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article imageOliver Heldens talks 'Underwater Melon,' goals, electronic music Special

By Markos Papadatos     Sep 5, 2017 in Music
New York - On September 2, world renowned Dutch DJ and producer Oliver Heldens sat down and chatted with me prior to his show at "Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro" in Randall's Island New York.
"I am really excited to be back here. I played here two years ago, but I feel that over the last two years, I have developed so much as a DJ. I made so much new music, and I'm ready to kill it out there," Heldens said, about playing at Electric Zoo. "Tonight, you won't be able to stop dancing. It's going to be crazy, sick beats the whole time. I've been going in a more club direction that is very bass-line driven. It is going to be really fun."
For Heldens, "Underwater Melon" is a "very experimental" track for him. "It is a new direction, I am going in. I want to get my fans involved by sending lyrics, vocals and artwork. I set up that contest a few days ago, and we have had so many submissions already," he said.
is doing a free dive to raise more awareness to the problem with all the plastic in the oceans. "I think it's really important that we take better care of the environment. I am really happy to do this, and help the world a little bit. It is a fun challenge since I love sports," he said.
"I am happy when I am creative," he said, about his daily motivations. "On stage, I can be creative and on the road, I get a lot of impressions from all the different cities I visit. The tour life is treating me really well actually. I manage to stay healthy, even though sleeping might be a problem though."
Last year, Heldens made the Top 10 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll, ranking at No. 8. "That was crazy," he exclaimed.
His goal in life is to work with the most talented people outside of the electronic music world, such as Pharrell, Lorde, Chance The Rapper and Nile Rodgers. "There are some really cool people out there that I would love to work with," he said.
Digital transformation of electronic music
"Technology has made everything go faster," he said. "It is very easy to enhance your ideas and your visions with technology. It is pretty easy to make something good. If your vision and your ideas are really outstanding, and you are musically talented, you can breakthrough and explode super quickly like Martin Garrix, when he was 16. That was pretty crazy. We both started with our laptops in our bedrooms. Those technologies are amazing for everyone."
On his use of technology in his music routine, Heldens said, "I work from my laptop and I have different plug-ins that I use. Lately, I use guitar rig for the different sounds, and a lot of other cool plug-ins. This technology is really next level, and it is going to blow some minds in the future."
Oliver Heldens
Oliver Heldens
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Heldens' advice for aspiring DJs and producers is as follows: "Don't take advice from anyone. In the end, it is about your vision and your ideas. It is good to listen to criticism and listen to yourself."
For his fans, he said, "I am really grateful, and happy to have so many fans, and to do all these shows all around the world. My dream came true: to tour and play for people who are there for my music. I hope I can do this for a really long time, and it looks like it will happen."
Heldens defined the word success as being "super relative." "In the U.S., people really look up to successful people big time. Where I am from in The Netherlands, success is very different. If you are a teacher in school, and you teach kids, and help kids, and the kids grow up older with your knowledge and your help and they do something good, then you've helped the world and done something great. That's success. For me, success is creating something that doesn't exist yet, and that excites me."
To learn more about electronic superstar Oliver Heldens, check out his official website.
Oliver Heldens
Oliver Heldens
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