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article imageInterview: Edwin Oosterwal talks new 'Bleep' EP, future plans Special

By Markos Papadatos     May 31, 2017 in Music
DJ and producer Edwin Oosterwal chatted with Digital Journal about his new "Bleep" EP, as well as his inspirations for his music.
He secure both tracks "Bleep" and "Babe" on the same EP. "Both tracks have a bit of an old-school vibe and they were finished around the same time." "I loved going back in time and these tracks represent that mindset while I was working on them. They each have their unique flavor and show very different sides of me as a producer and my interest within the realm of electronic music. Although they are quite different in style I thought they both complimented each other well. Joris was playing ‘Bleep’ and ‘Babe’ in his sets quite a bit so I decided to release them as one EP. Bleep is my personal favourite, it sticks in your head and has this bouncing effect on the dance-floor. It was the track that started the release," he elaborated.
When asked what he loves most about electronic music, he said, "It’s a feeling I guess. I have a broad musical interest but somehow my connection with electronic music is the strongest. Also there is no set of rules, anything is allowed when it comes to making electronic music. And I used to like the anonymity of electronic music. When I first started buying records I had no idea who actually made those tracks. It was really about the music."
His music is inspired by a wide variety of sources. "A bird singing, a certain sound on the street, going out to a club or listening to classical music. Nowadays it’s really easy to make a quick sketch when you hear something that inspires you even when you’re on the road. That’s what I love about modern technology. It’s like you’re always carrying your studio around."
Regarding his future plans, he said, "Making a lot of music. I am really enjoying it at the moment. Producing used to be quite a struggle but I finally reached that stage that I can make the music that I hear in my head. Watching all those YouTube tutorials definitely helped. There can be times you find yourself being lost or struggling to finish a track. There are so many things that can bring your production flow to a halt. I try to focus on the result and find a way to reach my destination one way or another. Along the way, you often find new ways or inspiration to fuel the process with. Also we are working on a special project for the 10-year anniversary of Rejected."
On the future of electronic music in five years, she said, "That’s a tough one. Although I do feel that ‘underground’ house and techno are becoming more popular. The EDM bubble might burst. It’s interesting to see how all these music styles are going to develop itself and what new genres will surface, merge or die out. Technology will play a role as well and always seems to find new ways to make music."
For his fans, he concluded, "Don’t take it too serious, and just enjoy the music." To learn more about Edwin Oosterwal, check out his official Facebook page.
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