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article imageVanessa Rubio opens up about 'Cobra Kai' on Netflix Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jan 12, 2021 in Entertainment
Actress Vanessa Rubio chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about playing Carmen in the hit digital series "Cobra Kai" on Netflix.
"The ride has been amazing," she said about her role in Cobra Kai. "I booked the role of Carmen in late 2017. We shot the first season not really knowing for sure how the initial season would be received. In early 2018 we were met with a lot of success, fans, and a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It only has continued to grow. The move to Netflix has really proven that this show strikes a chord for so many people around the world."
In Cobra Kai, she loves that Carmen is "level headed" and "lives her life with a lot of dignity." "Carmen is a survivor and very smart. She also loves deeply, she's a mama bear for sure," she exclaimed.
On being an actress in the digital age, she said, "Acting itself is an age-old art form, so not much there feels different. The business side of it feels different in terms of contracts and distribution. I suppose also there is a quicker pace to storytelling now. There is an instantaneous aspect that is astounding, suddenly you can be almost anywhere in the world on a smartphone or tablet telling a story."
Regarding her daily motivations, she said, "I am inspired by the blessing of the new day. I have gotten into the habit recently of writing in the morning (by way of the book The Artist’s Way) and I find the fact that there is another day to wake up to - is itself an inspiration. The sun rose. The birds are out, and the rhythm of life continues - and you woke up to it."
She opened up about life during the quarantine. "Early lockdown in New York City was pretty hard. It was so sudden and took a serious tone very quickly that I think many of us, including myself, were in a kind of shock. I went through the ups and downs, which became like extreme mirrors to my mental state," she said.
Rubio continued, "I took on daily habits that gave me balance like meditation, vocal warm-ups and singing, and gardening. Talking with friends and family also helped to bring balance. I moved to LA which was amazing, especially because of the road trip I took to get out there. Seeing the national parks along the way and being in nature was really the best medicine for me."
For young and aspiring actors, she said, "Keep doing things that feel like real growth for you. Seek out the right teachers, don’t be afraid to leave the teachers who have taught you all you can learn at that time behind. Be your own lodestone. Be your own guide."
"Be an observer of yourself and others. And most definitely seek a safe space to explore your craft. Do what you can to feel like a storyteller. Go with the flow and be gentle with yourself. You don’t bang on a piano, you learn how to play it," she added.
On her definition of the word success, she said, "For me, it means growing into who you truly want to be - growing into your heart's desire for yourself. It takes perseverance yet flexibility and a big belief in yourself and your abilities."
"For me, it also means to uplift other people. I believe in the maxim: As you heal yourself, you heal the world," she added.
For her fans and supporters, she concluded, "Watch Cobra Kai. Have fun, laugh, and go on the journey, whatever that means to you - Go towards your inner sensei."
To learn more about Vanessa Rubio, check out her IMDb page and follow her on Instagram.
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