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article imageOp-Ed: The many faces of Russell Brand

By Alexander Baron     Feb 8, 2014 in Entertainment
Russell Brand is regarded as one of the top "alternative" comedians in the UK. Not everyone finds his particular brand of humour funny.
Most women would agree that Russell Brand is good looking in an offbeat sort of way; he has certainly - by his own reckoning - had no problem charming women into bed, but for the delicious Georgina Baillie, he didn't seem half so charming after he and his chum Jonathan Ross phoned her grandfather, the actor Andrew Sachs, and told him...well, you can check out the sordid details here in this Daily Mail interview with Mr Sachs.
Two years later he married the bubbly Katy Perry, and presumably he never made any such derogatory comments about her. The marriage was short-lived, but this is nothing unusual for showbusiness marriages for well-documented reasons. Brand's latest incarnation is that of social justice advocate. He was invited to edit an edition of the creeping left wing magazine of champagne socialists, the New Statesman.
In a recent interview with Jeremy Paxman, he put forward his view of what is wrong with society and what needs to be done about it. He was certainly right about one thing, there is a large and growing underclass who need to be lifted out of the gutter, but he has no idea at all how to do that. Instead, he has some wishy washy idea about imposing heavy taxation on the super-rich and redistributing their wealth. We've been there and done that before with the Soviet Union, China and many other places. And it doesn't work.
However, if Mr Brand is genuine about redistributing wealth, he could start by giving away some of his own £15 million fortune.
There is an alternative that would work though. Perhaps someone should tell him about Basic Income?
Finally, with the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, he has made some insightful comments about drug prohibition. He is of course a former drug addict himself, or as he puts it, a drug addict in recovery. His claim that the time for prohibition is over will earn him a pat on the back from Libertarians to complement the slap in the face he deserves from Georgina Baillie, and, one suspects, from most of his other conquests.
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