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At least 89 people are known to have died after flash floods and landslides tore through Indonesia's Papua region, with the toll expected to rise further as rescuers hunt for dozens still missing, the national disaster agency said Tuesday.

California declared drought free for first time in seven years

California has emerged from a state-wide drought and has been declared 'drought free' for the fist time in seven years. This follows an abundance of rain and snow throughout the winter months.

Mozambique races to save stranded survivors after killer storm

Rescue workers in Mozambique were on Tuesday racing to pluck people out of trees and off rooftops after a monster storm which officials fear claimed more than 1,000 lives before smashing into Zimbabwe.

Remote Cape with 'world's cleanest air' offers smog respite

As much of Asia wheezes, coughs and sniffles its way through another smog season, one isolated and windswept corner of Australia is serving as the global standard for clean air.

More than 120 dead after cyclone hits Mozambique, Zimbabwe

More than 120 people have died and many more are missing in Mozambique and neighbouring Zimbabwe on Sunday after tropical cyclone Idai barrelled across the southern African nations with flash floods and ferocious winds.

Paris climate rally draws 45,000 people: media estimate

Around 45,000 climate campaigners marched in Paris Saturday to condemn what they called the French government's "inaction" on climate change, according to a media estimate.

Cyclone Idai kills at least 31 as it hits eastern Zimbabwe

At least 31 people have been killed and dozens are missing as tropical cyclone Idai hit eastern parts of Zimbabwe after lashing neighbouring Mozambique, the government said on Saturday.

B.C. has oil and gas cleanup costs totaling $3 billion and rising

British Columbia's auditor general says the number of inactive oil and gas wells in the province has risen dramatically and warns the price tag for decommissioning them is $3 billion and rising.

Nations set to agree 'significant' plastic cuts

Nations on Friday were expected to commit to "significantly reduce" single-use plastics over the next decade, in a series of voluntary pledges that green groups warned fell short of tackling Earth's pollution crisis.

Report: Time to prevent severe effects of climate change is now

Human activities are degrading the global environment at a pace that could endanger the "ecological foundations of society" and human health, according to a landmark United Nations report released Wednesday.

Oil slick heading to French coast after cargo ship sinks

An oil slick was heading towards the French coastline on Thursday after an Italian cargo ship sank in the Atlantic carrying 45 containers of "dangerous materials", authorities said.

Peru fighting mining pollution with little green algae

Scientists in Peru have removed small green algae from polluted lakes and rivers in a bid to strengthen them with nutrients and oxygen before returning them to purify those water bodies from harmful mining waste.

The Atlantic Ocean is rising and 11-year-old Levi is worried

Levi Draheim is an 11-year-old kid who lives on a barrier island separating the coast of Florida from the Atlantic Ocean. He is also a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the US government over climate change.

Seoul passes emergency bills to fight air pollution

South Korea's parliament passed emergency measures on Wednesday to tackle the "social disaster" of air pollution, after the country saw record levels of pollution earlier this month.

Environment damage behind 1 in 4 global deaths, disease: UN

A quarter of all premature deaths and diseases worldwide are due to manmade pollution and environmental damage, the United Nations said Wednesday in a landmark report on the planet's parlous state.

UK's 'green collar jobs' in offshore wind set to triple by 2030

The UK Government has announced a new Offshore Wind Sector deal which intends to triple the number of ‘green collar jobs’ by 2030. The new deal aims to increase the workforce within the sector to 27,000 by 2030, tripling the current 7,200 jobs today.

Raw materials behind half of global emissions: UN

Extracting and processing materials, fuel and food contributes as much as half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, the UN said Tuesday, as experts gathered in Kenya to find ways to rein in exploding global consumption.

Twelve dead in Brazil floods

Floods caused by torrential rain in and around Brazil's financial hub Sao Paulo killed 12 people and hurt six others overnight, firefighters said Monday.

Mysterious orca found, after many years, in the southern ocean

Marine biologists have discovered a mysterious killer whale, one that was previously alluded to but never formally identified. Based on genetic tests the orca is a new type and it is the largest new animal discovered in many years.

Peru opens military base to protect Amazon from deforestation

Peru opened a military base in the Amazon on Tuesday in a bid to tackle illegal mining, the main culprit for deforestation in the world's largest rainforest.

Q&A: How data science improves weather forecasting Special

If the weather forecast is accurate, you might want to thank a little-known data scientist in Ohio. Eric Floehr is a computer scientist who’s ForecastWatch software has become the industry standard for businesses.

Russia's Arctic plans add to polar bears' climate woes

Last month's visit by roaming polar bears that put a Russian village on lockdown may be just the beginning.For as Moscow steps up its activity in the warming Arctic, conflict with the rare species is likely to increase.

Bushfires rage after Australia's hottest summer on record

Homes have gone up in flames and skies turned blood red as nearly 1,000 firefighters battle dozens of out-of-control blazes in southern Australia in the wake of the nation's warmest summer on record.

Tornado kills 14 in US state of Alabama: officials

A tornado killed 14 people and caused "catastrophic" damage in the southern US state of Alabama on Sunday, local officials said.

Trees cut down at Trump golf club are dumped into Potomac River

Officials Loudoun County, Virginia are investigating whether the Trump National Golf Club illegally cut a dozen trees from the Potomac River shoreline and dumped them in the river.

Climatic Change or Global Warming? - It's not an either/or answer

Whether referred to as "global warming" or "climate change," the consequences of the wide-scale changes currently being observed in Earth's climate system could be considerable. But which term should we be using?

Etsy completely offsets carbon emissions from shipping

Etsy has announced it has become the first global e-commerce platform to offset 100 percent of carbon emissions generated by shipping. In addition, for one day Etsy offset carbon emissions from all major U.S. online retailers.

New Zealand joins Solomons oil spill response

New Zealand joined an international effort Friday to limit damage from oil spilling out of a ship that ran aground near World Heritage-listed waters in the Solomon Islands almost a month ago.

Italy's polluted Po Valley gasps for fresh air

It is only the end of February, but air pollution in Milan has already exceeded the legal limit for 2019, and the Po Valley swims in a soupy smog.

Nearly 50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel: study

Some 385,000 people worldwide died prematurely in 2015 from air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust emissions, a US study found Wednesday, which singled out diesel engines as the main culprit.

Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard'

Evidence that humans cause global warming has hit the "gold standard" level of confidence, a U.S.-led team of scientists reportedly wrote in a journal article published Monday.

Global warming imperils clouds that deter hothouse Earth

Marine clouds that protect us from hothouse Earth conditions by reflecting sunlight back into space could break up and vanish if CO2 in the atmosphere triples, researchers warned Monday.

Evian and Volkswagen — Two sustainability success stories

Across the globe, corporations, businesses, and city leaders are working to create a sustainable and circular economy in light of climate change. This week, we will focus on Evian and Volkswagen.

Winds battering central Italy kill four

Strong winds whipping through central Italy killed four people on Saturday, including a teenager who died when his father fell off the roof and crushed him, media reports said.

Going greener: Finland's new gas-fuelled icebreaker

The steel behemoth pushes ahead, crunching the ice as it navigates the northernmost tip of the Baltic, considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. But unlike other icebreakers spewing diesel, this state-of-the-art ship boasts cleaner fuel.

Op-Ed: Investors call the shots in corporate climate change policies

Recent legal judgments and investor pressure are effectively neutering the endless irresponsible corporate excesses in the environment. The question now is whether serial deniers of the risks of pollution and emissions can understand why.

Vanuatu to give disposable diapers the flush

The Pacific nation of Vanuatu has announced plans to ban disposable diapers in a move it says will significantly reduce pollution.

$400 billion climate investment plan for Sahel region

Heads of state of 17 countries in the Sahel region of Africa will hold a summit on Monday in Niamey to approve a climate investment plan worth $400 billion over 12 years, the Niger government said Wednesday.

New solutions proposed for renewable energy scaleup

A new energy assessment has outlined how innovation in the energy sector can pave the way for next stage of global energy transformation, focusing on delivering renewable solutions and meeting future demand.

Sourcing material for a clean energy future

Even many politicians are now stressing the importance of transitioning to clean energy. This means more solar panels, large-scale batteries, electric vehicles (EVs) and wind turbines. It means more demand for materials that make such technology possible.

High-tide flooding already impacting coastal communities

Impacts from climate change are not always easy to see. But for many local businesses in coastal communities across the United States, the evidence is right outside their doors—or in their parking lots, and it's going to get worse.
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