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article imageLance Bass from N SYNC talks Equinox, future plans Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 26, 2017 in Music
Lance Bass from the Grammy nominated pop group N SYNC chatted with Digital Journal about his partnership with Equinox, and he opened up about his plans for the future.
Lance Bass talks about Equinox
On his partnership with Equinox, he said, "It has been great! I've never felt better. That's for sure. I've heard that it takes you a couple of months to get into the exercise routine, and it took me about four months, but now I look forward to going to the gym. It has been amazing."
Bass acknowledged that Tier X is a curated lifestyle program that provides him with an individualized and a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. "Tier X is definitely something new for me, but it has worked wonders for me. It goes at my own speed. I've worked with trainers before, and I've always been discouraged to go back, because of how hard they work you. I've felt that they are trying to prove something to themselves and not me, but with Tier X and especially Larry, he really takes it at our own pace, and we steadily grow it bigger and bigger. That has helped me stay on course," he said.
Lance Bass
Lance Bass
Courtesy of Equinox
In a few years, Bass is gearing up for his 40th birthday, and he intends to be in the best shape possible to celebrate that milestone. "I have a year and a half to go, before I hit 40, so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get in the best shape of my life. I felt that a good two years would do that for me, and hopefully, I will make that habit stick. That is what we are hoping for," he said.
"Equinox has definitely changed my life. Larry definitely has. I hope to be fit for life now. Equinox was definitely that catalyst. It took me 37 years to finally get to this point. They have changed this man," he added.
Lance talks future plans and motivations
On his future plans, Bass said, "I'm promoting my new show on MTV 2. It's called 90s House, which I host with Christina Milian. Other than that, I'm winding things down for the year to enjoy things with my family. I joined a restaurant group, so we have been opening up restaurants all over the world. I am a big foodie, so I love to get involved with restaurants and really be around amazing food."
Bass revealed that his artist husband, Michael, motivates him each day. "He is a go-getter and he really inspires me, especially when I am trying to get into the gym spirit. He has been very good and has changed my eating habits. Every time I go training with Larry at Equinox, my husband is right there with me at the gym. You can't get better motivation than that. My husband is an incredible artist!"
Lance discusses digital transformation of music
On the digital transformation of music, Bass said, "Everyone kind of denied what was happening in the late 90's and early 00's with digital music, and how people were going to get their music. Early on, we adapted to mp3, just like we adapted from tape to CD. A lot of people were holding out, but this is something that we all knew was going to happen, and we knew that record stores would become obsolete eventually, like a Blockbuster, and that everything would go online. People like things very quick and people love their music, so the quickest way they could get it is right through their phone."
Bass noted that lately there has been a resurgence of vinyl. "I love vinyl. I grew up listening to vinyls, since my dad had an incredible collection. We would listen to Wolfman Jack. I love that vinyl is the trend right now, and the N SYNC boys and I love it so much that we are releasing our Christmas album vinyl on November 17," he said. "Vinyl is perfect, since it is a sense memory too. People grew up with that sound, and they will respect that sound a lot more."
On his use of technology on daily basis, he said, "I try to stay up to date with social media. I'm not the best at it. I'm almost 40, but work-wise, it's the best outlet for the fans, and to be able to share information with them in a second. It's just amazing, and it has really changed my life and my career. I am loving all the gadgets too, especially now with working out. I have my Apple watch and I'm obsessed with how many steps I can do in a day, and I compete with my friends and everything."
If he were to look back in a rear-view mirror over the last two decades, he said, "I see a lot of ups and a lot of downs, and a lot of life being lived." "I could not be happier," he admitted.
Regarding the key to longevity in the music industry, he said, "Being authentic, and doing the things that you want to do." "If people like it, then that's the added bonus," he said.
For aspiring singers and bands, he said, "Always practice your craft and learn something new. Always keep that music brain going, since there is always somebody right behind you trying to catch you. You have to be a step ahead of everyone. Enjoy it. My biggest piece of advice for new artists is get to know your local radio station, since then, they will look out for you."
Bass also had nothing but the kindest words about Jeff Timmons, the founding member of 98 Degrees. "I love Jeff! We obviously go way back. 98 Degrees was one of the first groups we ever met on the road over in Europe. It was nice to have a familiar, American face with us at times, when we've felt so lonely over in Europe. I love those guys," Bass said.
He listed "It Makes Me Ill" as his personal favorite N SYNC song. "We never released it as a single, but I just love it. The song was on the No Strings Attached album. Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta wrote that song," he said.
For his dedicated N SYNC fans, he said, "My fans are amazing. They have stuck with me through all the crazy times, and all the different career moves that I've made over the last two decades."
Lance Bass of N SYNC
Lance Bass of N SYNC
Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall
Most recently, Bass hosted "90's Night" at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall on Long Island with the boy band Larger Than Life, for an excellent turnout, where he even joined them towards the end of "Bye Bye Bye," showcasing his signature dance moves. "That was fun," he said. "It was lots of fun!"
"Mulcahy's was great, and so much fun. With Joey [Fatone] telling me how much fun it was, it definitely delivered. The people that come there are so full of life, and I felt I was back at an N SYNC concert. It was great!" he exclaimed.
He defined the word success as "Being happy." "As long as you're happy, that means you've done something right," he said.
To learn more about Equinox fitness clubs, check out their official website.
For more information on Lance Bass and his latest endeavors, follow him on Twitter.
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