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article imageKeith Carlos talks Cardi B video, European tour, future plans Special

By Markos Papadatos     May 22, 2018 in Entertainment
Actor, football player and model Keith Carlos chatted with Digital Journal about playing the lead in Cardi B's music video for "Be Careful," and his future plans, which include a European tour, and his acting debut on "The Bold and The Beautiful."
Carlos plays the lead male in Cardi B's music video for "Be Careful." "I have always been a fan of Cardi B. I respect women that hustle, and admire anyone who has the resilience and perseverance to achieve the level of success that she has. There are a lot of things in life that one cannot truly relate to unless they've experienced it first hand. She and I both grew up in rough neighborhoods, and neither of us are strangers to hardship. It's always inspiring to partake in an underdogs victory," he said.
He continued, "To witness someone like Cardi B beat the odds and build an empire through relentless dedication and faith. For me, it is always an honor to work with people such as this. There are a million ways to the top, yet every way requires three things: faith, perseverance, and relentlessness. I applaud anyone who carry these qualities, and consider myself fortunate to partake in their journey if and when the time presents itself. This time, it presented itself in a music video, and I am grateful."
This summer, Carlos will be going on a European tour as part of the "Role Models" movement. "Role Models is a non-scripted television concept that my business partner Matthew Stephen Smith and I have been working on for quite some time now," he said. I am extremely excited to announce that the show Role Models has finally been 'Greenlit' for production. The premise of this show focuses on humanitarianism. Through brand and company endorsements we plan to create real world product placement scenarios to positively impact communities and individuals around the world. There are so many 'Role Models' out there in the world today that just don't have the platforms that we have been blessed to acquire. We feel it is time to not only seek those 'Role Models' out, but also allow them to use our platform so that they may bring more awareness to the areas in which they could really use our (the worlds) help. Through endorsement, we are able to give back in unique, cool, and interactive ways. Through the distribution of the show, we will hopefully ignite and inspire positive change through enriched participation."
Keith Carlos talks 'America's Next Top Model'
On being the first male model to win America's Next Top Model, Carlos said, "That is something I most definitely will never forget. The experience was incredible, and walking away as the first male to ever win the show is something that I am truly grateful for and proud of. I often say, America's Next Top Model gives you wings, afterwards, it is our job to learn how to fly."
When asked what motivates him each day, Carlos responded, "Success is a mindset. To be successful, one has to become extremely good at brushing off the rejections, and holding on to the little victories. I am blessed to have a wonderful hard working wife and a strong and healthy son. Along with that, my core group of friends also share my ambition for growth. All of this paired together not only fuels me, but also keeps me in check."
Keith Carlos
Keith Carlos
Carlos also revealed that he is going to be on the daytime drama The Bold and The Beautiful. "I have had the wonderful opportunity to begin a working relationship with CBS, everyone there has been nothing but kind and helpful. I love modeling, but also enjoy acting quite a bit, and the better that I become at it, the more enjoyable I find it to be. Although I have had other acting jobs in the past, I consider my role on The Bold and The Beautiful to be my TV acting debut. I am really excited for it to air and see the responses I receive from my fans, as well as those who have been fans of the show for generations," he said.
Digital transformation of entertainment business
On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Carlos said, "The world is always evolving. I think its normal for people to fear change because most of the time people fear the unknown. I have found within my own life that everything usually moves along much smoother if I welcome change, and accept the unknown, 'Focus on what you can control', so to speak. With all of that said, there are more distribution platforms than ever before, so there is more content being made than ever before. This I would absolutely say is a good thing."
As an actor and model, Carlos uses technology in his daily routine. "Technology is pretty much a constant part of not only my daily life, but also my professional life. Social platforms really enable me to pump out contact and ideas quicker, as well as interact with colleagues and fans more frequently. It can become tiresome, however again, this is only another shift in society that if used correctly, can create opportunity and growth," he said.
Carlos defined success simply as "happiness." "Some find success within there personal relationships, some in their job, others in their living environment. I believe that one achieves success when they master their own personal actions and align them to ones goals and priorities. Strength of conscious living," he said.
For his fans, Carlos concluded, "I want my fans to know that anything and everything is possible. The first step is loving, and believing in yourself. Only those who see the invisible can achieve the impossible."
A former professional football player, Keith Carlos was a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.
To learn more about football player, actor and model Keith Carlos, follow him on Instagram.
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