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article imageJill Hennessy talks New York shows, musical inspirations, success Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 6, 2018 in Music
On November 6, acclaimed actress and singer-songwriter Jill Hennessy ("Law & Order" and Crossing Jordan") chatted with Digital Journal about her New York show at City Vineyard tonight, and at My Father's Place in Roslyn this Thursday.
Hennessy will be playing at City Vineyard in New York City later today. "The doors open pretty early around 6 p.m. and I go on stage around 8 p.m. It's going to be myself and Robbie Gjersoe, who played on both of my albums. He is a tremendous lead guitarist. I love this guy and he is a part of our family now," she said. "It will be an intimate show with an acoustic guitar and a resonator. I have to start with Bob Dylan tonight since today is Election Day."
On November 8, Hennessy will be performing at My Father's Place in Roslyn on Long Island. "That is such a historic club on Long Island. I am honored that they are having me. That's going to be a three-piece band at My Father's Place. We have Todd Caldwell playing keyboards at that show in Roslyn, and he is phenomenal. The show is going to be a lot of fun," she said.
Regarding her musical inspirations, she responded, "What inspires my music is what keeps me up at night, and the things that haunt me, and can't stop thinking about." "It is usually people that I love or people that I have lost. People that I know and people that I read about in the paper," she said. "My inspirations are not only lighthearted things. It is mostly things that I can't quite get around."
She listed "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen and Leon Bridges as her dream male duet choices. "Bruce is one of my biggest influences. If I could record anything with him I would be thrilled," she said. "I would love to record with Leon Bridges. That guy has inspired me in so many ways. I would do craft service for Leon Bridges' next show. Lyrically and musically, Leon Bridges is one of my favorite artists. I love his guitar work and his stage presence."
Digital transformation of the music industry
On the impact of technology on the music business, Hennessy said, "It's a totally different landscape. Most of my friends who are formerly fairly big names in the music business are finding that their sole profits these days is from touring, live performances and from merchandise. You are not really supporting yourself from the streaming outlets. I go out as much as I can just to play and to connect with the audience."
She continued, "On a positive note, technology has opened doors for a lot of great new artists. The music industry is so much more accessible to emerging artists, and the playing field is leveled."
Hennessy acknowledged that there is a resurgence of vinyl and that there is a certain "warmth to analog." "You need to get a turntable," she said, with a sweet laugh. "It's a great thing to have. My 15-year-old son wants a turntable."
For aspiring singer-songwriters, she said, "Just go out and do it. Put yourself out there. Write your own songs and don't judge yourself. Put pen to paper and sing your song as loud as you can."
She defined the word success as "Being satisfied with yourself, and not being dependent on the approval of others."
Jill Hennessy s  I Do
Jill Hennessy's 'I Do'
official cover art of 'I Do' by Jill Hennessy
Hennessy's I Do album is available on iTunes.
To learn more about actress and singer-songwriter Jill Hennessy, check out her official website.
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