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article imageShowtek talks Atlantic City show, electronic music, Mariah Carey Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 10, 2018 in Music
Dutch electronic dance duo Showtek chatted with Digital Journal about their upcoming show in Atlantic City, musical inspirations and
On August 25, Showtek will be playing Atlantic City in New Jersey. "At every show, we try to make it one of a kind. Atlantic City is a great place if you wanna escape from the weekly stress and have a nice party. We tend to play a little more open format and some more throwback stuff in Atlantic City since there is a big variety of music lovers. It is also a great place for us to try out bootlegs and new songs," they said.
Regarding their future plans, they said, "We have gathered a lot of music over the last year and hopefully, we can release an album. We are expanding our horizon and will release a lot of different styles of electronic music. We have been touring for half of our lives and have decided to spend more time in the studio next year."
On their musical inspirations, they said, "We are influenced by a lot of things. Anything that can change the way you feel, a song, a movie. Also, a huge part of our inspiration derives from festivals and crowds, meeting different cultures and people from all over the world."
They are drawn to electronic music since there are "no rules and no limitations." "Electronic music brings millions of people together. There is no hate in our industry, maybe some competition but that keeps the mind sharp," they said.
Showtek listed Mariah Carey as their dream female duet choice in the music business.
Digital transformation of electronic dance music
On the impact of technology on the electronic music scene, they said, "Not just music but everything is instantly available within a second with all the technological changes. Video feeds from festival sites, 20,000 new songs every day are released, and we can consume music any time we want to."
"Technology is great, but it also speeds up the live span of a song and an industry," they said. "So we definitely have to play along with this change and release more music and also find creative ways to be visible between all the others. There is more choice for the customer to choose from and if you don't work hard or you don't have your branding and marketing on point nobody will know of your existence. Sounds pretty sad, doesn't it? Although we still believe and have faith that good songs will still reach the crowds it needs to reach."
Showtek also noted that with technology people share things they like. "As an artist, if you can create music or any type of art that people like, they will share that on their socials and that's the best use of free advertising," they said. "We want our music to reach out to as many people as possible and so the technological changes have created this digital democracy."
On their use of technology in their daily routine as musicians, they said, "The message of music will always be the same, you have to transmit a feeling and emotion to your listener. Any type of musician uses technology by working in a studio and working with electronic equipment. By recording with a microphone to using soft and hardware to mix, produce and compose sounds."
Showtek continued, "Computers and software are the epicenters of any type of music. Most of the melodies Wouter writes on the piano and some songs still are written on a guitar just by playing chords and having a catchy topline. Technology is key to making music sound different, every decade you can hear shifts in sounds and technologies that are used. It is important for music to evolve."
"A great piano player doesn't build his or her own piano but uses a crafted piano to expose his or her skills," they added. "A good producer and composer use technology and software and or hardware as his or her instrument to compose a song."
On the key to longevity in electronic dance music, they said, "Innovation, great composers, and producers that change the sound every couple of years, don't play it safe and saturate the sound, so keep pushing it forward and inspire other producers. Also most importantly, new fans in every new generation."
For their fans, Showtek concluded, "The fans are the reason why we can do what we do. We owe them everything. They have enabled us to live our dream so just a thank you would not be enough. We personally are very thankful for artists that have put out songs that mean something to us personally, hopefully, our fans feel the same about us and what we do as artists."
To learn more about hit electronic duo Showtek, check out their official Facebook page.
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