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article imageWorld's top Lady Gaga impersonator Donna Marie opens up Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 7, 2017 in Music
The world's top Lady Gaga impersonator, Donna Marie, chatted with Digital Journal about her career as a tribute act for "Mother Monster."
Donna Marie started her Lady Gaga tribute act in 2010. "I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by," she said.
She is drawn to Lady Gaga and her music due to a variety of factors. "She has shown such diversity in her music and self-being. Her non-conforming ways and incredible talent has helped paved the way to her now superstar status, but she still seems to make time for the fans and her charity work. She is an all-round talent proving that that she is capable of almost anything," she explained.
For her Lady Gaga tribute shows, she has garnered many rave reviews from media outlets worldwide and rightfully so. "It has been absolutely amazing. It makes all the hard work so worth while. When I started my Gaga tribute I never could have dreamed I'd have achieved so much," she said.
Donna Marie: World s top Lady Gaga impersonator
Donna Marie: World's top Lady Gaga impersonator
Donna Marie
When asked about her personal favorite Lady Gaga song to perform live, Donna Marie responded, "It is so hard to choose a favourite as she has so many brilliant songs. I like different songs for different reasons; however, I do enjoy performing her new tracks as they are so fresh. I loved the swing songs she did for the Cheek to Cheek album with Tony Bennett as it gave me a real challenge to make them sound good."
Each day, she is motivated by trying to stay positive in a negative world. "My job can be very stressful, competitive and tiring but totally amazing and rewarding at times so I strive to be the best that I can be. I'm very lucky to have an amazing family, friends and job. I have met incredible people and performed all over the world since I started my Gaga journey. Her 'little monsters' have been so supportive. I wish it was never-ending but unfortunately one day it will all have to end, so that definitely motivates me to make the most of everything and make my very special forever memories," she said.
Donna Marie has been afforded the great privilege to meet Lady Gaga herself. "I met Lady Gaga in Paris after one of her Artrave shows. I went backstage to meet her. She entered the room and she looked stunning. As I caught her eye she started squealing with excitement "Oh my god you look just like me, you are amazing.' She went on to compliment my wig and costume comparing it with hers that was made by Versace. 'Wow Versace would love you, it took them weeks to stone my costume' to which I replied 'it took us weeks to stone this one too.' I got to spend approximately 30 minutes with her asking her questions about her music, life and tour. It was such a crazy, mind-blowing experience that I will never forget," she said.
She defined the word success as her perception of success being more than money and fame. "Yes, money and fame can gain you success but I think the most successful people in life are those that are happy. Nothing can buy real happiness," she said.
Donna Marie as Lady Gaga
Donna Marie as Lady Gaga
Donna Marie
For aspiring singers who wish to start their own tribute acts, she said, "Don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy way of making money and gaining recognition as that only comes with hard work and dedication. Give it 110 percent and do your very best every show as that will show through in your performance. It's very hard to imitate someone so it's important to spend a lot of time researching and watching performances of their chosen artist whist learning and rehearsing. If times get tough, battle through. Enjoy every second of the experience."
To learn more about Lady Gaga impersonator Donna Marie, check out her official Lady Gaga tribute website.
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