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article imageRising artist Steele talks new music, inspirations, Brian Wilson Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 19, 2019 in Music
Rising artist Steele chatted with Digital Journal about his two new songs, his songwriting inspirations and his use of technology as a musician, which includes Ableton.
On his song "Is This How You Find Love," he said, "I wrote the instrumental for it in GarageBand back in the fall of last year and would sing potential melodies for it while driving around in my car. One night I brought my backpack with my computer in it to a bar, like a moron, and it got stolen when I had my back turned (like a moron)."
"I lost all of my files, and because I don't back my computer up (like a moron), and because I junked my car and didn’t have anywhere secret to practice singing, I ended up forgetting about it. I decided to sit down and rewrite it when I started using Ableton and broke past my singing spooks," he explained.
"The lyrics are just about being single in the city, in a love triangle, and how people manipulate each other in and out of relationships," he added.
Regarding his song, "If You're Passing Through," he said, "A girl that I really liked moved to LA, which was a solid trend for about a year and a half with every girl that I liked. I guess it's about being mopey and fixating too much on things out of your control."
On his plans for the future, he said, "World domination I guess? Also, finding a way to adopt a dog and bring it on tour in a way that's safe and healthy for its wellbeing."
Regarding his musical and songwriting inspirations, he said, "It's all governed by my mood at the time. I like to think that I'm relatively a happy-go-lucky and pragmatic guy, but I can also be a sensitive nerd, so when I'm in a mood I can write stuff that feels right."
He listed Brian Eno and or Brian Wilson as his dream collaboration choices in the music business.
Regarding the impact of technology and streaming on the music business, he said, "I don't know enough about the science of it all to make a firm stance. I think it's great that people from around the globe can connect, access, and release music, but I also think that it's a shame there hasn't been a way for artists to make proper money off of their recorded work. It's the classic art world 'payment vs exposure' conundrum I guess? Ableton, Sampling, and DI Interfaces are sick though. I'm a big fan of that."
On his use of technology in his daily routine as a musician, he said, "I write and record everything directly into Ableton, and program all my drums. For the budget I have, it would be hard to get a drum sound I'd be happy with, and I enjoy having potentially infinite drum hits and sounds at my disposal. I have no clue what I’m doing when I'm recording a song, but it allows for great trial and error. Big fan."
For his listeners, he concluded, "I am glad to have gotten something up on the board, and I have a lot of new stuff in the cannon that I think is going to be better. Hopefully, you enjoy."
To learn more about Steele, follow him on Instagram.
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