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article imageMaurice West talks 'Euforika,' plans for 2020, and Skrillex Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 6, 2020 in Music
Electronic sensation Maurice West chatted with Digital Journal about "Euforika." He offered advice for young and aspiring DJs and producers and he shared his plans for 2020.
On "Euforika," he said, "When I started releasing music on my own I needed a name for the platform or label that it was going to be shared through. At the time I had this word 'Euforika" spinning around in my mind for a while. I didn't know what it was or how I came up with it, all I knew was that it sounded cool and could be part of something bigger. Then when my team and I agreed on using that term I decided to give it meaning: I live for making the most energetic, melodic, euphoric and emotional music I can and 'Euforika' is the collective term for that style."
"The people that listen to my music and come to my shows are also a big part of 'Euforika.' They're the ones that make my songs come to life when I see that it puts a smile on their face when it makes them forget about any worries they might have or when they’re just going absolutely crazy to it," West added.
On his music and songwriting, he said, "There are a lot of different aspects of life that inspire me to make music. Of course, when I'm on tour I get really inspired to make songs that will get a response out of the crowd. When I’m in the studio I get inspired by music that I listen to (which is mostly music that was made long before I was born). I can also get inspired by video or images, my brain has always made a very strong connection between sounds and shapes or colors. Lately, I've started getting into songwriting more so I also really try to draw inspiration from stuff happening in my life."
Regarding his plans for 2020, he said, "First and foremost, I want to release as much quality music as I can. I want to share this vision that I have with as many people as I can and let the whole world know what I’m up to. I’m really really passionate about the direction that I’m headed in right now and just want to make as many people as possible happy with my songs."
On being an electronic artist in the digital age, he said, "It's both really convenient and scary. I like how an independent artist is able to share his music to every corner of this planet just by hitting a few buttons on his computer. At the same time, everything on the Internet keeps moving faster and faster. People's attention spans get worse, but that also makes me want to create songs that are timeless."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as a musician, he said, "Of course I'm listening to and creating music all day on my laptop. I hum melodies into my phone. I write down concepts and ideas for songs on my phone. I let my computer tell me which key the songs I want to play are in. Basically, without technology, I'd be nowhere. Nevertheless, it's nice to step away from all your devices sometimes and just sit down behind a piano. The balance between real instrumentation and software has always been very important to me."
For young and aspiring DJs and producers, he said, "The mistake I made at first was that I was so passionate and intrigued about the whole dance music scene that I just wanted to 'sound like' all the big DJ’s that I looked up to. If I could go back in time I would tell 16-year-old Maurice to let go of all the conventions and rules that he had learned from listening to dance music and just create whatever you feel like. Find your own sound and exploit it. Stand for what your creative mind came up with."
He listed Skrillex as his dream collaboration choice. "Skrillex is on that list for sure. I actually got into dance music because of him. He has never failed to amaze me with anything that he put out. His way of producing is just out of this world. I'd also love to see what artists like Stevie Wonder, Sister Sledge, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, and George Benson would sound (or would have sounded) like combined with dance music," he elaborated.
West defined the word success as follows: "Success, to me, means reaching my goals, and there's some pretty crazy stuff on that list. My biggest goal is to let my music reach as many people as possible and bring joy to their lives. Success to me doesn’t just mean that I get to have or feel something, I want all of my followers, friends, and family to be with me at that same spot."
"Euforika" is available on digital service providers by clicking here.
To learn more about Maurice West, check out his Facebook page.
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