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article imageJORDY talks 'Be With Me' single, electronic music, Armada Music Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 28, 2018 in Music
Singer-songwriter JORDY chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Be With Me," which will be released on April 27 on Armada Music.
On the song "Be With Me," JORDY came about when I left the East coast in October to move to LA. I was leaving a large network of friends, but I was also leaving a wonderful guy who I was in a serious relationship with for almost two years. I knew that I had to follow my dream and that he needed to follow his. So when I got to LA, one of my first sessions was with my roommate who is a songwriter and artist (Will Jay) and a producer that we both knew, (Jonny Shorr). It started with them asking what I wanted to write about and how I felt that day; I told them I was super sad and lonely, still healing from the breakup. But I also told them that I was so happy and excited to be in LA, and that the feeling of having no other responsibility than to be with myself and work as hard as I could was liberating. So, that's where it started. The song is meant to remind people that it’s important to be alone sometimes. It teaches you how to grow and how to love yourself fully."
He is drawn to electronic music since he loves good dance tunes. "I think that electronic music brings people together, and more importantly it makes people feel good. After my breakup, there were definitely some sad songs that were written, but it was super important in my healing process to write some happy songs too. 'Be With Me' is a song that has some sad lyrical elements, but they are masked by a beat that will make you want to rip up the dance floor. And I love that about the song."
For JORDY, it feels validating to release "Be With Me" on Armada Music. "Armada has released some of the most legendary electronic dance songs to date, so I feel incredibly honored. 'Be With Me' is so personal to me, and it means the world that I have the support from a label like Armada," he explained.
On his future plans, JORDY said, "More music. I have so many songs lined up for after this release. Live performances too. I'm mostly just incredibly excited to start sharing my story and my passion. I have been singing and writing for so many years now and I feel more motivated than ever to continue making content that’s honest and authentic to me."
For aspiring musicians, he said, "My roommate told me when I first moved to LA that songwriting is like a muscle that you need to exercise. My advice is to write as much as you can, and to write as honestly and authentically as you can. Never let your doubt overpower your dream, and just continue to put positive energy out into the world. Be nice and supportive to other musicians, and just be yourself. I think that there's a place for everyone, just work for it."
Digital transformation of electronic music
On the impact of technology on electronic music, he said, "I think that technology has changed the music business immensely. From the way music is made to the way people listen to it, technology seems to be changing the game completely. I think that it has created more avenues for new artists like myself, with social media and digital distribution, it is easier than ever for artists to put out content and brand themselves. It is so important to stay focused on the music, because at the end of the day, what really matters is the music and the songs."
On his use of technology in his daily routine as a musician, JORDY said, "I think that voice memos are a lot of artists' favorite tools these days. Whenever I get an idea for a lyric or hook, I'll whip out my phone and record it into a voice memo. I probably can't even begin to count the amount of voice files on my phone, but I certainly use it everyday to save ideas that I don't want to forget."
For his fans, he concluded, "I want 'Be With Me' to make people feel good inside and out. I want it to remind them that being alone and being lonely are two really different things. When I moved to LA, there were so many lonely nights and still are. When I wished that I had someone next to me in bed, or someone to go see a movie with, but I'm learning to love being by myself. I'm learning that I'm not looking for my other half, but I'm looking to love myself fully as a whole, and if someone who is also a whole person wants to come along then that’s great too. But being alone has made me a better person and a better artist. If you’re feeling lonely out there, cry it out, allow yourself to feel the pain, but push through. Love who you are and love the skin you are in. You are the only you."
"Be With Me" is available on iTunes.
To learn more about singer-songwriter JORDY, check out his Facebook page.
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