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Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupted Monday, belching a massive column of ash and smoke 5,000 metres (16,400 feet) into the air and plunging local communities into darkness with a thick layer of debris.

Canada's last fully intact ice shelf has collapsed due to warming

The Milne Ice Shelf is at the fringe of Ellesmere Island in the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut. It was the last fully intact ice shelf in Canada, until Sunday - when it collapsed, losing 40 percent of its area.

Damaged ship leaking oil off Mauritius could split: PM

A ship that ran aground off Mauritius leaking tonnes of oil into the ocean is cracking, the prime minister said Sunday, threatening an even greater ecological and economic disaster for the island nation.

The Florida Current has been weakening during the past century

New research suggests the strength of the Florida Current, which forms the beginning of the Gulf Stream, has weakened considerably over the last century.

Seven dead as floods hit Greek island

A baby was among seven people who died as torrential rains and floods swept the Greek island of Evia, damaging dozens of houses and blocking roads, authorities said Sunday.

'Slight improvement' in melting glacier threatening Italy resort

The threat that a massive chunk of glacier loosened by soaring temperatures could collapse near an alpine resort on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc mountain range has slightly eased, a local mayor said Saturday.

Diversity-decomposition relationships in forests worldwide

Two new studies, exploring how biodiversity impacts plant decay in forests worldwide, could help predict the potential effect of species loss on ecosystems. The studies set out a policy direction for governments.

NOAA issues a revised hurricane forecast you don't want to hear

Already smashing records, this year’s hyperactive Atlantic hurricane season is about to get even nastier, forecasters predict. We can expect 19 to 25 named storms this season, according to NOAA.

Italians evacuated over risk of falling Mont Blanc ice

Several dozen people have been evacuated in northeastern Italy as a huge chunk of a glacier in the Mont Blanc massif threatens to break off due to high temperatures.

Brazil firefighters race to contain wetland blazes

A tractor cuts a firebreak through the vegetation of the Pantanal, the world's biggest tropical wetlands, as firefighters race to contain the blazes that have been devastating one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth.

Forest fire in southern France triggers evacuations

A forest fire Tuesday ravaged 800 hectares of vegetation near the southern French city of Marseille, forcing the evacuation of over 200 people, officials said.

Transforming electronic waste into new coating for metals

Technologists have a found a means to collect electronic waste and extract the necessary materials that can be used to create a protective, tough outer coating for different types of metals.

Alberta, Ottawa agree to reducing oilsands environment monitoring

Alberta has signed an agreement with the federal government that makes major cuts to environmental monitoring of the oilsands, putting monitoring of the Athabasca River and habitats at risk.

Category 1 Hurricane Isaias to make landfall in next few hours

Isaia has regained strength and is now a Category 1 storm, packing dangerous winds and storm surge. Heavy rainfall is expected from the eastern Carolinas through the Mid-Atlantic coast tonight and Tuesday.

Thousands evacuated in Southern California as wildfire rages

Evacuation orders remained in place early Monday for thousands of people after a wildfire in mountains east of Los Angeles exploded in size and forced crews to battle flames in triple-digit heat.

Isaias heads to a landfall in Carolinas — possibly as hurricane

Isaias is forecast to return to hurricane strength Monday before making landfall in the Carolinas, where coastal residents are being warned to brace for flooding rains and dangerous storm surge.

Swimwear is created with McDonald's straws and marine plastics

Swimwear is created with McDonald's straws and marine plastics, in an effort to help the environment. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Isaias weakens to tropical storm, but will restrengthen tonight

Isaias weakened to a tropical storm Saturday afternoon as it approached the southeast coast of Florida, but forecasters say it will likely restrengthen overnight as it continues its track along the coastline of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Brazilian Amazon fires surge in July

The number of forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon last month rose 28 percent from July 2019, satellite data showed Saturday, fueling fears the world's biggest rainforest will again be devastated by fires this year.

Brazilian Amazon fires surge in July

The number of forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon last month rose 28 percent from July 2019, satellite data showed Saturday, fueling fears the world's biggest rainforest will again be devastated by fires this year.

Governor declares emergency as Isaias sets its eye on Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis signed an order Friday declaring "a state of emergency in every coastal county of Florida's east coast, from Miami-Dade to Nassau counties," in anticipation of Hurricane Isaias drenching Florida's Atlantic coast this weekend.

Packing winds of 75 mph, Hurricane Isaias heads to Florida

A hurricane watch has been issued for parts of the Florida coastline on Friday as Hurricane Isaias drenched the Bahamas on a track for the U.S. East Coast where it is expected to remain a hurricane for several days.

Natural toxins likely killed hundreds of Botswana elephants: govt

Hundreds of elephants that died mysteriously in Botswana's famed Okavango Delta probably succumbed to natural toxins, the wildlife department said Friday.

After pounding Puerto Rico, T.S. Isaias set it sights on Florida

Tropical Storm Isaias is dumping flooding rain on parts of the Caribbean and could eventually track near Florida this weekend and possibly other parts of the East Coast early next week as a Category 1 Hurricane.

Florida to feel some effects of Tropical Storm Isaias by weekend

Tropical Storm Isaias has formed in the Atlantic, and Florida may feel the first impacts from the storm as soon as this weekend, but it's too early to know any details.

Azerbaijan villagers plead for water as vital river dries up

The village of Banka in Azerbaijan should have plentiful supplies of water as it lies beside one of the country's mightiest rivers, the Kura.

Potential Tropical Storm Isaias headed toward Dominican Republic

The National Hurricane Center has placed the new center of the Tropical Disturbance about 100 miles to the west from where it was at the 8 a.m. advisory. This change has shifted the track more west, taking it south of Puerto Rico.

World tiger population grows but SE Asia threats 'critical': WWF

Tiger populations in five countries are making a comeback but the endangered species still faces major threats such as poaching, conservation group WWF and the Indian government said.

For Colombian activist Francia Marquez, clean water is worth the fight

A year ago, Francia Marquez was attacked with grenades and automatic weapons, targeted for defending clean water against mining pollution in the black community where she lived in Colombia's southwest Cauca department.

Op-Ed: Coastal erosion — Australia’s battered coasts are a warning

Australia has been well aware of the risks of coastal erosion for years. Now, serious damage is causing a much-needed rethink of an emerging potentially ultra-expensive major problem which will affect global coastlines.

Potential Tropical Storm Isaias moving through the Atlantic

Potential Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to move through the Leeward Islands on Wednesday, near or over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Wednesday night, and near or over Hispaniola on Thursday.

Wild bee decline threatens major US crops: study

Wild bees are worth some $1.5 billion to key fruit and vegetable crops in North America, according to new research that warned declines in these pollinators threatens the productivity of economically important agriculture.

Philippines: deadliest country in Asia for land defenders

The Philippines was the deadliest country in Asia for land and environmental defenders again last year while slipping to second most dangerous in the world behind Colombia, a watchdog said Wednesday.

Tropical Storm warnings issued ahead of possible TS Isaias

Tropical storm warnings have been issued for parts of the Lesser Antilles as a disturbance east of the islands is expected to become Tropical Storm Isaias before it sweeps into the islands Wednesday.

Storm lashes Australian coast threatening homes

Homes perched on Australia's stunning eastern coast were at risk of being swept away Tuesday, after days of driving rain, high winds and monster swells smashed the coastline.

Report links world's top meat firm to deforestation

Brazilian firm JBS, the world's biggest meat processing company, was again accused Monday of "laundering" cattle from ranches blacklisted for destroying the Amazon rainforest.

Tropical Storm Isaias has 80% chance of forming in Atlantic

A tropical disturbance in the Atlantic has an 80 percent chance of strengthening into a tropical depression or Tropical Storm Isaias (ees-ah-EE-as) within the next 48 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Extreme heat and COVID-19 make for a dangerous climate mix

From the start, the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed America's social and economic inequality in stark relief, with people of color, the elderly and people with chronic health issues being impacted the hardest. But another invisible threat looms.

Douglas threatens Hawaii as Hanna downgraded to tropical storm

Hawaii braced for Hurricane Douglas on Sunday, as the storm approached the Pacific archipelago, after the year's first Atlantic hurricane lashed Texas.

Hurricane Hanna expected to make landfall in southern Texas today

Hanna is now a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 75 mph, and is headed toward a South Texas landfall later today, bringing with it dangerous heavy rain and the potential for flash-flooding that will extend well inland.

Tropical Storm Hanna to bring flooding rains to South Texas

The system that formed in the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Depression Eight on Wednesday night, strengthened into Tropical Storm Hanna late Thursday night. Hanna will best be remembered for its flood potential.
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