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article imageHunter Hayes talks 'Heartbreak,' 'Closer to You' Tour, technology Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 11, 2019 in Music
On February 11, country star Hunter Hayes chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Heartbreak" and his "Closer To You" Tour. Hayes also spoke about the impact of technology on the music business and the passage of the Music Modernization Act.
Regarding his new single "Heartbreak," Hayes said, "What a beautiful story of pure songwriting. I wrote it with Gordie [Sampson], Tawgs and Simon Wilcox. Gordie had this awesome acoustic riff, which is what you hear on the album. I am a huge fan of his, and having him on the record meant a great deal to me. It's perfect. I shared with the songwriters my experience and they really latched on to the concept, the premise and the whole purpose of the song. We brought it to life in the room that day."
Hayes shared that he is stoked about his upcoming "Closer To You" Tour. "You have no idea how happy I am about this tour," he admitted. "It's a big deal for me. It's a new band, a new production, and a lot of new music. In a lot of ways, it feels like a first tour. We will be playing my older hits, but we are re-imagining all of it and seeing it through a new lens. This tour really means a lot to me. A lot of this music is deep in my soul."
On June 23, 2017, Hayes performed at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island. "The Paramount is one of my favorite venues that I've ever played in. It was such a fun show. That venue is super cool," he said.
Hayes noted that he would give the following advice to his 18-year-old self: "Chill out. Relax. Do not lose sight of what is important to you. Stay happy, and remember that happiness, for the most part, can be a decision. You can see the silver lining," he said.
He listed Tori Kelly and Alessia Cara as his dream female collaboration choices in the music industry. "I would love to do something with Tori Kelly. That would be really rad," he said. "I also love Alessia Cara's spirit, her message, and her whole stance on so many things. I will always be a fan."
Digital transformation of the music business
Regarding the impact of technology in the music business, Hayes said, "It's beautiful. From an artist's perspective, the options are limitless, and we knew that was coming. Everybody is trying everything, and I love it. You are able to reach the fans instantaneously and through multiple different ways. It's not just about releasing a song. You can release a vertical video and a YouTube video, and you can put things on Instagram Live. There are so many ways to get music to people. There are no walls anymore, and that's a good thing."
Hayes added, "Now each artist gets to release their music and put out their music with their own fingerprints. It's a reflection of how they work and their workflow. These days are a more accurate depiction of what you are listening to. The playing field is leveled in a really beautiful way. There is so much more air now to breathe, and there is room for more new artists."
On his use of technology in his daily routine as a country musician, Hayes said, "I am bouncing back and forth between different digital audio workstations (DAWs), which are recording software. In a creative world, I like to experiment with different things. Technology has changed all of the conversations. Honestly, I can literally do everything from home, and we can make an entire album in a basement."
Hayes added, "In the writing world, we do everything using Voice Memos. All of my debut album was written on an iPhone via Voice Memos and the Notes app. I have the original lyrics of 'Storm Warming' in my Notes app. These days, if you want to make music, the resources are all over."
A native of Louisiana, Hayes is proud of the recent passage of the Music Modernization Act in Congress. "That's a big step forward, and it's a sign that progress has been made, and there is more progress to make. That is a big leap," he said. "It restores your faith in the world in that everybody can agree on something like that."
He defined success as "doing what you love." "There will be days where it feels more like work than play, but when you are still motivated through those moments, then that's success," he said. "I believe that we were all created with a unique set of talents, skills, and passions, and we are meant to bring those to the world."
To learn more about country star Hunter Hayes and his latest musical endeavors, visit his official website, and his Facebook page.
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