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Evacuation orders were issued Saturday for areas in California's Santa Barbara County as the state battles its third-largest wildfire since 1932, with winds and dry conditions threatening to help the blaze grow.

Developing a green business with the Internet of Things

The possibilities presented by the Internet of Things can lead to a low carbon economy, according to a recent report. This presents opportunities for the telecom sector to contribute to business growth and a lower environmental impact.

California wildfire grows as Santa Ana winds continue to blow

The so-called Thomas Fire in Southern California has grown to become the third largest fire on record in the state, destroying more than 1,000 buildings, including well over 700 homes, as well as taking the life of a firefighter.

Microsoft launches 'AI for Earth' project

There's plenty of predictions (not to mention dystopian literature) about the threat of intelligent machines. Microsoft have taken a different tract and put forward how artificial intelligence can save the planet.

Toll rises to three dead after Indonesia quake

At least three people have been killed following a strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake on Indonesia's main island of Java, an official said Saturday.

Three dead, 77,000 flee as storm pounds Philippines

At least three people were killed and tens of thousands were driven from their homes by floods as Tropical Storm Kai-Tak pounded the eastern Philippines on Saturday, cutting off power and triggering landslides, officials said.

6.5 magnitude quake strikes Indonesia's Java island

A strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake rocked Indonesia's main island of Java late Friday, leaving at least one person dead and rattling nerves in the capital Jakarta.

Pangolin traffickers opening up new routes: study

Pangolin smugglers are constantly opening up new routes to evade law enforcement agencies, a study showed Friday, highlighting the challenge of tackling the trade in the world's most heavily trafficked mammal.

Global, Asian heat waves in 2016 due purely to climate change: study

Last year's global heat record, extreme heat in Asia and unusually warm waters off the coast of Alaska happened purely because the planet is getting warmer due to human activities like burning fossil fuels, a study said Wednesday.

Climate commitments at the 'One Planet Summit' in Paris

Moving away from using fossil fuels and leaning heavily on businesses to green up their act, the "One Planet Summit" in Paris on Tuesday set out a raft of wide-ranging commitments to turn the tables on climate change.

With fossil fuel subsidies, humanity investing in 'own doom': UN chief

By subsidising fossil fuels, humanity was "investing in its own doom", UN chief Antonio Guterres said Tuesday at a Paris summit seeking to unlock funds for the global shift towards greener energy.

U.S. climate scientists get $70 million in grants from France

Over 50 world leaders, bankers, energy magnates and other well-known figures are meeting today for the "One Planet Summit" in Paris. On Monday, French president Emmanuel Macron awarded $70 million in grants to U.S. climate scientists.

Warming Arctic is 'new normal,' will affect us all: report

A rapidly warming Arctic, where temperatures are rising twice as fast as the rest of the planet, is the "new normal," and the melting ice is triggering environmental changes that will affect the whole world, warned a global scientific report Tuesday.

Macron calls for 'much stronger mobilisation' on climate

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called for stronger action in the fight against climate change, as he hosted world leaders for talks two years to the day since the Paris agreement.

Magnitude 6.2 quake hits southeastern Iran: seismological centre

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Iran's southeastern province of Kerman on Tuesday, the Iranian seismological centre reported, though minimal damage was reported.

Over 6,000 firefighters battling southern California blaze

Thousands of firefighters were battling one of the most destructive wildfires in California's history Monday as it crept relentlessly up the Pacific coast and forced new evacuations.

Firefighters lose control as Thomas fire grows larger

The Thomas fire in Southern California has now become the fifth-largest wildfire on record in the state. Containment of the massive blaze slipped from 15 to 10 percent as high winds spread the fire from Ventura County into Santa Barbara County.

Judge halts clearing of rare forest targeted by Walmart

A Miami District Court judge gave environmentalists fighting a construction project a victory on Friday, issuing an emergency injunction halting bulldozers clearing land for a Walmart shopping center near Zoo Miami.

Macron's 'real world' climate summit to focus on finance

Two years to the day after 195 nations adopted the Paris Agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron will convene a follow-up climate summit Tuesday to jump-start the lagging transition to a greener global economy.

India faces painful move to cleaner energy

Subedar Singh bears the scars of India's painful reliance on dirty power and its struggle to pay for the costly transition to the brave new world of solar and renewable electricity.

Winds pick up, fueling intensity of massive California wildfires

A 70-year-old woman has become the first fire-related casualty as firefighters continue battling six massive wildfires across Southern California, with brutal Santa Ana winds expected to continue fanning the flames through Sunday.

Alberta unveils new rules on large carbon emissions industries

Alberta, Canada's main crude oil-producing province, unveiled new rules governing how it plans to charge large industrial carbon emitters including the oilsands sector, targeting a 19 percent cut in emissions by 2030.

To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists

The development of oil, gas and coal energy must stop in order to avoid the worst ravages of global warming, 80 top economists said Thursday, days ahead of a climate summit in Paris.

EU wins powers on new cars after VW diesel scandal

The EU gained new powers Thursday to spot-check vehicles and fine automakers under tougher rules agreed after the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal.

A boaring day at school in Japan

Two wild boars caused pandemonium at a Japanese school by charging into classes and even taking a dip in the school pool, forcing pupils to interrupt their exams.

Southern California dry spell makes for worsening fire conditions

Southern California is experiencing the worst fire season on record with a warm dry fall and very strong offshore winds. The situation may get worse as a dome of high-pressure air is forming above the West Coast that could keep the area dry for weeks.

Alberta sets aside $1.4 billion to help reduce carbon emissions

Alberta is setting aside close to $1.4 billion from climate levies to help industry reduce carbon emissions. The government said the funding, spread over seven years, will make it easier for industries to invest in new technologies.

Southern California fires force evacuation of nearly 200,000

Wind-whipped fires continue to rage for a third day in Southern California, including a new blaze in the posh Bel Air area of Los Angeles and Interstate 405, destroying hundreds of homes and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.

World's nations adopt plan 'towards a pollution-free planet'

The world's nations vowed Wednesday to curb plastic and chemical contamination of the air, soil, rivers and oceans, calling for a steep change in how goods are produced and consumed.

Confiscation crusaders try to save Philippine paradise

Tata gives hand signals for his men to drop to the rainforest floor as the searing whine of a chainsaw fades, their mission to save a critically endangered piece of paradise in the Philippines suddenly on hold.

UN assembly starts drafting plan for 'pollution-free planet'

Humans are poisoning their environment and themselves at an alarming rate, with pollution of the oceans, soil and air now the biggest killer, a UN conference heard Monday.

Cricketers flounder in New Delhi's hazardous smog

Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers battled through hazardous smog levels in a Test match Monday as New Delhi authorities faced scathing criticism over their lack of action to combat pollution.

Sea turtles' sad fate: from restaurant menus to plastic 'soup'

Gently, Kenzo the sea turtle is lowered onto a beach where a scattering of bottle caps, candy wrappers, yoghurt cups and discarded flipflops scar an otherwise idyllic setting.

Albania sends in military rescue as heavy rains trigger huge floods

Thousands of police and soldiers have been deployed in Albania to rescue stranded residents after heavy rainfall triggered major flooding, and caused the death of a utility worker, officials and the power company said Sunday.

Interview: Helping vulnerable communities with AI Special

The company Starmind recently launched the interactive platform RISK TALK during the United Nation’s Climate Change conference. The aim is to connect countries, communities and individuals vulnerable to natural disasters with experts.

Natural tremor near N. Korea nuclear test site: S. Korea

A natural earthquake of magnitude 2.5 occurred Saturday near North Korea's nuclear test site, the fourth such tremor since the North's most recent atomic explosion there, South Korean officials said.The micro-quake occurred about 2.7 kilometers (1.

Arctic, major fishing nations agree no fishing in Arctic, for now

Arctic and major fishing nations, including China, announced Friday that they have agreed to a moratorium on commercial fishing in Arctic waters before a fishery in the icy region is even feasible.

Southern Chile iceberg splits from glacier, threatens navigation

The recent calving of a large iceberg from a southern Chilean glacier threatens local ship navigation and could result in flooding for coastal communities, experts said.

UN makes global bid to end 'rampant' pollution

Environment ministers from about 100 countries gather in Nairobi next week to issue a clarion call against air, land and water pollution blamed for some nine million deaths in 2015.

Rising sea levels threatens U.S. nuclear waste dump in Pacific

For over a half-century, Enewetak Atoll, a part of the Marshall Islands, has been contaminated by nuclear explosions and waste left over from U.S. nuclear warhead tests. A waste dump on Runit Island is now threatened by rising sea levels.

Storm kills at least seven in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's government on Thursday deployed troops to help regions stricken by a major storm which killed seven people with five others missing, authorities said.