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article imageInterview with Sam Ludeman: Australian singer, actor and model Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 24, 2018 in Music
Australian actor, singer and model Sam Ludeman is a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Ludeman chatted with Digital Journal about his music career, and his plans for 2018.
"The plans for 2018 are looking very challenging, and extremely rewarding," he foreshadowed. "We will be releasing some new videos. We are aiming for five or six new ones. We are starting to write original music. We hope to have our first songs ready by the end of the year."
When asked to select his personal favorite cover song on YouTube (as part of the musical duo Sam Sam But Different), he revealed, "I like all of our videos, I like watching them from time to time and admiring the work we put into them. My personal favorite would have to be 'Sorry' by Justin Bieber. We had a lot of fun recording it and I still piss myself laughing when I see the drone go to crash into the wall and then cut my arm!"
Ludeman had the opportunity to be a contestant on The Voice Australia, which was a "fantastic experience" for the musician, where he was mentored by Seal. "The Voice was a fantastic experience. It was a total whirlwind, but very enjoyable," he said. "Working with Seal was OK, a lot more talk than walk in my opinion. I never felt inspired or supported by him, and didn't like how he treated other crew members on set."
On his daily motivations, he said, "I'm not totally sure what drives me, the urge to sing for myself and other people hits me hard at least a couple times a day. I can't always do it so I save it up for when I get to rock a stage. I'm very fortunate that I'm always up for a jam and that it never feels like work."
He listed Beyonce as his dream female collaboration choice in music. "I would like to record a duet with Beyonce, not because Ed Sheeran just did it, but because I'd love to see how she works. Her charisma and voice has always fascinated me," he said.
Digital transformation of music business
On the impact of technology on the modern music business, he said, "Over the years, we've seen so many talented bedroom recording artists come to life because of the wonders of technology. It has taken partial power from the big record labels wanting to control everything and take too much money from artists. I'm a big believer in constant evolution and upping the ante. Bring on playing and singing robots that want to join the band!"
When asked how he uses technology in his music routine, Ludeman responded, "We use wireless mics and guitars. I hate leads under my feet, iPads for mixing, in-ears for all the band members. We stay on top of all the latest sounds gear as we are very particular with our sound. We don't use a lot of synth pedals, loopers or other instruments yet, but we are starting to work them in to some of our stuff."
Sam Ludeman
Sam Ludeman
supplied by Sam Ludeman
On staying in top-notch physical shape, Ludeman said, "Although I'm finding it increasingly more difficult each year, I've always loved exercising. When I was young, I think around 15, I started going to the gym at my school and straight away liked it! I watch what I eat and try to train hard. I've put on a few Christmas kilograms this year for sure but I'll get rid of them soon."
Ludeman defined the word success simply as contentment. "If I stay happy while doing the challenging things I love, then I will always be successful," he said.
For his fans, he concluded, "G'day mates! To any of my fans out there, I say thanks for sticking around, or if you've joined liking me, thanks! I'm not the best at all on the social media things, as I'm working really hard on making music."
To learn more about Aussie singing sensation Sam Ludeman, check out his official website, and the official Sam Sam But Different Facebook page.
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