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article imageReview: SPOILERS — Sherlock. His Last Vow asks — 'Did you miss me?' Special

By Joe Z Hudson     Jan 12, 2014 in Entertainment
WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Sherlock finished its third season in the United Kingdom tonight (Sunday 12th January). With plot twists throughout, viewers will be left thinking: "How in god's name is that even possible?"
The episode starts, like the books the series was based on, with Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) being found in a crack den by Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman) who was running an errand for his neighbour to find her crack addict son.
Steve Moffat excellently plots the plot around Sherlock's obsession with a man very much modelled around Rupert Murdoch, a newspaper proprietor named Charles Augustus Magnussen - played brilliantly by The Killing's Lars Mikkelsen. This man has information on any person of importance, including basic biographical information and "pressure points" on a person, for example Mrs Hudson's "pressure point" was Marijuana harking back to the first episode and mentions of the drug cartel her deceased husband operated.
Indeed Magnussen has information on many people, including Mary Watson - the loving bride of the dear Doctor, proving if more proof were needed, that Moffat cares not for the characters he brings near the edge of fictional death. What could be lurking in the closet about her?
Well it turns out [Please don't read this bit if you haven't watched the show I beg you] that Mary Watson - nee Morstan - is actually a secret assassin who has been using a still-born baby's identity all this time and is bent on killing Magnussen less he expose the secret to the unsuspecting Watson.
In the process of Mary killing Magnussen, Sherlock interrupts proceedings and is consequently shot by Mary in what turns out to be a calculated move in order to give herself time to escape the penthouse Magnussen resides in. Even his near death experience is scripted to the nth degree with Dr Molly and Anderson arguing with him and telling him to fall on his back - a very nice touch which helpfully takes the edge of the fact that Sherlock could be dying again.
After waking up, and with threats against his life, Sherlock sees sense and allows Mary's secret to be exposed to an incredulous Watson who sticks by her side after a few weeks of anger refusing to look at the memory stick that contains his wife's previous life.
With the Baker Street players decamping to the Holmes's parents house for Christmas, Mycroft drops the only real comic relief bombshell on the unsuspecting detective who reveals he would miss Sherlock if he died!
That isn't the biggest revelation in the cottage with Conan Doyle's creation drugging the entire household barring Watson and explaining that he is to give Mycroft's laptop of state secrets to Magnusssen in exchange for access to the Scandanavian's file vault.
After the pair to travel to Magnussen's Appledore mansion, it is revealed that the laptop is being tracked by GPS from within the secret service and - more importantly - the file vault doesn't exist, instead being stored in the newspaper boss's mind palace where anything he needs is in easy mental reach.
This next section perfectly sums up the expert writing of Mikkelsen's character whom the term odd doesn't do justice: Mycroft collars the pair walking out the mansion just after a very bizarre few minutes of Magnussen flicking Watson's face to see his little brother shoot the businessman.
Herein comes a master stroke by writer Steven Moffat, rather than jailing Sherlock for murder he is sent away to Eastern Europe in an MI6 job alluded to earlier by the older Holmes. However, just after the plane takes off in to the eastern wind, it is revealed that the nation's screens - both TV and advert - have been filled with a GIF of a person saying: "Did you miss me?"
Just before the credits role, it is revealed by those sneaky writers that the man on all those screens was Moriarty, the man who blew his brains out at the end of Season Two.
With people's brains exploding everywhere at the "How, what, how, what?" of the entire situation, the show ends. Undoubtedly with Moffat and Mark Gatiss laughing themselves to sleep as the fandom explodes into debates on how the Irish psychopath could have perpetrated the biggest screen bombing in British history.
With a potentially long wait ahead of fans of the show, director Nick Hurran has completely expelled the ghosts of episode two with fans everywhere unable to contain their excitement at the unfolding of this the last episode of season three.
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