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article imageExclusive: Mystery producer DVRKO talks music, breakthrough track Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 8, 2020 in Music
Musical artist and mystery producer DVRKO chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his mysterious stage name and personality, as well as his inspirations for his music.
Can you briefly tell us a little about your mysterious stage name/personality... Whatever you are allowed to reveal.
DVRKO: Stage name? Throw some ones, mask stays on. Fine, we can still hang in the champagne room if you’re quiet. I yelled my name once in a crowd, nobody heard and it won’t happen again. They won’t let me.
What inspires your music in general? What inspired "This Is How" specifically?
DVRKO: Compression, force, turmoil, war horns. The type of cuts that bleed for days and your only bandage is the one that cut you. It’s love and hate, it’s pulsing, you move back for it because it’s all you know how to like.
Were there any moments in your career that helped define you?
DVRKO: I once fought a large parrot in Paraguay; we became best friends.
Not much is known about you. How long have you been making music? Did you start out using analog gear (please elaborate)? How does it feel to be a recording artist in the digital age?
DVRKO: I’m analog, somewhere, this face is both. Analog from the beginning and still am. It won’t come off. SSL consoles, 2 In Tape bouncing down to Beta Max, sometimes I let my parrot watch. Scrolling static, a tree through the distortion, packets probably destined for porn, pictures of vacuum tubes. It stays analog until it’s digital until I unlock the door screaming. I don’t remember much else, I don’t think I ever will. They won’t let me.
What is your advice for young and aspiring musicians?
DVRKO: Don’t listen to Polka and don’t pet squirrels, they will find you and touch you.
Who are some of the biggest artists you’ve collaborated with? Which artists would you like to collaborate with as your dream collaboration choices?
DVRKO: This journey is one for me alone, for now. Those who join will know the decision they are making. I will warn them, you will too. Warn them, please.
Who are you, DVRKO? It seems everyone's asking this question on social media, in the EDM blogs, on, DJ Times, EDMTunes, and a host of other blogs and social media influencers are asking this same question! Who are you? (Hey, we had to ask.)
DVRKO: Owls are everywhere, especially in the studio. We set traps, we still have some, in the walls. I won’t ever answer who, that’s what the traps are for and we’re getting better.
The full remix album for DVRKO x Sarah De Warren’s "This Is How" is out now. DVRKO x Sarah De Warren's "This Is How" is available on Spotify.
For DVRKO x Sarah De Warren's This Is How (Remixes), check those out on Spotify as well.
To learn more about DVRKO, check out his official website and his Facebook page. Also, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.
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