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In a bit of good news, the annual survey of the endangered Mexican gray wolf population in the Southwestern US was released on Friday by the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Body of tortoise 'Lonesome George' returned to Galapagos Islands

The embalmed body of the giant tortoise known as Lonesome George -- the last known member of a species that was wiped out with his death in 2012 -- returned home to the Ecuadoran Galapagos Islands.

Biggest storm in six years moves into southern California

A slow-moving storm, said to be the biggest the state has seen in six years, has moved into Southern California, bringing with it flooding, multiple traffic accidents, power outages and several evacuation orders.

Senate confirms 'climate change denier' Scott Pruitt to head EPA

The United States Senate has confirmed Scott Pruitt, whose skepticism about human-caused global warming and close ties to the fossil fuel industry have led critics to label him a "climate change denier," to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Polish activists complain to EU about toxic smog

Polish environmental groups on Friday filed a complaint with the European Union against national and local authorities for failing to fight lethal levels of smog.

Cyclone Dineo batters southern Mozambique, killing 7

Cyclone Dineo killed seven people, injured 55 and affected hundreds of thousands across southern Mozambique, the country's natural disasters agency said Friday.

Manhattan-sized iceberg shears off Antarctica glacier

An iceberg the size of Manhattan has sheared off the rapidly melting Pine Island glacier on the West coast of Antarctica, and from the looks of things, there will be more to come says NASA.

Edging towards printable solar cells

Imagine being able to print out your own solar cells? Or popping to a store and having solar panels fashioned to your specification within minutes? These processes are becoming close to reality.

Armyworms threaten southern Africa food supply: UN agency

An outbreak of armyworm caterpillars present in several southern African countries threatens to strip the entire region of key food supplies, warned the UN food agency Thursday.

Poll shows little support for nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron

The Ontario Power Generation (OPG) public opinion survey used to bolster claims of widespread public support for a nuclear waste bunker near Lake Huron was misleading, say critics.

Cyclone downgraded after wreaking havoc in Mozambique

Mozambique was battered by high winds, flooding and sea surges when cyclone Dineo made landfall late Wednesday but the storm has begun to die down, according to meteorologists Thursday.

Governor's letter to Trump — Support solar and wind energy

The Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition, a renewable energy advocacy group headed by bipartisan Govs. Gina Raimondo, D-RI, and Sam Brownback, R-Kan, sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday, urging him to support renewable energy sources.

On a South African farm, despair over armyworm attack

Peeling back the maize plant's leaves reveals a small brown caterpillar -- an armyworm that writhes as it burrows into the heart of the crop, producing a sticky dark paste.

Environmentally-friendly concrete manufactured

Materials scientists have succeeded in developing an environmentally-friendly concrete. This is based on energy-efficient technology that harnesses largely low-temperature, water-based reactions.

Intense cyclone barrels towards Mozambique

A powerful cyclone is set to slam into the southern coast of Mozambique in the early hours of Thursday, bringing flooding, storm surges and high winds, meteorologists have warned.

Latest data shows sea ice extent hits record low at both poles

Arctic temperatures have finally started to cool off a bit after unseasonable warmth dominated the northern regions beginning in October 2016. Polar researchers say the record warmth could result in the third year in a row of record low sea ice extent.

Climate change impact on animals 'under-appreciated': study

Nearly half of endangered mammals and a quarter of birds are already harmed by climate change -- a much bigger segment than previously thought, researchers have found.

Fears of exploding whales as New Zealand clears carcasses

The grim task of clearing hundreds of washed-up whale carcasses was under way in New Zealand Tuesday, with the beach closed over fears the bodies will fill with gas and explode as they decompose.

Emergency Harare meeting warns of 'huge' armyworm threat

International experts at emergency UN talks in Harare warned Tuesday that crop-eating armyworm caterpillars posed a serious threat to food supplies across several African countries.

Heatwave and strong winds continue to fuel Australia's bushfires

Nearly 100 bushfires raged through Australia's New South Wales state over the weekend, destroying homes, outbuildings and a church. Authorities say property losses could go much higher.

Executive order puts halt to additions to endangered species list

The rusty-patched bumblebee was scheduled to be added to the endangered species list on Friday but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced the action will have to be reviewed due to an executive order signed by the president.

Mass evacuation as rain strains tallest US dam

Almost 200,000 people were under evacuation orders in northern California Monday after a threat of catastrophic failure at the United States' tallest dam.

Australia fires ease as damage mounts after record heat

Australia was counting the cost to property and livestock Monday after firefighters battled weekend blazes in some of the hottest conditions on record.

Enbridge pipeline spill in Texas ignored in DAPL final approval

A 600,000-gallon oil spill in the little town of Blue Ridge, Texas on January 30 largely escaped the attention of the mainstream media, but it has given new fodder to the fight against the Army Corps of Engineers' approval of the DAPL.

Quick-hitting snowstorm to bury Northeast U.S. Sunday night

After already getting pounded this past week with blizzard-like conditions, the Northeast U.S. can expect another hit on Sunday night and into Monday as a winter storm becomes a powerful nor'easter with blizzard conditions as it moves through the region.

Race for kilowatts empties Bosnian lake

Bosnia's fisheries watchdog gazes over an expanse of sand and mud, a space once occupied by a large thriving lake but recently emptied in the race for electricity production.

Repairs on eroded spillway at Oroville Dam in Calif to run $200mn

For the first time since it was completed in 1968, California's rain-swollen Oroville Dam overtopped its emergency spillway on Saturday, sending sheets of water down a forested hillside, adding mud and debris to the churning Feather River below.

Veteran's group raises over $200,000 to support pipeline protest

Veteran's Stand, a military veteran's organization has collected $213,500 to send supplies to the Standing Rock Native American reservation in North Dakota as part of a renewed campaign against the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

About 200 beached whales refloat themselves in N. Zealand

Most of the more than 200 whales who became stranded on New Zealand's notorious Farewell Spit on the weekend have been able to refloat themselves, conservation officials said Sunday.

Vegetable shortage in Europe shows need for environmental focus

Grocery stores in the U.K. and other European countries have been forced to ration fresh vegetables, with some retailers actually putting caps on the amounts of broccoli or lettuce customers can buy at any one time, all due to a streak of bad weather.

6 dead after strong quake shakes southern Philippines

Rescuers dug through rubble Saturday to find survivors after a powerful earthquake struck the southern Philippines, killing at least six people and sending thousands fleeing for safety.

Fresh whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach

Another 200 whales were stranded on a New Zealand coastline late Saturday, frustrating rescuers who had battled through the day and even defied a shark threat to try and keep them at sea.

Deaths of thousands of seabirds pinned to warming Pacific waters

Last year, tens of thousands of common murres, an abundant North Pacific seabird, starved and washed ashore onto beaches from California to Alaska. Researchers have pinned down the culprit — warming ocean temperatures that affect the fish the birds eat.

Rumbling Indonesian volcano in fresh eruption

A rumbling volcano on Indonesia's Sumatra island spewed clouds of smoke and ash high into the air Friday, the latest in a series of violent eruptions.

Hundreds of whales wash up dead on New Zealand beach

More than 400 whales were stranded on a New Zealand beach Friday, with most of them dying quickly as frustrated volunteers desperately raced to save the survivors.

Seattle votes to divests $3 billion from Wells Fargo over DAPL

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to divest $3 billion from Wells Fargo bank over its role as a lender to the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Taiwanese woman sentenced for shark-fin haul in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican court has sentenced a Taiwanese business owner to prison over a fishing haul of illegally hacked-off shark fins destined for sale abroad, officials and environmentalists said Thursday.

Explosion at French nuclear plant, 'no radiation risk'

An explosion at a nuclear power plant on France's northwest coast on Thursday caused minor injuries, but the authorities said there was no risk of radiation.

Scientists find huge ancient landslide on Great Barrier Reef

A massive underwater landslide that could have triggered a towering tsunami some 300,000 years ago has been discovered in the depths of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, scientists said Wednesday.

China tightens smog data controls amid public anger

China has established a single network to monitor air pollution levels across the country, as the government attempts to control the spread of information about the country's toxic smog in response to rising public anger.

Bison will again roam Canada's Banff National Park

In what is being called "one of the great days for wildlife conservation in the history of North America," a herd of 16 plains bison were returned to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada last week after an absence of nearly one century.
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