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article imageInterview: Borgore talks new track 'Big Bad' and Amy Winehouse Special

By Markos Papadatos     Mar 8, 2017 in Music
Electronic producer and DJ Borgore chatted with Digital Journal about his new track "Big Bad." He opened up about the future of electronic music and Amy Winehouse.
On his new song "Big Bad," he said, "I heard a top line from Rachel and I really liked her voice, and the lyrics. I changed the sound from a slower vibe, 115-120 BPM, into a dub-step track. So I picked it up and played around with it a little and that's what makes it sound so different, her voice sounds really different.'
Borgore added, "I'm moving into a dub-step period in my career and I wanted to make a song that's pretty. The song seems to have similar vibes to Nero, where their tracks have that progression from a pretty intro into a heavy drop."
He is drawn to electronic music due to its "freedom." "I can sit here in my studio with all kinds of genres, creating subset genres for days. I have the freedom to mess around with BPMs and each BPM has their own vibe. The options are endless, and every morning you can wake up and make something else. If you are in a band, the band has its sound and it's hard to move out of that. In electronic music, every artist has his signature sound but the creative freedom is still very much given to us to do whatever we want," he said.
On the future of electronic dance music, he said, "I think that right now electronic music is really pop-dominated. A lot of electronic producers are making tracks that are tailored to being played on the radio. Since we are in a very pop phase right now, it means eventually the next wave/trend is going to be an underground phase."
Regarding his plans for the future, Borgore said, "Mostly releasing really weird music. I'm trying to get back to where I started, which was really aggressive hardcore electronic music. At the same time, I just finished a jazz album which is different. I'm just exploring and I really like it."
Each day, Borgore is motivated by his family. "I wake up everyday for my family. And I believe music is my therapy. Music is my way to express my feelings, by writing a song about what's happening in my life and putting it out there. Music is my therapy and my addiction to where I can't stop making it," he said.
He listed the late Amy Winehouse as his dream female duet choice. "I think she is the best singer of our generation by far, the best singer in the past hundred years. I mean Ella Fitzgerald was giving her a good battle but she's really too fucking good. I'm really sad that I didn't have the opportunity to work with her," he admitted.
For aspiring DJs and producers, he recommended that they train their ear and their musicality. "It's like going to the gym. If you run everyday, you eventually will see results. My whole self was practicing 12 hours a day. If you have a lot of money you can take the short cut way, but I don't believe in shortcuts. I think the only way to get good is by practicing. I myself, to this day, am not comfortable with where I am, and continue to study about sounds. I will sit down and read articles and watch YouTube videos that show me different approaches and different tools. You can never be too comfortable, you always have to keep your practice going," he said.
Borgore defined the word success as "not embarrassing" his family. "I really don't think that I will ever see myself as successful. I am just the type of person that doesn't really acknowledge it," he said. "My close friend got me a bottle of champagne and said 'we should pop it when your record hits this many sales' and I was like 'no let’s open it when we get even farther' and when we hit that goal I said 'lets push it even more.' I never get to the point where I feel I've made it. There's always going to be someone better. Even if every record I put out is No. 1 I still think that I'll never be as good as Bach. He invented all of the harmonies we use and created life-changing music. When you become Bach there's even still better people. Mozart never made any mistakes. There were so many greats and I'm not as great as them yet, but I'm striving to be."
To learn more about DJ and producer Borgore, check out his official homepage.
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