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article imageVisionary Media Group CEO talks investing technology in film Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 15, 2020 in Entertainment
Visionary Media Group CEO Cory B. Savage chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about investing technology in film.
What inspired your company to invest in the documentary "40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic"?
Being a "Rocky" fan, as I feel most people are, it was my childhood dream come true. I was fortunate enough to inherit this film when I came on board as CEO of Visionary Media Group. When I learned about the project, it was one of my immediate focus items. The project was brought to the Visionary Private Equity Group, which is our parent company, by industry colleagues. Our company philosophy is do well while doing good and this film lined up perfectly with that environment that we have created with all the VPEG portfolio companies. You can view more about us at
How is the film being received?
The film is being received with great appreciation for the influences that this franchise has brought to so many who are fans. We are very pleased with how it is being received. Proud to be part of this amazing journey.
What's something that you were surprised to discover/learn when you saw the final cut of the documentary?
The birth of the steadicam. While watching the final screeners before the project launched, I was fascinated, being from a film and entertainment background, that I didn’t know that "Rocky" played an intricate role in film history by being the first film that used the steadicam.
How did that technology impact the visual presentation of "Rocky" and the film industry as a whole?
That historic shot of the steps in Rocky would not have had the same impact without the use of the steadicam. Being able to capture a steady, smooth video of Stallone running up those steps was an innovation that continues to influence filmmakers today. The steadicam went on to create historic shots that we all know and love. Namely the infamous "Shining" scenes. I worked in film and television for many years in Los Angeles and was always fascinated by the steadicam's endless capabilities.
Visionary Media Group has invested in the advancement of technology as well, tell me about what your META experience?
META creates a multi-sensory live experience with technology, design, music and storytelling using AR/VR, interactive constellations, lighting and immersive content that can’t be described, only experienced. For those that are curious, you can find more about META here:
You have two technology advances regarding sound and recorded audio. What work are you doing with INSOUNDZ and TunesMap?
Insoundz captures, indexes, analyzes and delivers profound clear and relevant audio content moments and is the first company to offer fully automated volumetric audio production in live events. By employing ground breaking patented sound technology, Insoundz can quite literally reshape viewer experience and engagement.
TunesMap is a mobile ad TV app that contextually organizes and presents high quality content from preferred partners and artists. Based on a single song, the TunesMap platform instantly assembles an interactive cluster of content including films, art, fashion, book, photos, articles, videos and merchandise from the same cultural scene as the artist of choice, allowing listeners to purchase or interact in other markets. Each piece of content discovered in TunesMap links back to its source where it can be viewed in full or purchased. Over 9000 artists are supported on the TunesMap database.
What separates Blue Bite from the QR Code style technology that is currently available?
Blue Bite's NFC technology stands out as a leader for traditional QR codes, as this technology allows brands direct contact to the consumer with customized experiences. Blue Bite’s NFC technology can be applied or inserted into products and when the consumer swipes over the chip, it not only gives that consumer a unique experience, it also allows brands future connection to that consumer.
On the journey to becoming CEO at VMG you have gotten to work with some incredible names like Blake Shelton, Rod Stewart, Mary J. Blige, Spice Girls, Cher, etc. Who is still on your list that you would like to work with and why?
Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson. No explanation needed. Legendary.
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