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article imageBob Schneider opens up about 'Sing About Love,' Lana Del Rey Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 26, 2018 in Music
Texas-based singer-songwriter Bob Schneider chatted about his new song "Sing About Love." He exclusively premieres his new music video on Digital Journal.
On the idea for his song "Sing About Love," Schneider said, "Like all the songs I write, I just sat down and wrote it one day. I don't really wait for inspiration to strike. That would be like a tree sitting in a forest waiting for lightning to strike it and I wouldn't get many songs written that way. I just sit down and make myself write songs. Usually, what ends up happening, is I might uncover something about how I'm feeling, or I might end up answering something that I didn't even think to ask. I think this song, along with a lot of the songs on the album has something to do with how much love I was feeling after my daughter was born, and also being recently remarried. I had never spent any time thinking about what I wrote about, but that was the question that was answered in the writing of this song. I was like, 'Oh, yeah. That's what I've been writing about all this time, but had never even thought to ask - Love'."
When asked about what inspires his songwriting, Schneider said, "I think everything that happens to me and everything that I come in contact with goes into the hopper. I write intuitively, so I'm never sitting down to write a song 'about something.' It's very much like some kind of archaeological dig. There's stuff there, but I'm not really sure what it is at first. Then, as I'm digging, it becomes apparent at some point what the song is about. It usually reflects my emotional state or something that's happened to me, but it doesn't come out like a diary. I end up writing and making up stories that reflect the 'emotional' truth, rather than the actual facts of my daily life, which I don't believe would be interesting enough (at least for me) to write about."
Digital transformation of the music business
On the impact of technology on the music business, Schneider said, "Well, it's made everything 'free' and available all the time. Everything that's ever been recorded is out there along with the millions of new songs that are being added every year. You used to have to buy your music if you wanted access to it at your leisure. Now, you can listen to anything anytime. There is still money being made, but it's being made mostly by the content providers and the people selling the devices to access it on. There are still some artists making money as well, but you have to be really well known and have tens of millions of views and listens to start making enough money to even cover the cost of recording music. The upside of technology is there is no one stopping anyone and everyone from making, recording and distributing their content on the Internet."
Schneider continued, "The downside of technology is there is no one stopping anyone and everyone from making, recording and distributing their content on the Internet, so you're going to have this incredible amount of pretty mediocre to just plain bad music. I think because of that, there's this idea, that if you haven't been told about it, or heard about it, it's probably going to be pretty bad. That wasn't always the case. When there were gatekeepers in the music business, for better or for worse, there was the idea that, even though you hadn't heard about this music, it might be good, because it had to be good enough to get through the usual channels. Now, folks probably spend more time researching than they do actually listening because there's so much to weed through, that the chance of coming across something good on your own, is pretty slim."
On his use of technology in his daily routine, Schneider said, "I write everything on the computer. I record everything on the computer. I advertise all my shows on the computer. I watch most of what I watch for entertainment on my computer or stream it on my TV. Anything I'm interested in or think about or want to know more about, I look up on my phone. I barely talk to anyone outside of my family and band-mates, unless I'm on my phone, so it's pretty much thoroughly worked its way into my entire life."
Bob Schneider listed Lana Del Rey as his dream female collaboration choice in music. "Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite writers and performers," he said. "Her lyrics and melodies are as good as anything anyone is writing. She's amazing."
To learn more about singer-songwriter Bob Schneider, check out his official website.
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