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article imageJason Morton and the Chesapeake Sons talk new album, music career Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 23, 2018 in Music
Jason Morton and the Chesapeake Sons chatted with Digital Journal about their debut studio album, and the digital transformation of the music business.
On the song selection process of their debut album, Morton said, "The most important thing to us with song selection is making sure we have a good balance in terms of tempo, dynamics, feel, etc. Many people don't care too much about the flow of an album anymore in this day and age of being able to stream or download just one song. But, this is still something that is very important for us, so, we wanted to make sure the first few songs came out rockin', then have it dip towards the more mellow side, and then end back on the rock side of things. When picking the sequence of the album, we listed them in a similar way of how we would do a set list for our live show."
He listed "Southern Sound" as his personal favorite tune on the album. "This was the first song written for the record and became the standard that every song had to live up to. We asked ourselves, 'if we only had one song to show people the best representation of us, what would it be?' That was our approach when starting this song. We said, 'OK, all bets are off on this. Let's do anything we want. Who cares about song length, how many guitar solos, etc.' The song ended up being over seven minutes long. It may never become a single but it's quickly becoming a crowd favorite at our live shows, and we are extremely proud of what we accomplished on this recording."
One of his biggest musical influences include none other than southern rock stars Marshall Tucker Band. "I absolutely love southern rock and Marshall Tucker is such a staple in the genre. I love the feel of the music in terms of the perfect blend of edgy old school rock/country with melodic guitar solos," he said.
Regarding his plans for the future with his band, Morton said, "Our biggest focus is getting our debut record in as many hands as possible. Whether we do it by selling CDs at shows, downloads, streams, etc. It doesn't matter. We just want people to hear it and talk about it. Although, the best and most effective way to gain new fans is playing as many live shows as possible in front of as many people as possible. We're the type of band that loves to hang with the crowd, shake hands, and have a beer and good conversation. This is what we will continue to do this year to promote our new record."
Digital transformation of music business
On the impact of technology in the music business, he said, "I think technology has been both good and bad for music. It's a double edge sword: the ability for people to stream music for free has diluted sales dramatically. Although, the overall consumption of music is higher than it's ever been, which is great because it gives no name artists a better chance to be discovered. Services like Spotify are also great for labels and radio to collect data to see what songs fans are really responding to. This makes it a lot easier to pick a single at times because the number of streams clearly shows which tracks are favored over others. Overall, I think technology is great for music. I just wish more people would watch a live concert with their eyes and not through the lens on their camera phone. It makes it a lot harder to really get lost in the music when you're focusing on capturing the shot."
As a musician, Morton uses technology in his daily work. "I record more music on my iPhone than any other device. The voice recorder is probably the most used mobile app by avid songwriters. It's great because no matter where you are, if a song idea or melody pops in your head, you can record it right there on the spot. This feature has been great and helps keep all my ideas from being forgotten."
For his fans, he concluded, "I have been playing music professionally for 12 years, and this is by far my favorite music I've ever made. It is the best representation of who we truly are as artists, and I really hope the fans hear the honesty in the songs we wrote. I have never been more proud of anything I have ever created."
Morton concluded by listing Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson as his dream collaboration partners. "Those dudes are as real as it gets these days," he said.
To learn more about Jason Morton and the Chesapeake Sons and their new music, check out their official website.
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