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article imageInterview with Dan Tyminski: 'Hey Brother' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 1, 2014 in Entertainment
Many musical fans may have heard the song "Hey Brother" by electronic dance music phenomenon Avicii, but what people may not know is that multi-Grammy-winning bluegrass musician Dan Tyminski is featured on its lead vocals.
Tyminski is best known for his work as part of Alison Krauss and Union Station.
Regarding the new Avicii song "Hey Brother," Tyminski shared that it snuck up on him and that he never could have seen it coming. "It's funny how that all happened since I never thought that I would be dabbling in that genre of music. It's a big world out there and there is room for all kinds of music. That was outside of my radar and I wasn't prepared for what it was going to bring," he said.
In 2012, Tyminski and the rest of Alison Krauss and Union Station took home the Grammy award for "Best Bluegrass Album" for Paper Airplane. "Alison has that something special that is hard not to appreciate or recognize. It seems that everything that she does, she puts a stamp on that is undeniable. It's nice to see people of her caliber to get recognized like that. She is the outstanding voice in this organization and it does my heart good to see people recognize extraordinary talent and I think she is one of the special ones," he said.
Tyminski noted that his two favorite songs from that album were "Dust Bowl Children" and "Dimming of The Day." "I love the song 'Dust Bowl Children,' but I've listened to 'Dimming of The Day' probably more than any other song on that album, even when we recorded it. That song makes me very emotional," he said.
He revealed that he is motivated each day by songwriting. "I have spent a lot of time playing music, but I have never really spent a lot of time trying to create music. As of the last 2 or 3 years, I discovered that there is a passion there that I never really knew I had, for the fear of trying," he said.
On his future plans, he remarked, "We are coming off from some time off. I have actually had time to write some music and do other things. I did some recording and session work and played for a bunch of different artists. I am very much looking forward to this year coming up."
Tyminski complimented fellow bluegrass songstress Dale Ann Bradley for her immense talent. "She is such a sweet person and I am a big fan of her singing. I think she is a natural singer and she does not have to work at it. She can just naturally sing," he said.
For his fans, he concluded, "I love when people go and hear live music. Continue to pursue live music and see people actually create right in front of you. I make a living partially in the recording industry so I do have a fondness in my heart for great records and great recordings, but from my experience growing up, I would never have the appreciation for the music that I do, if it weren't for going out to hear people play in person. I think it is so valuable for people to go out and see live music, since it touches you in a different way that recordings can't. I believe that very strongly and it has shaped me as a musician and as a music fan."
For more information on bluegrass musician Dan Tyminski and his upcoming endeavors, visit his official website.
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