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article imageKarl Wolf talks new Illusion EP, digital transformation of music Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 5, 2017 in Music
Canadian music star Karl Wolf chatted with Digital Journal about his new EP "Illusion." Wolf also opened up about the digital transformation of the music scene.
"I've got my latest EP dropping on Nov. 10 everywhere on all digital platforms. It's called Illusion," he said.
Aside from this forthcoming EP, his future plans include promoting the new EP, as well as touring. "Of course, for the holidays I will be with my family between California and Montreal," he said.
Wolf talks about the digital transformation of the music business
Regarding the impact of technology on the music industry, he said, "My career started taking off right before the social media boom, right when YouTube made its mark in fact my song 'Africa' was one of the first music videos to take off on YouTube in Canada. Of course, the industry has changed drastically since people started to figure out that they can 'share' songs for free instantly."
Wolf continued, "I do feel, however, that it has of regulated itself, today we have payable digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as well as the traditional iTunes and other music purchasing websites. I am comfortable with how technology has affected the game. I'm from the school of thought that technology cannot be stopped or held back but rather encouraged and all we need to do is find smart solutions to overcome any dead ends as a reactive measure. I couldn't predict where it would lead us, however, I was part of the discussions in its initial stages. This is on the business end, but technology has also affected the way we create music as well, from in-house portable studios to replicating live instruments all with soft synths and apps. These are all great tools that we have at our disposal but now all of us count on technology in this game even though it's made certain things easier for us. That's the beauty of the music industry is that there aren't any rules and as long as you're making great stuff and competing there will always be a way for you to stand out and thrive with it."
On his use of technology in his music and daily routine, he said, "I have my own home studio, so everything from production to recording editing and mixing is all done in one station at home from a laptop where back in the day it took a big million dollar studio to work out of, today we make magic from the comfort of our own homes."
Each day, Wolf is motivated by making each day count. "Achieving at my highest level at all times. I came from a middle class hard-working immigrant family and I just want to create a better life for my future, so everyday is an opportunity to outdo the last," he said.
For aspiring musicians, Wolf's advice is as follows: "Be yourself, create great stuff. Don't settle for mediocre. Uniqueness is key. Don't be lazy! Energy is everything, so body, mind, spirit at full throttle!"
When asked how he stays in top-notch physical shape, Wolf responded, "I have an amazing trainer that trains me about four to five times a week. You need to understand that a toned and worked out body can positively affect the mind. It's a 'two birds with one stone' kind of scenario and I do challenge and train both my body and mind."
For his fans, Wolf concluded, "I've had such a great career so far and it's only getting better. I almost feel like I have never slowed down. I want to achieve more. We are in the midst of signing a deal in the US for a release for the first time in 2018! Watch out for both my Canadian EP which drops on Nov. 10, as well as my U.S. debut next year!"
To learn more about Karl Wolf, check out his Facebook page.
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