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article imageFlavia talks 'Them' song and video, inspirations, and digital age Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 14, 2020 in Music
Musical artist Flavia chatted with Digital Journal about her song "Them" and its music video, and she spoke about her inspirations and being an artist in the digital age.
On her song, "Them," Flavia said, "It was inspired by a specific romance I had with a trans-masculine person, but the video's intentions were to be inclusive of the entire trans/gender non-conforming/non-binary community. Through my relationship with this person, my eyes were opened up to how little I knew about the trans community beyond the surface. I became so much more aware of how underrepresented they were in popular media and that I wanted to help change that."
Flavia continued, "I'm very grateful for my time and experiences with this person, as I learned through their openness and my own new seeing how powerful language truly is, and how impactful a word choice can be for someone. Whether it's delineating between the use of 'chest' instead of 'breasts', or using someone's correct pronouns, it can be the tiniest shift in our language that makes someone feel seen, validated and respected."
"The 'Them' video was directed by Basil Mironer who has been creative collaborators for the last 5 years on everything from music videos and single covers, to visual projections during my live show, there’s definitely artistic magic between us. He is incredibly brilliant and talented, and after hearing his initial concept idea for the video I was immediately stunned and onboard," she added.
On Flavia's musical inspirations, she said, "I think music has the power to change the world. When I create music, it’s really important for me to make art that positively impacts people, that can bring us all closer together, even from a distance. I feel lucky enough to have music and my art as an outlet to deal with and process my emotions, and I want to use that to strengthen and heal others around me. When I create music, it’s really important for me to make art that positively impacts people, that can bring us all closer together, even from a distance."
"All my songs have a cause behind them that is important to me, bottled into a fun, relatable pop song. My first single, 'Hateful,' was accompanied by an anti-bullying, #BeKind campaign, 'Gotta Let You Go' was in support of addiction and mental health awareness, 'Til I Die' was my coming out publicly as Queer on Billboard Pride, 'Does She Like It Rough?' was addressing my being polyamorous and talking about alternative relationship lifestyles, and of course, 'Them' is in support of trans rights and the GNC community."
On being an artist in the digital age, Flavia said, "I feel really lucky to have social media and an online platform to share my music with the world. The fact that someone in Russia or Germany or India can see my videos, hear my music and message me telling me how it impacted their day or life is remarkable."
Flavia continued, "I am so grateful to be able to connect with people from all over and know that my art can reach that far. That being said, like anything there are pitfalls and I try to be intentional with my time in front of a screen so that I can use as much of my time to be creative and present with people and things physically in front of me. Live streaming has been fun lately but nothing could ever come close to the electric energy shared at a concert."
On Flavia's dream collaboration choices, she said, "I have such a wide pallet of music and there are so many countless artists that I admire and would love to work with. There are definitely some female artists right now that I’m obsessed with. Jessie Reyez, Lizzo, Banks, King Princess, Christine, and the Queens. I really love lyrics and dig deep into what an artist has to say. I think that’s why it’s important to me that my music has a profound message and cause behind it as mentioned above."
Regarding her future plans, she said, "I don't think a single person on this planet currently knows what their plans look like for the rest of the year. But the initial plan (prior to apocalypse) was to release a Queer EP in June for Pride month, and an album in the Fall! I was also set to play at a ton of pride festivals around the country. Hopefully, we’ll be out of quarantine just in time for us all to emerge as beautiful butterflies and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community together."
For her fans, Flavia concluded about "Them," "My hope is that people will connect with this song/video and feel seen, understood, loved, or less alone because of it. We all deserve to feel seen and celebrated for exactly who we are."
"Them" by Flavia is available on all digital service providers by clicking here.
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