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A rare species of frog native to the eastern slopes of the Bolivian Andes has been spotted in the South American country for the first time in 18 years, the investigation team that made the discovery told AFP.

Big increase in potent greenhouse gases reported

A new study finds that levels of potent greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere have been increasing. The upward trajectory contrasts earlier reports which had signalled a reduction. The new data raises environmental concerns.

Residents fear aftershocks more than cold after Turkey quake

A dozen people bundled up in colourful blankets crouched around a makeshift fire in eastern Turkey. It is an icy night in Elazig and Esra Kasapoglu shivers but she says "it's out of the question to return home.

Record southeastern Brazil rainstorms kill 30

At least 30 people have been killed in two days of intense storms in southeastern Brazil, the Minas Gerais state Civil Defense office said Saturday.

Powerful quake kills 21 in eastern Turkey

A powerful earthquake has killed at least 21 people and injured more than 1,000 in eastern Turkey, as rescue teams searched through the rubble of collapsed buildings for survivors on Saturday.

Locusts the latest curse of East Africa weather extremes

Billions of locusts swarming through East Africa are the result of extreme weather swings and could prove catastrophic for a region still reeling from drought and deadly floods, experts said Friday.

In Spain, toll rises to 10 dead as Storm Gloria ebbs

The death toll from a violent storm which has wrought havoc on huge swathes of Spain's eastern and southern coastline rose to 10 on Thursday as rescuers searched for four missing people.

Three American crew killed as firefighting plane crashes in Australia

Three American crew helping to battle Australia's devastating bushfires were killed Thursday when their water-bombing plane crashed in mountainous terrain during a sortie to tackle another outbreak of the deadly blazes.

High alert for new Australia bushfires as heat and winds pick up

Australian firefighters are on high alert for the possibility that scorching temperatures and strong winds could whip up new bushfires on Thursday, coming after rain brought welcome respite to fire-ravaged areas.

Platypus: On the brink of extinction

A new research report flags an urgent issue relating to the remaining platypus population. The study says that action is urgently needed to minimize the risk of the platypus vanishing entirely, as the result of habitat destruction to dams and weirs.

Spain joins over two dozen countries — Declares climate emergency

Spain’s new government declared a national climate emergency on Tuesday, joining over two dozen countries, stating that they will send legislation to parliament within 100 days to address the issue.

Bangladesh factories ordered shut to save key river

Bangladesh's high court has ordered the shutdown of 231 factories that have contributed to Dhaka's main river becoming one of the world's most polluted, a lawyer said Tuesday.

Weather 'merry-go-round' poses new risks for fire-ravaged Australia

A "merry-go-round" of extreme weather was hampering efforts by firefighters in Australia to tackle unprecedented bushfires that have killed at least 29 people and devastated vast swathes of the country.

Earthquake-hit Puerto Rico investigates unused emergency supplies

Protests broke out in earthquake-hit Puerto Rico on Monday as a judicial investigation was opened into the weekend discovery of unused emergency supplies leftover from the devastating Hurricane Maria.

Climate crisis could justify asylum claims: UN committee

Governments that send refugees back to countries severely affected by climate change could be in breach of their human rights obligations, a UN committee said on Monday.

Malaysia sends tons of plastic waste back to 13 countries

Malaysia has sent back 150 shipping containers (3,737 metric tons) of plastic waste to rich countries including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Canada, insisting it won't be the "garbage dump" of the world.

UN ruling on climate refugees a legal 'tipping-point'

It is unlawful for governments to return people to countries where their lives might be threatened by the climate crisis, a landmark ruling by the United Nations human rights committee has found.

Pyrenees glaciers 'doomed', experts warn

Glaciers nestled in the lofty crags of the Pyrenees mountains separating France and Spain could disappear within 30 years as temperatures rise, upending ecosystems while putting local economies at risk, scientists say.

Australia fires 'devastating habitats' of endangered species

Australia's bushfires and other climate change effects are devastating the habitats of critically endangered species and driving the native platypus towards extinction, according to surveys highlighting the country's vulnerability to rising temperature...

China moves on takeout containers in bid to reduce plastic waste

China will ban non-degradable plastic bags in major cities and single-use straws from restaurants by the end of this year in a bid to cut down on waste.

Evacuation crackdown ordered as Philippine volcano 'recharges'

Philippine authorities ordered a crackdown Monday on evacuees' daily visits to their homes in the danger zone around Taal volcano as scientists warned it could be "recharging" for a more powerful explosion.

Dust storms and giant hail batter bushfire-weary Australia

"Apocalyptic" dust storms swept across drought-stricken areas of Australia over the weekend, with thunder and giant hail battering the east coast, as extreme weather patterns collided in the bushfire-fatigued country.

Threatened species hit hard by Australia's bushfires

Australia's bushfires have burned more than half the known habitat of 100 threatened plants and animals, including 32 critically endangered species, the government said Monday.

Climate activists march on Davos

Hundreds of climate activists, young and old, embarked on a three-day march on Sunday to the make their voices heard at the 50th World Economic Forum in the Swiss town of Davos.

Ruling — Youth cannot sue federal government over climate crisis

The ninth circuit court of appeals ordered the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by 21 youth plaintiffs against the federal government over the climate crisis, citing concerns about separation of powers.

Lost and damaged: Philippine volcano steals livelihoods

Decimated fish, scarred coffee plants and vanished tourists: the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines has inflicted significant damage on the livelihoods of tens of thousands and is expected to cause more.

Tropical Maldives seeking funds as islands at risk of sinking

The tropical Maldives may lose entire islands unless it can quickly access cheap financing to fight the impact of climate change, its foreign minister said.

Mega-snowstorm, whiteout conditions shuts down St. John's

Not all winter weather is created equal and some parts of Canada are getting hit harder than others. St John's, the capital of Newfoundland & Labrador, along with two neighboring municipalities, has declared a state of emergency.

Why buying less is better than buying green

New research looks into what is ultimately better for the planet - buying less or keeping spending at current levels and buying environmentally-friendly commodities. The answer is to buy less items.

Japan court halts nuclear reactor restart citing volcano, quake risks

A Japanese nuclear reactor near a fault line must remain shut because of the risk of its being struck by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a high court ordered on Friday.

Fiji cyclone leaves two missing, 119 in emergency shelter

A father and daughter were swept away in a swollen stream as Tropical Cyclone Tino caused widespread flooding in Fiji, forcing more than 100 people to take refuge in evacuation centres.

Trophy hunt of protected Alpine ibex sparks Swiss debate

A woman wearing a bright orange vest aims her rifle and on her second shot, a large Alpine ibex with majestic curved horns collapses in the snow.

Amazon tribes meet to counter Bolsonaro environmental threats

Several dozen indigenous leaders and representatives of Amazon communities have gathered in the heart of the threatened rainforest to form an alliance against Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro's environmental policy and his threats to throw their homelan...

Relief as rain falls over Australian bushfires

Heavy rain fell across parts of fire-ravaged eastern Australia on Thursday and more wet weather was forecast, giving some relief following months of catastrophic blazes fuelled by climate change.

Relief as rain falls over Australian bushfires

Rain fell across parts of bushfire-ravaged eastern Australia on Thursday and more wet weather was forecast, giving some relief following months of catastrophic blazes fuelled by climate change.

Record-breaking heatwave in 2014-2016 killed one million seabirds

Between the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016, tens of thousands of seabirds washed up on Pacific beaches from Alaska all the way down to California in what scientists called an “astonishing” extreme mortality event for the species.

Secret mission saves Australia's 'dinosaur trees' from bushfires

A secret operation by specialist firefighters has saved the world's last stand of Wollemi Pines, a pre-historic species known as "dinosaur trees", from Australia's unprecedented bushfires, officials said.

Fever chart: Earth just ended its hottest decade on record

The decade that just ended was by far the hottest ever measured on Earth, capped off by the second-warmest year on record, according to three global agencies - NASA, NOAA and the UK's Met Office.

Fear of climate breakdown tops the list at World Economic Forum

Climate change and environmental destruction top the risks highlighted by the World Economic Forum in a survey ahead of the 2020 gathering of the global elite in the Swiss ski resort of Davos on January 21-24.

Environmentalists file suit against Merkel's 'weak' climate laws

Environmental groups announced Wednesday they had filed two lawsuits at Germany's highest court accusing Chancellor Angela Merkel's government had failed to protect basic rights through its weak climate protection law.

Philippines struggles to keep evacuees away from volcano

Philippine authorities were struggling Wednesday to keep thousands of evacuees from returning to homes in areas threatened by a feared massive eruption of Taal volcano.
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