in a move announced earlier this week.

Poultry recalled because of unapproved chemical in processing

AA Poultry Processing LLC of Ridgeland, Wisconsin is recalling approximately 2,191 pounds of chicken products and 21 pounds of turkey products because of the use of an unapproved chemical in the production process.

Campylobacter in UK — FSA launches 'Chicken Challenge 2015'

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the U.K. The Food Standards Agency, in a new study estimates that 280,000 people fell ill with Campylobacter food poisoning in 2014.

Olive Garden is getting breadstick sandwiches

Olive Garden is going to experiment with breadstick sandwiches, investor Jeff Smith of Starboard Value said Sunday on Wall Street Week.

Domoic acid poisoning alert along Washington, Oregon coastline

Oregon and Washington state health officials issued a warning on Friday asking recreational and commercial diggers of razor clams taken from selected beaches on Thursday and Friday to be destroyed due to high levels of the marine toxin, domoic acid.

Op-Ed: Confusion over when FDA knew about Listeria at Blue bell facility

I don't know which is worse, finding out Blue bell has had problems with Listeria in its facility since 2013, or the FDA saying today it "was not aware of these findings" before doing their own investigation this year. It's scary.

Iceland facing meat shortage amid veterinarian strikes

Iceland is on the brink of a meat shortage as the nation's meat processing industry has ground to a halt due to a veterinarian strike. Veterinarians have been on strike since April 20, and are demanding higher wages.

Why is Listeria showing up more often in food recalls?

Listeria monpcytogenes, a food-borne pathogen has been the cause of 18 food recalls since March 1, 2015. Of the 88 total recalls during the same period of time, Listeria accounted for about 20 percent of the total.