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article imagePaul Armento talks Mystic Rhythms Rush tribute, The Paramount Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 12, 2017 in Music
Huntington - Paul Armento, the musical director of Jessie's Girl, chatted with Digital Journal about his new Mystic Rhythms side project: "Rush Thru Time," which pays homage to Rush.
Regarding their upcoming show at The Paramount, Armento said, "Rush has been my favorite band for over 30 years, and along with my two band-mates, our affinity toward their music has almost exclusively inspired us on our respective instruments. For decades, we each played in numerous Rush tributes."
Armento enjoys playing The Paramount since it has embraced their vision and given them a chance to realize it. "I got to know their incredible staff and brilliant owners through my other band, Jessie's Girl, in which I am musical director, keyboardist, and visual effects designer. They saw what I did with Jessie's Girl, heard and saw Mystic Rhythms's videos, and decided to 'Roll the Bones' on us," he explained.
When asked about how he got into Rush's music, he elaborated, "There is something about Rush's technical, but catchy music and introspective lyrics that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide - who are often highly intelligent, creative people who feel 'on the fringe' of society. It is that, more than anything else that drew me to them. They are the world's largest 'cult band' - and they are our band. And just like we (the geeks of the world) must see past our own glaring inadequacies to discover 'the good stuff' within, once you acclimate to Geddy's unusual voice, you will discover a treasure trove of artistic integrity and some of the finest musicianship and lyricism the world has to offer."
On the digital transformation of the music scene, Armento said, "Digital took most of us by surprise. The concept that the fixed mediums we grew up with, like a CD or record, could become obsolete never dawned on many of us. It has made it almost impossible for musicians to rely on music sales, and has shifted the industry back to live performances. So for the last few years, I have built up an arsenal of tricks and skills to make my live shows really pop."
When asked how he uses technology in his live routine, he said, "I incorporate multiple video screens, fog geysers, CO2 cannons, lasers and computer controlled lights whenever applicable. I am constantly inspired by EDM live events, and hope to introduce some new projects in the years to come that take this concept even further. Hopefully, The Paramount will continue to have faith in my visions!"
For the Long Island fans, he concluded, "All technology aside, Rush fans know it is ultimately about the music. And this is without question, our primary focus as we have spent decades working out the intricacies of their songs on our instruments, and developing the rapport as a band to bring it all together in a way that feels like Rush, even to us. Rush fans can expect to lose themselves in the experience, and maybe after a few drinks, even forget we are a cover band! Anyone not familiar with Rush with still get an amazing show, and maybe an introduction to that wonderful band, who for 40 years, have been the undisputed champions to all us underdogs in the world."
For more information on their Rush tribute show at The Paramount, check out the venue's homepage.
To learn more about Mystic Rhythms (a tribute to Rush), check out their official Facebook page, and website.
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