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article imageInterview: LeAnn Rimes opens up about new song 'Mother' Special

By Markos Papadatos     May 9, 2017 in Music
Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes chatted with me about her new song "Mother," which is from her latest studio album "Remnants."
Her new song "Mother" will be released on Mother's Day, and it was a therapeutic process for her to co-wrote this moving tune. "This song is actually about my very interesting relationship with my mom. She basically lost me to the world when I was 13, and she always likes to remind me of that. She's a worrier and I kept her outside of my life for a long time. I haven't been super-close to her. I was very angry at my mother that day, and we wrote the song about acceptance, understanding and forgiveness," Rimes said. "In about two weeks later, something happened with my step-son, and I felt one-tenth of wanting to protect him the way she wanted to protect me. I got it and it clicked, and I started crying. I sent my mom a text and I was calling her, and told her that I really got it now. It has been a blessing, and the song was very healing in itself."
On the song selection process for Remnants, she said, "I wrote most of them. This album is very inclusive. Last album, was very much about me. This is definitely very much a part of my healing process, and really picking up all those pieces after you fall apart and allow it to happen. It's about picking up the pieces that are authentic to you and rebuilding. Basically, going through all of that in myself and my life gave me a well to draw from. A lot of love come out from this record, more than I ever imagined. As an artist, I honestly didn't think I could write many love songs. I was always writing from a place of pain and hurt. This record was the complete opposite of being able to create from joy and laughter."
She listed the title track "Remnants" as her personal favorite song on the CD. "It's really powerful, and that's my mantra. When I listen to that song, I feel like I want to conquer the world," she said.
This past summer, Rimes played a headlining show at The Paramount in Huntington, which was well-received by fans and music critics. "That was awesome, and absolutely amazing. Long Island has always treated me so well. They really have," she said. "I love it."
LeAnn Rimes
LeAnn Rimes
Steven Sebring
Rimes also paid tribute to the late country queen Lynn Anderson. "I listened to her music growing up. She had a beautiful voice, and 'Rose Garden' was always something that my mom played around the house. That song has always been a classic around my house and my family," she said. "Lynn had a richness to her voice that I really loved, and she knew how to tell a beautiful story."
Regarding her plans for the future, she said, "To continue to make music and touring. I'm starting a blog, Soul of EverLe, which is an extension of the music on the record. We talk about these subjects more in-depth. I have had so much healing happen, and a wealth of knowledge to share at this point."
Rimes' new blog Soul of EverLe will officially launch on Mother's Day.
For her loyal fans, she concluded, "I very much appreciate them, honestly. They have stuck with me for 21 years. I greatly appreciate them."
To learn more about LeAnn Rimes, check out her official website and Facebook page.
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