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article imageInterview: FHB talks 'Regular' song, secret identity Special

By Markos Papadatos     Nov 16, 2016 in Music
FHB chatted with Digital Journal about their song "Regular," which is a collaboration with J.R., as well as their secret identity.
They shared that FHB is an abbreviation and in time all will be revealed. "All in due time," they said.
Each day, they are motivated by their team. "Every day they are working day and night. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated group of creatives supporting and believing in me and my vision," they said.
On the song "Regular," they said, "'Regular' is a collaboration between The Starters and Happy who I've known and been working with now for over five years. The moment I heard the record I knew it was special. I felt it was the perfect song to release as our first single because it's about knowing your worth, trusting yourself, having respect for yourself and waiting for that 'pay day,' which are all lessons I have had to accomplish to get to where I am now."
They collaborated with J.R. on the single. "J.R was so energized when he heard the record which made me feel incredible. The head of my label played the record in the studio and JR immediately jumped up and said, 'I gotta get on this record!' He jumped in the booth, cut his verse, and blew us all away," they said.
Regarding their plans for the future, they said, "I will always be making music. It's who I am and what I love most. I have such a great love and interest in fashion and beauty, and would love to get more involved in that industry as well one day."
They noted that their musical genre is urban-inspired and rhythmic-based with a pop appeal. "It's youthful, energetic and fresh," they said.
For their fans, they said, "My HEARTS are everything. Thank you so much for your love and support! Especially all the hearts who were there at the very first show front and center that continue to follow, and are still riding with FHB. I love you and this is just the beginning."
On their next single, they said, "The next single is one of my favorite records I've recorded so far! Its called 'Bags' which plays off words. It's not what you would expect because it's definitely a lot different from 'Regular' sonically. It's a high-energy record that you have to hear."
Regarding their secret identity, they said, "I really wanted everyone to hear the music and see the art for what it is and not have any outside factors like age, race, sexuality, or any physical attributes interfere. I want people to listen to the music and appreciate the art at its rawest form while getting to know me as an artist."
When asked if there will be an upcoming album, they said, "Definitely. An album is inevitable, but first we want to release an EP in 2017. So far we have collaborated with Makeeba Riddick Woods, who is now doing all the music for this seasons Empire, Young Fyre, Damon Thomas from the Underdogs, Teddy Riley, The Starters, Happy, who came up under Timberland's camp, and some incredible features! It's going to be a big year. Make sure to join our journey and follow @fhbofficial on all social media platforms."
To learn more about FHB, check out their Facebook page.
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