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Solar power in Alberta has grown by 500 percent since 2015, and the province has announced it is increasing rebates for both homeowners and non-profits, as well as putting more money towards solar energy programs. But will this last?

G20 nations failing in climate commitments despite warnings

Climate action is way off course in all but one of the world’s 20 biggest economies, according to a report that shows politicians are paying more attention to the fossil fuel industry than to advice from scientists.

At least 44 people have died in destructive California wildfires

Fueled by blustery winds and parched vegetation, two massive fires burning in California both grew overnight, even as exhausted firefighters worked to extend containment lines. Today, the winds are expected to return.

Modest warming risks 'irreversible' ice sheet loss, study warns

Even modest temperature rises agreed under an international plan to limit climate disaster could see the ice caps melt enough this century for their loss to be "irreversible", experts warned Monday.

Death toll jumps to 25 as California battles wildfires

Powerful winds are expected to sweep through California on Sunday, exacerbating three major fires that have killed at least 25 people, destroyed thousands of homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of residents.

Guatemala to deploys bio-fences to slow down plastic pollution

Globally, equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic enters the sea every minute. To play its part Guatemala has pledged to increase waste collection in its rivers by deploying artisanal bio-fences to trap plastic waste.

It's not forest management that's making wildfires so dangerous

The ferocity of the wildfires on either end of California have never been seen before in the state's history. While hundreds of thousands of people have fled the flames and thousands of homes have been destroyed, don't blame it on poor forestry practices.

Explosive California wildfire wipes out town of Paradise

A fast-moving wildfire has ravaged a Northern California town - sending residents racing to escape on roads that turned into tunnels of fire while thick smoke darkened the daytime sky.

Camp Fire in Northern California is already visible from space

Tens of thousands of people in northern California were ordered to evacuate a fast-moving wildfire that exploded in size Thursday to over 8,000 acres in Butte County.

Delhi gasps for breath after Diwali firework frenzy

Air pollution in New Delhi hit hazardous levels Thursday after a night of free-for-all Diwali fireworks, despite Supreme Court efforts to curb the smog-fuelling partying.

Britain's renewable electric capacity overtakes fossil fuels

Britain's renewable electricity capacity has overtaken that of fossil fuel generators such as gas and coal for the first time, a report said on Tuesday.

The last six mountain caribou in U.S. being sent to Canada

The six remaining members of the South Selkirk caribou herd remaining in the lower 48 states are being moved further north into British Columbia, Canada, a desperate measure to try to save the mountain caribou's most southerly herds,

Deadly storms spotlight Italy's illegal housing

Devastating floods in Italy that saw an entire family killed when their home was engulfed in water triggered a bitter row Monday over the country's vast illegal housing problem.

Plans for world's largest ocean sanctuary in Antarctic blocked

A plan to create the world's largest marine sanctuary in Antarctic waters was shot down when a key conservation summit failed to reach a consensus, with environmentalists on Saturday decrying a lack of scientific foresight.

World's rarest plants, vital crops can't be banked: study

International efforts to save some of the world's rarest and economically important plants from climate change are doomed to fail because their seeds cannot be stored, researchers warned Friday.

Fierce winds raze forests in storm-hit Italy

Fierce winds and rains have killed at least 20 people in Italy this week and razed thousands of hectares of forest in the country's devastated north, officials said.

Oceans heating faster than previously thought: study

The world's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought over the last quarter of a century, scientists said Thursday, leaving Earth more sensitive still to the effects of climate change.

Earth's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat

A new study has found that the world's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than any previously research has shown. This means the Earth is far more sensitive to fossil-fuel emissions than earlier research suggests.

Canada's glacial melting 'outside the scope of normal'

Scientists in Canada have warned that massive glaciers in the Yukon Territory are shrinking even faster than would be expected from climate change – and bringing dramatic changes to the region and a warning to the planet.

Brazil environment ministry condemns Bolsonaro plan

Brazil's environment ministry said Wednesday that far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's plan to merge it with the agriculture ministry is "reckless" and will undermine not only environmental protection but economic growth.

EU countries back single-use plastics ban

EU countries on Wednesday backed the outlawing of certain single-use plastics, bringing the bloc a step closer to an outright ban on the products which account for huge quantities of waste in the world's oceans.

Millions in Mexico City see water supply cut off for days

Millions of people in Mexico City were without water on Wednesday, and expected to wait at least four days as authorities undertake maintenance work on one of the major supply systems.

Impacts of climate change on today's Central American migrants

Violence and poverty have been cited as the reasons for the exodus of migrants from Central America, however, experts say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land – and it’s likely to get worse.

Economy depends on environment, WWF warns Brazil's Bolsonaro

If Brazil's far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro wants to make good on his promise to reboot the economy, he should stop his attacks on the environment, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

WWF report: Dramatic decline in world's wildlife seen since 1970

"Exploding human consumption" has caused a massive drop in global wildlife populations in recent decades, the WWF conservation group reports in its bi-yearly "Living Planet Report."

Illinois is set to become the Midwest's solar power leader

Illinois is experiencing a boom in solar energy projects stemming from the state's Future Energy Jobs Act, a 2016 law that sets a target of getting 25 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

11 dead in Italy storms as wild weather sweeps Europe

The death toll from fierce storms battering Italy has risen to 11, civil protection authorities said Tuesday, as wild weather swept parts of Europe, leaving motorists and tourists stranded.

Death toll in Italy storms rises to nine

The death toll from fierce storms battering Italy has risen to nine, civil protection authorities said Tuesday, as wild weather caused schools to close and trapped dozens of tourists in the north of the country.

EU air quality slowly improving but still deadly: report

Air pollution is slowly easing in EU countries but still causes nearly half a million early deaths each year, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in its annual report published Monday.

Environment gains of electric cars off-set by battery production

Electric cars offer a means to reduce the global carbon footprint through a reduction of the use of fossil fuels. Environmental gains, however, do not factor in battery production.

Unilever and Veolia to create circular economy for plastics

Unilever has signed a three-year partnership with Veolia to improve waste collection and recycling infrastructure while helping create a circular economy for plastic waste in India and Indonesia.

Drought-hit Rhine forces Germany to tap oil reserves

The German government on Friday said it had authorised the release of strategic fuel reserves after record-low water levels in the drought-hit Rhine river badly disrupted oil shipments in recent weeks.

Japan rejects UN call to stop returns to Fukushima

Japan's government on Friday rejected calls from a UN rights expert to halt the return of women and children to areas affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster over radiation fears.

Strong 6.8 magnitude quake strikes off Greece

A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off Greece on Friday and was felt strongly in the tourist hotspot island of Zante, monitoring agencies said.

Alarm at recovery of plastic waste in human bodies

Plastic pollution and the recovery of micro-particles of plastic is not only a concern for marine life, according to a new report. Particles of plastic material are being recovered in the human digestive tract.

First nor'easter of the season is on its way to the East Coast

A storm from the South will evolve into a potent and disruptive nor'easter with gusty coastal winds, drenching rain, and high-elevation snow this weekend, after drenching an already water-logged Texas and Florida panhandle.

Dutch join G7-led push to rid oceans of plastics

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his country's endorsement of a G7-led initiative to rid the oceans of plastics, during a visit to Ottawa on Thursday.

Lake Gazivode, troubled waters between Kosovo and Serbia

Controlled by Serbs but a key resource for Kosovo, the cool blue waters of Lake Gazivode reflect the chilly relationship between the former war foes over their contested border.

Four Iran environmentalists could face death penalty

Four detained Iranian environmental activists could face the death penalty after the charges levelled against them were changed, the Tehran prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Willa is not done yet — Nor'Easter forecast for East Coast

If you live in the Northeast of the nation, and if you have weekend plans - You may want to change them. A nor'easter is expected to besiege the many areas for up to 24 hours, lashing the region with winds of up to 50 mph and up to 2 inches of rain.

EU parliament approves ban on single-use plastics

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday for an EU-wide ban on single-use plastics such as straws, cutlery, cotton buds and balloon sticks.