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article imageVideo: Live action movie 'Kite' 1st trailer

By Can Tran     Jan 4, 2014 in Entertainment
The first trailer has been released for the upcoming live action adaptation of the Japanese anime called "Kite" which stars India Eisley and Samuel L. Jackson.
The first actual trailer has been released for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime known as Kite. If you are familiar with Kite itself, then you should somewhat get the gist of the movie; however, the stories behind the live-action movie and anime adaptations are rather different. A release date has yet to be confirmed. In this trailer, Jackson gives an introduction and talks about how he's currently in Germany shooting for another movie. He says that anime like Kite appeals to him.
Jackson is no stranger to anime. He voiced the titular protagonist Afro and support character Ninja Ninja in Afro Samurai.
Actress India Eisley plays the main role of Sawa, the film's protagonist. In the live-action movie, her police officer father is killed. Sawa, with the help of his former partner Karl Aker (portrayed by Jackson), swears to get revenge on those responsible. From what the trailer shows, there is a lot of action and violence.
In the anime, Sawa is being controlled by a corrupt police officer and being groomed as a highly-trained assassin.
Kite is followed up by another OVA called Kite Liberator in which Sawa has disappeared and faded into obscurity. It focuses on high school student Monaka who lives a double life as the rumored angel of death.
Also, one should check out Mezzo Forte, somewhat of a spiritual successor to Kite as they exist in the same story universe. It is revealed that Sawa, in her new life, is a police inspector. Then, it focuses on the story's protagonist Mikura Suzuki.
That is also followed by the series called Mezzo DSA in which she works alongside two other people, Kenichi Kurokawa and Tomohisa Harada, as part of the “Danger Service Agency.”
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