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Memorial Day is set aside to remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives to ensure America's freedom. It is also the unofficial start of summer, and many Americans will celebrate with cookouts, picnics and other food-related activities.

Bolivian soldiers kneading dough at army barracks

The Bolivian Army will produce 70,000 loaves of bread daily to alleviate the shortage caused by the bakers strike that began Monday in La Paz and El Alto. The bakers’ unions reject the withdrawal of state subsidies to wheat flour in effect since 2011.

FDA insists that mechanically tenderized beef is marked-up

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put in place measures where mechanically tenderized beef sold in the U.S. must be clearly labeled.

Most milk in India fails quality standards

A report from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India indicates that over 68 percent of milk sold to consumers is substandard. In some cases milk has been adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil.

Dairy Queen to nix pop from kid's menu

Fast food giant Dairy Queen will cease prominently displaying soda pop as part of its available kid's menu options, in a move announced earlier this week.

Poultry recalled because of unapproved chemical in processing

AA Poultry Processing LLC of Ridgeland, Wisconsin is recalling approximately 2,191 pounds of chicken products and 21 pounds of turkey products because of the use of an unapproved chemical in the production process.

Campylobacter in UK — FSA launches 'Chicken Challenge 2015'

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the U.K. The Food Standards Agency, in a new study estimates that 280,000 people fell ill with Campylobacter food poisoning in 2014.

Olive Garden is getting breadstick sandwiches

Olive Garden is going to experiment with breadstick sandwiches, investor Jeff Smith of Starboard Value said Sunday on Wall Street Week.

Domoic acid poisoning alert along Washington, Oregon coastline

Oregon and Washington state health officials issued a warning on Friday asking recreational and commercial diggers of razor clams taken from selected beaches on Thursday and Friday to be destroyed due to high levels of the marine toxin, domoic acid.

Op-Ed: Confusion over when FDA knew about Listeria at Blue bell facility

I don't know which is worse, finding out Blue bell has had problems with Listeria in its facility since 2013, or the FDA saying today it "was not aware of these findings" before doing their own investigation this year. It's scary.

Iceland facing meat shortage amid veterinarian strikes

Iceland is on the brink of a meat shortage as the nation's meat processing industry has ground to a halt due to a veterinarian strike. Veterinarians have been on strike since April 20, and are demanding higher wages.

Why is Listeria showing up more often in food recalls?

Listeria monpcytogenes, a food-borne pathogen has been the cause of 18 food recalls since March 1, 2015. Of the 88 total recalls during the same period of time, Listeria accounted for about 20 percent of the total.

Review: Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill has savory sweet delights Special

At Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill there is always something new to try, not only for their meals, but also for their desserts.

Apple slices recall in Canada for Listeria, one reported illness

Sun Rich Fresh Foods, Inc. on Thursday announced it has voluntarily recalled sliced apple products produced at its Brampton, Ontario facility because of possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

Nearly 10 menu items no longer available at McDonald's

Fast food giant McDonald's has reduced the size of its menu by close to 10 items in an effort to more efficiently serve its patrons.

Tyson Foods to end use of antibiotics in poultry by 2017

The nation's largest poultry producer, Tyson Foods, announced on Tuesday they plan to eliminate the use of human antibiotics in its chicken flocks by September 2017. The move signifies a major shift in the poultry industry.

Problem solved -- Starbucks stores reopen in U.S. and Canada

More than 8,000 Starbucks cafes in the U.S. and Canada reopened Saturday after being shut down the day before because of a computer failure.

Over half of U.S. frozen shrimp contaminated with bacteria

America's love affair with shrimp has grown by leaps and bounds, to the point that we eat three times the amount we did 35 years ago. Today, we eat on average four pounds of shrimp per person annually. But 60 percent of that shrimp is contaminated.

Europe's police crack massive horsemeat tracking ring

Police from seven European countries detained 26 people and seized hundreds of horse passports in a crackdown against a Europe-wide horsemeat trafficking ring, the EU's judicial agency Eurojust said Saturday.

Unusual ice cream recalls raise questions over food safety

Major recalls from two popular ice cream companies have raised a number of important questions about how Listeria bacteria could have gotten into the manufacturing plants, and if the two could be related.

Second voluntary ice cream recall — Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams announced Wednesday it was recalling all of its ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches in all flavors and containers because of the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes.

Sweet potatoes are naturally 'genetically modified'

Scientists have serendipitously established that sweet potatoes naturally contain genes from a bacterium. Due to the presence of “foreign” DNA, a research report calls sweet potatoes the “natural GM food.”

Make an ice cream cone out of Fruity Pebbles cereal

Fans of Fruity Pebbles cereal can make an ice cream cone from the cereal. Nick from Dude Foods has already created a cone from Fruity Pebbles.

Blue Bell Creameries expands recall to include all products

Saying all their products have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, Blue Bell Creameries has expanded their recall to include everything currently on the market made at all their plants.

China considering harsh regulations for infant formulas

China's State Council is considering an amendment to the current advertising law that would prohibit advertising of infant milk formulas. The ban on ads for infant formula is an attempt to tackle the low levels of breast-feeding across the country.

Multiple raw milk product recalls in the U.S. this week

Contaminated raw milk and cream is in the news again this week, with two state's issuing recalls. A Washington state dairy and a Pennsylvania dairy are at the center of the recalls.

E. coli could be linked to leafy greens in Canada says PHAC

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is investigating a mysterious outbreak of E. coli infections across Canada. So far, 12 cases have popped up, and all seem to be related to the consumption of leafy green vegetables.

Heinz recall: Chicken with Broth baby food over loss of seal

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), announced Wednesday morning that Heinz is recalling their 100 ml size jars of Chicken with Broth baby food because of possible spoilage concerns.

Beech-Nut recalls 1,920 pounds of baby food because of glass

Beech-Nut is voluntarily recalling about 1,920 pounds of its "Stage 2" Classic Sweet Potato & Chicken after a single incident was reported of finding a piece of glass in a 4-ounce glass jar.

Some McDonald's are now accepting Taco Bell receipts as payment

Some Pennsylvania McDonald's restaurants are allowing customers to exchange Taco Bell breakfast receipts for a free Egg McMuffin.

EU moves closer to counting calories in alcoholic drinks

Health conscious tipplers may be closer to finding out just how many calories they are imbibing as consumer advocates push for EU nutritional labelling on alcoholic drinks in the face of strong industry resistance.

UK retailers begin offering ‘Roast in the Bag’ whole chickens

Consumers across the United Kingdom will soon be bringing home a chicken for Sunday supper, but won't have to do much more than turn the oven on. UK food company Moy Park is introducing the bagged whole chickens.

Lunching at the Grim's Dyke, restaurant review Special

Grim's Dyke is a splendid Victorian manor house located in North London. The house is used for jazz, comedy and opera themed nights. It also has a very good restaurant, which Digital Journal has reviewed.

Specialty restaurant enriching Regina's culinary landscape Special

Home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the City of Regina is the commercial and cultural hub of Southern Saskatchewan as well as the Capital City of the expansive, oil-rich, Prairie Province. It is located roughly 250 km north of the US border.

Sabra recalls 30,000 cases of hummus over Listeria fears

In the second recall of a food product this week, Virginia-based Sabra Dipping Co. LLC is voluntarily recalling 30,000 cases of its Classic Hummus over possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Mutations account for variations in grape color

Variations in the color of wine grapes of the Pinot family are due to naturally-occurring genetic mutations. These mutations switch certain genes on and off according to a new study.

Public health risk causes Blue Bell to expand ice cream recall

In a news release on April 7, 2015, Brenham, Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries has announced it is expanding the recall of products that were produced at its Broken Arrow, Okla. facility because of possible Listeria contamination.

Cafflano Klassic — travel mug that grinds and brews fresh coffee

Enjoy drinking coffee on the go? Like your coffee fresh? Want your coffee freshly ground? Never have time to prepare the real thing? Real coffee lovers - a new travel mug that is a portable coffee maker may be just what you have been waiting for.

CFIA recalls Kirkland Brand and Sobeys chicken salads

Recall notices have been issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for Kirkland's Signature roasted chicken salad and Sobeys in-store prepared chicken salad due to possible contamination of the product with Listeria monocytogenes.

Your Chesapeake blue crab cakes may be fakes

The iconic Chesapeake Bay blue crab cake is much sought after by locals and tourists alike. The distinctive fresh-caught flavor is the crab cake's best selling point. But guess what? Over one-third of the crab meat in some crab cakes comes from overseas.

Health claims of Coke Life disputed

Coke Life is a relatively new addition to the Coca-Cola range of beverages. It is targeted at those who want less sugar in their diet; however, health campaigners claim it is sugar-laden.
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