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Sanctions and nuclear plants are not the only bones of contention between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: while the US president likes his steaks well done, the North Korean leader has rarer tastes.

Do you want fries with your North Korea-US summit?

One of the closest things to an example of American culture in Pyongyang is the Green Leaf Coffee Shop -- the top burger joint in the North Korean capital.

Review: Neraki — Where the panini meets the pita bread in 'The Evia' Special

To taste the best Greek lunch on Long Island, all one has to do is pay a visit to Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill in Huntington, New York.

Woman dies after eating at Michelin-star restaurant in Spain

A woman who died after eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain may have suffered food poisoning, a local court said on Friday.

Review: Top Hat Oyster Bar and French Quarter Kitchen on Long Island Special

On February 21, this journalist was afforded the privilege to dine at Top Hat Oyster Bar and French Quarter Kitchen in Bellmore on Long Island.

Tiny S. Africa beach restaurant crowned best in world

A tiny beach restaurant in an isolated South African fishing village was named the best in the world on Monday.

Women enter the select male world of Spanish ham cutters

In Spain, cutting "jamon" is a fully-fledged job that brings prestige and money, a man's world which women are only just starting to take on.

Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

In a lush field in the heart of the Japanese mountains, a herd of glossy black cows roam happily -- prime examples of the area's Hida brand of wagyu beef.
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