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article imageThe Mrs talk new self-titled album, band name origin and Bono Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 18, 2017 in Music
Andra Liemandt, the founder and drummer of the pop-rock all-girl group The Mrs chatted with Digital Journal about their new album.
Regarding the origin of their band name, she said, "Well, eight years ago, while taking my daughter to music lessons, something unusual happened to me. I decided to pick up an instrument myself, the drum set, and immediately got hooked. It wasn’t long until a vision came, and I decided to take a risk...why not reach out to my girlfriends? And see if, instead of getting the girls together for a book club, they’d want to start a band? The folks I reached out to are women with busy, complicated lives, but whose stories were rich and interesting. Even though they aren’t often heard on the radio. And that’s why I thought this could be special. Our songs touch on subject matter that comes directly from our lives as women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends. So we thought a band name like 'The Mrs' would be apropos."
On their self-titled debut album, they said, "Our new album is a soundtrack that women of all ages, mothers, and the men in their lives can relate to. We set out to create music that we can share with our kids, and that will lift up and energize women like us who want it all: careers, marriages, kids, and meaningful friendships. We actually wrote the album as a band, over the course of two weekends, and recorded it in ten days. Our producers were a little nervous about being stuck in a room with all of us girls for two weekends, but the process proved cat-fight free, and even therapeutic as we all just vibed."
Their plans for the future include more shows. "We’ve got gigs around the U.S., so our plan for the immediate future is to play live. We love nothing more than connecting with fans and energizing them through music! It’s a great way to spread our message of kindness, which we’ll be doing in partnership with The Kindness Campaign and local KINDNESSPALOOZAs. Looking further out into the future though, our goal is to lead the women’s empowerment movement until women’s empowerment isn’t a movement, but an everyday affair. So that’s always in our sights."
Digital transformation of music business
On the impact of technology in the music business, Liemandt said, "Traditional outlets of music distribution have definitely changed during the span of my lifetime. It’s no longer all about CD and record sales, but digital downloads on platforms like Spotify and iTunes. But I'm of the thinking that this is a positive change. It’s incredible to see the technological opportunities musicians have these days, and hopefully opens up access. Chance the Rapper had a streaming-only album, went on to have tremendous success, and win a Grammy! That’s amazing. And it’s inspiring to generations of new talent."
When asked about their use of technology in their music and daily routine, Liemandt said, "Technology is intertwined in everything we do, from Pro Tools powering our music, to social media spreading our message. Technology is part of our daily routine."
The Mrs. listed Bono as their dream male collaboration choice. "There are so many talented musicians out there, but while we are dreaming large…Bono. Are you reading, Bono? Call us!" they exclaimed.
For their fans, Liemandt concluded, "We are all connected through our experiences, and we hope to give our fans songs that they can relate to and be inspired by. We're on a mission to connect with and empower women who strive for a full life, and we want them to hear their own lives reflected back to them on the radio. So as far as our new music goes: we hope you roll the windows down and sing along with us!"
To learn more about The Mrs, check out them on Facebook.
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