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article imageMusic Travel Love talk covers, dream duets, digital age of music Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 9, 2019 in Music
Music Travel Love chatted with Digital Journal about "Baby, Now That I Found You," and they opened up about their dream duet choices and being artists in the digital age.
On their desire to cover "Baby, Now That I Found You," they said, "This was a song that we grew up on, especially the Alison Krauss version. When we choose songs to perform we draw inspiration from music that has influenced us and this song definitely has. To us, Alison Krauss has one of the pure and beautiful voices of all time."
Regarding their future plans, they said, "Really just more of what we’re doing now. We're heading to South East Asia for a tour in October to do a string of shows as well as create a bunch more content for our fans. We have plans to put out a Christmas EP in December and over the course of next year release a full-length album."
On being artists in this digital age, they said, "We've been putting out music for a while so we’ve seen how it's changed. In a lot of ways, it's easier to find an audience because you can just put stuff out there and sometimes it can be seen by tons of people without a label or radio to promote it. It's a time where if you work hard and make music that people connect with you can really create a career for yourself with your social media platforms."
Digital transformation of the music business
On the impact of technology and streaming services on the music industry, they said, "We think it has given artists without massive budgets from labels or radio an opportunity to succeed. It also allows artists to continue to connect with their audience for as long as they continue to use these platforms."
"Back in the day, once radio stopped playing you, your career was on the decline, now as long as you continue to put out quality content you can have an audience to share it with. It does seem that sometimes in order to continue to maintain a level of awareness you need to create so much more content than you used to, so it becomes more demanding and at the same time content becomes a bit more disposable. But we’re all still adapting to this age," they elaborated.
Music Travel Love listed the following artists as their dream collaboration choices: Bryan Adams, John Mayer, and George Strait.
For young and aspiring artists, they said, "Work hard and stay with it. It’s cliche but for us, it's probably the most important component. The one thing that keeps us going is knowing that we can always be better, there’s always another level. Try not to let the industry sway you away from what’s in your heart if you stay true to yourself people will feel that and connect on a different level."
For their fans, they remarked about "Baby Now That I Found You," "It was really fun making this video in Sedona. We try to match our songs with a scene that feels like the song and hopefully our fans enjoy it."
To learn more about Music Travel Love, follow them on Instagram and on their Facebook page.
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