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article imageYouTube star Joey Kidney talks mental health brand, music, book Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 20, 2019 in Entertainment
YouTube star Joey Kidney chatted with Digital Journal about his mental health brand "Stay You," his singles "Milestone" and "What's the Rush," as well as his upcoming book.
On his mental health brand "Stay You," he said, "It was born from a personal mantra I was saying at the end of my videos, 'Stay You, Stay Beautiful.' It stems from my personal battle with mental health and how I use my true life experiences to not only discuss mental health but to showcase my path to what I hope is recovery."
Kidney continued, "'Stay You' represents the struggle for all of us to be 'Normal' or what others perceive to be normal. I also get to express my passion for fashion, even though I'm color blind and choosing the perfect color can be challenging."
He has two singles "Milestone" and "What's the Rush." "These are my first two singles that were created with Matt Walden on 'Milestone' and Anthony Ortiz on 'What's The Rush.' 'Milestone' is a story about a couple that falls in love at first sight, but later down the road starts questioning if they made the right decision," he said.
"We wanted to write a song that really gave our definition of love and how we feel it should be seen because it isn't always a fairytale story. 'What's The Rush' is based off a real-life experience I had while dating someone that wanted things to move a little too quickly for my liking," he said.
"It all ties together with a speech that I give at my live events encouraging people to slow down and enjoy their lives because we are all heading towards the same ending. It's important to understand that we all have different levels of success, and when that success happens is different for everyone," he added.
When asked what motivates him each day, Kidney said, "The fact that I am able to wake up and breathe in my beautiful city of Ottawa is good enough for me, and it definitely helps that I absolutely love what I do. I make sure to set goals for myself each and every day so I wake up and have something to work towards."
"I definitely lack sleep, but I am addicted to the feeling of being so excited that you can't go to bed because I want to wake up the next morning with a jump in my step versus having to set ten different alarms," he said.
On the impact of technology on the entertainment industry, Kidney said, "It has given the opportunity for people to become celebrities from their bedroom. Obviously, there is a good and bad side to everything but I believe there are some great minds out there in these influencers and they never would have gotten the chance to express themselves if it wasn't for their iPhones and YouTube."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine as a YouTuber, he said, "I can't lie and say that I am proud about waking up each morning to check my Instagram DMs but it happens to be my morning routine. It allows me to connect with people all over the world at the tips of my fingers, and that is very terrifying for me so I make sure to put it down and go for a run or play with my dog."
"We are always hearing about the negative side of technology, but I actually use it to help me with a lot of things around the house, such as cooking, cleaning, and dog training. It keeps me from calling my mother every 10 minutes to ask how to wash pasta stains out of my clothes," he said.
For young and aspiring YouTubers, he encouraged them to take a break. "I find YouTubers have really fallen into the trend of 'go go go,' and forget everything about their mental health because they watch other influencers growing up and all they are seeing in the videos is acting."
Kidney continued, "It is so important to understand that one YouTuber's success doesn't apply to each and every single one of us. People feel they need to move to Los Angeles to become successful when they forget that they started their channel in their bedroom. Sometimes we lose sight of why we began the journey, so I believe it is important to remain as humble as possible and have friends outside of the industry."
For his fans, he said, "At this point, with my book What's The Rush? coming out in October, I don't think I have much more to say. I would much rather hear and see them sharing their stories with their friends, peers, and loved ones because I guarantee you that someone out there is listening and in need of someone like you."
"You were given a mind, a voice, and a life to create your story and I hope nothing stands in your way of doing so and sharing it. So live to be happy and be happy to live," he concluded.
To learn more about YouTube sensation Joey Kidney, follow him on Instagram.
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