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article imageJapanese manga 'Death Note' to get stage musical treatment

By Can Tran     Dec 17, 2013 in Entertainment
The Japanese manga "Death Note" will be getting a staged musical treatment in 2015. There will be a separate production for Japan and another separate production for South Korea.
Manga, which is a very important domestic and exported commodity in Japan and South Korea, has been adapted into various other mediums of entertainment. Such examples are TV shows, video games, anime series, and movies. However, there are a number of manga work that have been adapted into stage musicals or plays such as “Bleach,” “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” “Air Gear,” and many others. Now, the popular manga and anime called “Death Note” will be getting a musical treatment. This musical will be playing in Japan and South Korea. However, the casts of both productions will be different.
First, the musical will premiere in Tokyo, Japan come April 2015. During the summer season, the South Korean production will be playing in Seoul. In Japan, it will play at the Nissay Theatre; in South Korea, it will play at the LG Art Center.
Furthermore, notable Broadway music composer Frank Wildhorn will be writing the musical notes for the Death Note stage adaptation. Some of Wildhorn's notable works are “Jekyll & Hyde” and “Bonnie & Clyde.” Also, he did compose music for the late Whitney Houston.
Tamiya Kuriyama will be directing the musical. This could be very busy for him due to having to cast for both the Japanese and South Korean productions of the musical. Jack Murphy will be writing the musical lyrics and Ivan Menchell will be writing the main script itself. It seems to be a lot of work due to the translation into Japanese and Korean.
For those that don't know about the story, Death Note focuses on a nationwide cat 'n mouse game. Light Yagami plays the antihero while L plays the hero. Light, who comes across the mysterious Death Note, uses it to bring forth his own brand of vigilante justice but ends up proclaiming himself and being worshiped as “Kira.” By writing down the legal names onto the Death Note while envisioning their faces, Light is able to kill them at unlimited distances.
Thus, to the eyes of the law, Light is branded a criminal. It's up to L to stop him. A brilliant law student with help of the supernatural finds himself a potential rival in one of the world's most brilliant detectives. While there's a lot of supernatural happenings, it has the feel of “24,” “The Border,” “NCIS,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and so forth.
The manga has been adapted into an anime series and three live action movies.
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