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Plastic waste in our oceans is a global challenge. ESA is responding by looking at the detection of marine plastic litter from space, potentially charting its highest concentrations and understanding the gigantic scale of the problem.

Glacier ice loss has reached the 'point of no return'

Glacier ice loss is a key contributor to sea-level change, slope instability in high-mountain regions, and changing volumes of river flow. A new study shows that we cannot stop glacial melting in this century - no matter what we do.

US, EU hardwood imports fuel Amazon destruction: Greenpeace

Scores of US and European companies selling the hardwood ipe for things like decks and garden furniture are fueling an illegal trade devastating the Amazon rainforest, Greenpeace said Tuesday.

Bird populations in rural France 'collapsing'

Bird populations across an eerily quiet French countryside have collapsed, on average, by a third over the last decade-and-a-half, alarmed researchers reported on Tuesday.

Last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya: keepers

The last male northern white rhino has died in Kenya at the age of 45, his keepers announced Tuesday, leaving only two females of his subspecies alive.

Sea level fears as more of giant Antarctic glacier floating than thought

More of a giant France-sized glacier in Antarctica is floating on the ocean than previously thought, scientists said Tuesday, raising fears it could melt faster as the climate warms and have a dramatic impact on rising sea-levels.

Residents get first look at town devastated by Australia bushfire

Residents got their first look Tuesday at the devastation wrought by a bushfire that ravaged a town in Australia, but fears over asbestos and unstable structures mean even those with houses still standing cannot move back.

World needs 'greener' water policies as demand rises: UN

Governments should focus on "greener" policies to improve the supply and quality of water as climate change and a growing global population threaten the water security of billions, the United Nations said on Monday.

Drought-stricken Cape Town counts the cost

South African winemaker Marlize Jacobs looks out across the parched brown earth that sustains her award-winning vines, surveying the effects of the water crisis ravaging Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to life

The guaimaro, a highly prized tree bearing nutritious fruit, once abundant throughout South America, is slowly being coaxed back from near extinction in Colombia.Widely adaptable, the tree is resistant to drought -- though not, sadly, to man.

'World Water Day' - Exploring the nature of water

As Cape Town inches towards ‘Zero Hour’ set for July 15, 2018, the real threat of water scarcity is finally hitting millions of people worldwide. Water is essential to life, and not just to quench our thirst. It is vital to every aspect of our lives.

Snow grounds UK flights and Ireland rugby party

A second day of icy weather led London's Heathrow Airport to cancel more than 100 flights on Sunday and disrupted the homecoming celebrations of Ireland's all-conquering rugby team.

Autonomous vehicles could be bad for the environment

There are many advantages that can be delivered by autonomous cars but environmental impact might not be one of them unless modifications are undertaken to the size and weight of the technology, according to a new research study.

UN schemes to save forests 'can trample on tribal rights'

The only UN-approved financial mechanism to curb deforestation, a key driver of global warming, has bulldozed the rights of forest-dwelling peoples on three continents and needs to be fixed, experts say.

World water problems on tap at Brazil conference

Brazil -- the country with the world's greatest fresh water reserves -- hosts an international conference next week on growing fears over the fragility of drinking water supplies in a heating planet.

India's Silicon Valley faces man-made water crisis

Every day more than 1,000 water tankers rumble past Nagraj's small plywood store in Bangalore, throwing up clouds of dust as they rush their valuable cargo to homes and offices in India's drought-stricken tech hub.

Development threatens Latin America's great Pantanal wetlands

You can only just hear the murmur of running water through Plinia Rodrigues' vegetable garden, but that tiny stream has a huge job: keeping alive Latin America's mammoth wetlands, known as the Pantanal.

Shell, ENI accused of negligence over Nigeria oil spills

Nigeria was on Friday urged to re-open investigations into 89 oil spills in its southern delta region, after claims that Shell and ENI misreported the causes.

Spotted marsupial returned to mainland Australia after half century

A species of spotted marsupial devastated by foxes has been returned to the wild in mainland Australia for the first time in almost 50 years in a rare and landmark conservation success story.

Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles: report

The world's leading brands of bottled water are contaminated with tiny plastic particles that are likely seeping in during the packaging process, according to a major study across nine countries published Wednesday.

Fighting e-waste with Dell corporate savvy and art Special

A mix of Dell’s international e-waste recycling and the very expert Benjamin Von Wong’s artistic skills can make a big point about a big issue. E-waste is one of the big new plagues in the environment, and it MUST be managed well.

Warming could threaten half of species in 33 key areas: report

Global warming could place 25 to 50 percent of species in the Amazon, Madagascar and other biodiverse areas at risk of localised extinction within decades, a report said Wednesday.

Philippines seizes hundreds of smuggled animals

Authorities seized on Tuesday hundreds of exotic pets smuggled into the Philippines, which is a regional hub in the illicit animal trade.

China 'winning' war on smog, helping life expectancy: study

China appears to be "winning" its war on air pollution, making so much progress that life expectancy could rise by more than two years, according to a US university study.

Ice bridge in Argentine glacier collapses, no witnesses

An ice bridge that was part of a glacier at the tip of Argentina has collapsed in the dead of night, thwarting thousands of tourists who had hoped to watch the spectacle.

India has second thoughts on ambitious EV program

Just two years ago, the Indian government proposed an ambitious program that would make every new vehicle sold an electric vehicle by 2030.

Hybrid energy offers grid fluctuation fix

Electrical grids require modification due to the increase in renewable energy sources. Industry leaders aim to expand both electricity storage capacity and flexible energy management. To achieve this, a new hybrid energy storage system has been developed.

Climate protest prompts partial evacuation at Louvre

The Louvre briefly evacuated one its busiest rooms on Monday after black-clad environmental activists staged a protest against oil giant Total's patronage of the Paris museum.

Pretty polly or pests? Dutch in a flap over parakeets

To their detractors, they're dirty alien invaders whose incessant chatter ruins Sunday morning lie-ins. To their supporters, they're beautiful, cheerful reminders of warmer climes amid the winter chill.

Hi-tech conservationists fight Indonesia wildlife crime

From cutting-edge DNA barcoding to smartphone apps that can identify illegal wildlife sales, conservationists are turning to hi-tech tools in their battle against Indonesia's animal traffickers.

Manure could heat your home

Farm manure could be a effective source of renewable energy, according to new research. This would additionally help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

PNG quake toll rises above 100 as PM warns of long recovery

The death toll from an earthquake that hit Papua New Guinea last month has topped 100 with thousands injured, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said Friday, warning it will take years for the region to recover.

Krill could prove secret weapon in ocean plastics battle

They might be at the bottom of the food chain, but krill could prove to be a secret weapon in the fight against the growing threat of plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

Parts of California's Bay Area sinking faster than expected

Current global projection maps depicting sea level rise are what city managers and planners depend on for future development, however, coastal subsidence has very seldom been considered in making these projections. The Bay Area is a good example.

Iran bars widow of dead environmentalist from leaving

Tehran has barred the widow of an Iranian-Canadian environmentalist who died in prison from leaving the country, drawing protests from Ottawa and her family.

Looking to the skies: How aerosols affect clouds

Global climate is a very complex phenomenon. To understand one aspect, the use of human-made aerosols, researchers have been studying the effects of sprays on clouds.

Bulgaria's skiing boomtown sparks dire nature warnings

"Unlimited Ski and Fun!" promises a pamphlet touting the Bansko ski resort, a magnet for bargain-hunting holidaymakers in southwest Bulgaria.

Waste waters: Plastic rubbish chokes Bali's sea

Millions of tourists are drawn to Bali's palm-fringed scenery and rich marine life, but there is a danger lurking beneath its famously crystal-clear waters: a wasteland of plastic rubbish.

EU urges Germany to introduce air pollution toll

German cities should fight air pollution by charging drivers tolls according to their vehicle's emissions, rather than slapping general bans on older models, European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said Wednesday.

Shipments of protected African species to Asia soar: study

Shipments of protected African species including tortoises, pythons and parrots to Asia have soared since 2006 as demand grows in the Far East for exotic pets, meats and other animal products, a new study warned Tuesday.

Understanding ocean turbulence improves climate science

According to a new study a more in-depth understanding of ocean turbulence could improve existing climate models and proved a more accurate prediction of climate change.
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