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article imageJon Gaiser talks new studio album 'III,' Electric Zoo in New York Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 28, 2017 in Music
DJ and producer Jon Gaiser chatted with Digital Journal about his new studio album "III," and he opened up about Electric Zoo in New York, that will take place this September.
On the song selection process for the new album III, he said, "This album is a good representation of where I’m at and where I’m going. I’m always working to further develop my sound, and expand upon my world with some memorable moments. The best way to start recording an album is to tell yourself that you’re not recording an album. It’s really important to take the pressure off from the beginning, and let things develop naturally. This way nothing is forced, and everything falls into place where it should. The layout of the songs on this album was inspired by the way people take in media. Like watching a whole season of a TV show at once, for example. I wanted the album to have a few chapters with each a certain mood and energy, so that each part would lead on to the next. It’s like a fluid dynamic story with highs and lows from start to finish, with each part playing its own characteristic role."
Regarding his future plans, he said, "What is always next for me, is more experimenting and recording. And also, the album tour will be starting around the release of the album, so most of this year will be spent on tour. While I’m on tour, I’m always brainstorming new ideas of how to make the live show more of a complete experience, bringing both the audio and visual together to create a unified and immersive atmosphere. It’s important to create a proper visual representation of what your ears are hearing, in order to create in-tensely atmospheric and unforgettable moments. The Album Tour is set to be show-cased at various locations around the world, and they will be announced as the dates move along."
Gaiser shared that he will be doing a live set at Electric Zoo on September 1 in New York City. "I’m always looking forward to being back in New York City," he said.
On his daily motivations, he said, "What always motivates me musically, is testing and experimenting with new equipment, and my studio setup is constantly changing depending on what I’m inspired by at any given moment. I get bored really easily, so I’m constantly pushing myself to create new and unique sounds that become the defining focal point of each idea. As a live performer, it’s especially important to stay excited about what you’re doing otherwise it’s hard to translate that feeling to your audience."
For aspiring DJs and producers, he encouraged them to always try new things. "Have fun while doing what it is that you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they’re simply a part of the process and the best way to help you learn. It’s important to learn through experience, and it also doesn’t hurt to learn about music theory or new technologies, like new hardware or software. Always try to have fun and see how new knowledge can help you create the sounds you want to make, and also find new ideas along the way," he said.
When asked about his definition of the word success, he responded, "To me, success is being able to use the best of your abilities which results in some-thing you’re proud of and gives you a sense of accomplishment after all of the hard work you put into whatever it is you’re doing. I think a lot of people nowadays only see a one-sided image when it comes to success. They only see the result, which can create a distorted image and doesn’t represent all the hard work that was needed to get those results. Don’t focus on other people’s success, focus on what it is that can make you better in something and work hard for it, which will lead you to a greater sense of accomplishment."
For his fans, Gaiser concluded, "The entire process of creating this album was quite a journey, and I made it a point to have a lot of fun with it. But, the creation process is only the beginning of the journey, and I’m looking forward to meet up somewhere around the world to have some more fun and create some more memorable moments. See you soon."
To learn more about Jon Gaiser and the new album, check out his official Facebook page.
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